Hey you guys. I wanted to show you the supps that I take each day. I’ve read enough evidence to come to the conclusion that supplementing with fish oil and zinc is prudent. I also supplement with some other stuff, which I thought I’d share. Here’s a list of what I take each day:

Fish oil: Three 1000mg pills. Fish oil is a potent anti-inflammatory. Acne is an inflammatory disease. Plus, fish oil is great for heart health and a bevy of other diseases. No-brainer. I take Country Life brand because they don’t give me any fish burps.

Zinc: There is probably more evidence backing up zinc for controlling acne than any other supplement. Study after study show about 40% reduction in acne lesions. Keep in mind that placebo is 30%, so zinc outpaces placebo, albeit not to an astonishing degree. I take one 30-50mg pill per day, depending on what’s on sale. Zinc becomes toxic at levels above 100mg/day.

Multi-vitamin: Just to cover my bases I take a name brand multi-vitamin. I prefer a large name brand because I figure they’ve got more to lose if they are found negligent in some way, such as not putting the required amount of vitamins in there. From what I’ve read, we don’t know if a multi-vitamin is definitely beneficial, and multi-vitamins do not contain polyphenols, the life-giving chemicals in plants. But taking a multi makes me feel better just in case.

Borage oil/evening primrose oil: Borage oil, or evening primrose oil both contain GLA (gamma linoleic acid). Their anti-inflammatory activity and efficacy are controversial and still up for debate. So why do I take it? Because I saw a naturopath a few years ago and she told me to, so I take them on occasion. Yeah, not a good reason. I’ll probably stop taking them soon πŸ™‚ But for full disclosure, I thought I’d let you know I take them. If you have recent evidence of their efficacy or non-efficacy please let me know.

Vitamin D3: I take one 1000mg vitamin D3 pill per day. I don’t eat vitamin D fortified dairy much at all, and my sun exposure is limited, so I make sure to take a D3 pill each day.

That’s it. It’s a handful as you can see, but I’ve become adept at gulping them all down in one swig. Have I noticed effects from them? Honestly, not really. But it feels good to take them just for bodily insurance. Hopefully evidence will mount regarding all of the above mentioned supplements so we have a better idea of which are truly beneficial.


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  • Gina

    Hi Dan,
    I hear that krill oil actually provides more Omega3 fatty acids than Fish Oil. Basically, you’d take 1 capsule of krill oil and that’d be equivalent to 3 capsules of the fish oil. I imagine because both are rich in Omega3’s, which contribute to their anti-inflammatory effect, that krill oil is just more convenient. πŸ™‚ Just thought I’d share something I’d read about.

  • admin

    Dan, Check out Nordic Naturals ProEFA which is a combination of fish oil and borage oil. I’ve take it for years. This would simplify your daily regimen by combining both in one product.

  • Korbin

    I take green tea in a capsule it really brings my redness down a lot.

  • Paul

    Thanks Dan! I will probably buy a bottle of zinc..

  • help3

    fish oil deff got me results…skin is way smoother.

    So vit D3 is also good for acne? Cause i’m going to take that to then πŸ™‚

  • canuckgrl


    I am currently taking magnesium and iron supplements for another condition, as well as melatonin and birth control pills. Any idea if taking these + zinc and fish oil might be too much for my body? Sounds like a lot of metaloids to me… But what do I know?

    Any advice would be great. If anyone here knows about this sort of thing that would be very helpful, because I’d like to start taking them to increase my chances of winning this battle against acne once and for all.


  • D

    Dan have you read or heard of any concerns with taking fish oil on daily basis? My MD told me that he no longer takes daily fish oil because of several studies linking Omega3 to cancer.

  • CAKES ^_^

    wow ^^^^ omega 3 linked to cancer sounds scary^^^^^^

    i wonder how much all this costs????????????????????

  • dr.zit

    Nice stack! I recently discovered borage oil and have been using it as well on a daily basis.

