I put up a page about visualizing clear skin a few months ago and asked for some feedback from you guys on whether or not it worked for you. You responded with some comments which are now on the visualization and acne page. I know trying this stuff can be a stretch, but if the mind and body really are one, which when you think about it…they really are to some extent…then perhaps it’s worth a shot. I personally enjoy and employ the whole concept of visualizing what I want to create, and it seems to work well in most areas of my life. Medical conditions are one area where I’m a little less convinced, but I remain open. If you decide to try this, please keep submitting your comments on the visualization page.


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  • c'est la vigne

    Best. Blog title. Ever.

  • Geoffrey Acidane

    I’d heard of natural remedies before…but never had I heard of a visualization technique for clearing acne! That is awesome. I’m definitely going to be giving it a try and suggesting that some of my friends who are suffering from acne give it a try too! I’m getting right into the more ‘natural’ skin and body treatments lately because I think they are going to be that much better for my health in the long run. One pretty cool looking supplement that i’m tossing up about giving a try is emu oil – basically it is a source of omega 3, a moisturizer and an anti-inflammatory…so heres hoping it works! Check out the info I found at *link edited out* — Heres to clear skin! Take care.

  • Megan

    I think I agree with you. Visualization can be a powerful tool for achieving your personal goals, but I’m not so sure about medical conditions. It seems like it allows room for a lot of false positives. If I get a pimple and visualize everyday that it will go away, eventually it will. Did it go away because of my visualization or because that was just the natural “life span” of the pimple?

  • Stacie

    I will give this a try….focus on positive thoughts and clear skin will magically appear!! Alteast I hope! 🙂 Realistically I better do more than just think positive sooooooo I have ordered a BUNCH of your products. I have been on the regimen for a long time now and see so-so results. I think over time I have gotten really lazy with the regimen so this week I watched all over your videos on this blog…every single one of them…boy did I have alot of time to kill this week! Ordered some more products today and will follow the regimen EXACTLY and hope it works! If not then I think my next step is the dermo (although the last time I went I felt like I was a human medicine cabinet…do not like that!) or just live with it and be embarrassed. I’m 28 and I feel I should be over this by now! Wish me luck!