Years ago I dressed up as a drowning victim for Halloween. I wore blue makeup all over my face…and broke out. Another time, I wore a scary mask all night…and broke out. Here are a few tips to keep you from making the mistakes I made.

Makeup: If you look at ingredients in Halloween makeup, it’s not always a pretty sight. They often contain pore clogging oils and other highly comedogenic ingredients. Choose oil-free varieties and look for the term “non-comedogenic” on the packaging. Also, stay away from makeups which have “iso” ingredients, including isopropyl myristate and isopropyl palmitate. Myristal myristate is another big offender to watch out for. When applying the makeup, apply it as gently and quickly as you can, and wash it off before bed, performing your usual regimen after washing it off.

Costumes: Masks and other creative costumes can rub the skin and cause irritation. One of the most surefire ways to initiate a breakout is to irritate and rub the skin. People who play sports see this phenomenon with chin straps. Masks create a similar scenario. Try to choose a costume that does not have a mask or anything that rubs on acne prone areas. If you already chose your costume and it contains a mask or something that will rub your skin, wear it for only short periods of time if you can.

Have fun you guys!!


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  • Acne System

    Another thing you may want to try is to gently wash your face with Dove soap, put on a thin layer of moisturing cream and then apply a power based makup rather than than a liquid.

  • Realme2008

    Great advice, Dan!


    Great tips for makeup for Halloween Dan! There are makeup products out there which are noncomedogenic, but when it comes to costume and Halloween makeup I feel there are barely any readily available to the mass public. I was definitely a lame character this Halloween while most of my friends had a ton of make up on for their costume, but I’ll take no pimple and clearer skin over a costume any day!