  • Dawn

    I take fish oil every day too and Olive Leaf Extract which is suppose to be along the lines of a natural antibiotic. I also take biotin. The strength I take requires you get it from the pharmacist. It doesn’t require a perscription but you have to ask the pharmacist for it. Biotin Forte. You can get 3mcg or 5 mcg. They do have one “with Zinc”. I didn’t ask for that one last time I had them order it for me and I can tell a difference. It’s good for the hair, skin and nails. The only thing about it is you absolutely have to take it with food. It will make you sick for a few hours if you don’t….trust me!! I’m also trying to find a non-comedogenic shampoo and conditioner to help out the back and shoulder problem I’m having. Have found some useful info about that in other areas of your website. Thank you!!

  • Ben

    When I read about fish oil it seems it 50 – 50 for people having good results and others have absolutely terrible results with severe acne outbreaks from fish oil.

    what should I believe

  • Laura

    What about acidophilus?

  • Paul

    How many fish oil capsules should I take?

  • Kay

    I agree with Dan about supplements & vitamins. My skin looks amazing since I started taking them & using the regimen, I’m totally clear for like the first time since I was 10!… Remember guys, only 50mg of zinc a day and on a full stomach!! I always took zinc w/ food so never had any problems, then the other day ate an entire salad that I made myself, took some zinc, & threw it up! The whole salad! I was mad πŸ™ lol. And I didn’t understand why cuz my zinc was taken with food. (& it wasn’t the salad, my mom ate it too and was fine) Oh well, other than that I’m always ok. Fish oil too, about 1000mg 2 or 3 xper day… I take a vitamin that is A & D combined so u might want to consider vitamn A. Sweet potatoes are loaded with it. And about mulitivitamins. I don’t like them, nor do I like pre-natals, because they usually always contain Biotin, which is great for growing hair but totally breaks a lot of people out. Stay away from biotin, which again is usually in every multivitamin. Dan do you notice biotin breaking you out??? Thanks for everything dan!!! Your regimen has cleared me!

  • Jeremy

    I do fish oil and zinc, really has helped a lot

  • Mumble

    Dan, so you take Fish Oil and Vitamin D3 separately? My Cod Liver oil (wish is similar to Fish Oil, but better) contains Vitamin A (of course) with Vitamin D3 and the Omega 3.

  • znjsmom

    My husband and I began taking fish oil capsules three years ago when his cardiologist recommended them after his heart attack. If you have a problem with the fishy burp, try storing the bottle in the refrigerator; it doesn’t effect the potency but kills the fishy taste. My husband takes 3, 1k capsules a day but my doctor told me one 1k is enough (he takes more due to his heart problem).

    Thanks for the info on zinc as I had not heard of that until tonight. I will definitely add that to my supplements.

    Glad I found you! Lots of great info on here!

  • Meg

    Probably a dumb question…but my multivitamin has 15mg of zinc in it. Would I then take like a 30 mg zinc?? thank you!

  • Max

    Vitamin A and D-fish oil is good stuff. Vitamin D provides nutritive support for normal, healthy skeletal growth, strong bones and healthy calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Vitamin A provides nutritive support for healthy skin, bones and teeth

    link edited out.

  • bunny cat

    Dan, a comment on how much D3 you’re taking…that is likely an inadequate amount. Most GPs recommend that people take 1000 IU per 25 lbs of body weight (unless you’re getting large amounts of unprotected sun exposure…which, given how vocal you’ve been about sunscreen, I imagine you don’t). Also, not all zinc supplements are equal…I prefer zinc picolinate to gluconate because the body is able to more readily absorb it.

  • Terra

    Evening primrose cured my acne completely. After going to the dermatologist over and over again while they tried putting me on several topical Rx, that only made my face much worse, I added evening primrose to my daily vitamins. I tale 3-5 150mg capsules a day and my face is clear! Within 1 week I saw a difference. However, this may be because I am female, evening primrose is known to help women with hormonal issues. I am not sure if it has the same effect on men.

  • martha

    Initially I was reluctant of using Krill Oil as I have been using fish Oil from past many years, but once a friend of my husband, who is a dietician came to our house, explained the benefits of Krill Oil and suggested a high quality product named, Krill Doctor Professional. It was decent price and ships free. Very much impressed with its positive results so far. It has helped to lower the cholesterol level and improved the skin texture.