Some of you have been asking about where to find the expiration date on the new 8oz. treatment tubes. It’s up there in the crimp.

expiration dates


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  • cool as kim deal

    This diagram is very helpful – thanks for posting it!

  • Liam

    Very Usful! always publish very help diagrams! Thanks

  • Atit

    How long after the expiration date is the BP still safe to use?

  • Sue

    Awesome, I was searching for this info, since I couldn’t find it at the bottom of the bottle.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous


  • raul

    thanks a lot this answe after 1 hour mess with internet

  • Uliana

    how long the BP and the other producs can be used after their opening?
    thank you

    • Yu

      I want to know too! once BP open how long can i use that

  • Kassie

    I purchased 2 large bottles of the BP quite some time ago, and the experation date on them both is 1/2016. This is now 1/2016, but I am just now opening the second bottle. Is this safe to use since I just opened it? Or should I toss it because it is expired and will make me break out or something. Please let me know! Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    nice thx

    • Anonymous

      I have benzol peroxide expired last november 2017, is this still safe to use? open already but still a lot. Thanks.

  • Erin

    Has the date format changed on 8 oz. BP tubes??? The number on mine is 10186277, so when does it expire? I order approx. once a year and feel like it’s not working as well. Tiy!

  • liza

    I have benzoyl peroxide an expired.laat nov.2017. Open already but still a lot. Is this safe to use? Please let me… thanks