In doing reserach on rosacea, I came across a fascinating study in 2009 where about half of the people with rosacea were found to have small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO). Upon administration of rifaximin, an antibiotic that does not penetrate the intestinal wall, thus staying within the intestine and eradicating the SIBO, many of the rosacea sufferers with SIBO were completely cleared. At a nine month follow up they remained clear.


No such study has been performed on people with acne, but hey, who knows! So I’ve asked my doctor to refer me to a testing facility to see if I have SIBO myself, just for fun. It’s a simple breath test, and I’m hoping to find someone in the area who can perform the test. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. I am reseraching as much as I can about intestinal bacteria and skin disease, with acne as a particular focus of course. If you have any references for me, please let me know.


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  • Laura

    Wow, that’s really clever. Thanks for looking into this!

  • Andrew

    That is indeed Fascinating.

    Are you able to explain why those without SIBO continued to have rosacea, and why some with SIBO did not respond to the treatment?

    It sounds like, for treating rosacea, 99% of the answer is there – but 1% is still unknown and identifying why such a treatment provides a cure would be interesting.

    By the way, a random thought: Of all the dermatologists I have ever met, their skin has been perfect. Is this a coincidence? Or are they doing something us regular folk aren’t?

  • Sharpy

    Very interesting–keep us informed!
    I’ve often wondered if something like that is the root cause…especially since many who have acne also have other skin problems. Personally, I have eczema, dandruff, and toe nail fungus. (Don’t I sound lovely?)

  • admin

    My second Dermatologist had acne scarring.
    And Dr. Fulton, who is a famous Dermatologist and has written books on acne (AcneRX is one of them) also has a history of acne and scarring. He includes pics of himself with acne in this particular book.

  • CAKES ^_^

    lmao Sharpy

    This sounds veeerry interesting

  • Kay

    wow, that is encouraging! I was diagnosed with rosacea, but I don’t know if my doc just didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. I do have red cheeks usually when I’m not wearing makeup, and certain spicy foods and alcohol make me go red, my face turns bright red whenever I get nervous or laugh hard when not wearing makeup or exercising, bla bla… but the topicals i tried for rosacea never helped. only dan’s regimen has me clear now for the first time since i was 10. true, my face does get red from the bp when i’m at home and stuff, but my parents don’t care they don’t judge me. i’d rather have a little redness in my face that i can cover with some powder, as long as the SKIN is clear.. do check with your docs tho, a lot of people who think they have acne & get treated for it actually have rosacea. and docs tend to say if u have rosacea, the pimples are easier to get rid of than the redness.

  • Rosie

    I have also read (somewhere in the MANY internet postings that I have read about acne) that acne can be an intestinal problem. Since I too suffer from the wonderfulness of acne along with dandruff, I have tried MANY things to get rid of both of these problems. I am currently eating Activia yogurt as a potential solution to my skin problems. It tastes great which is nice because I actually enjoy eating it and hopefully it will help with my skin problems. Fingers crossed. I would love to see an actual scientific study measuring the benefits of probiotics on skin issues.

  • Mr. dandruff

    Concerning all of you with the dandruff problem, try this! Massage FRESH Lemon juice (from REAL Lemons) into your scalp and let it soak in for about 10 minutes then wash it out!!! I had dandruff all of my life (about 30 years). When I got married, my wife knew how to fix this problem. At the time, I was having a serious case of dandruff and she massaged the lemon juice into my scalp. The problem was resolved for a few weeks, and then it came back, but not so severe. I then had about 3 more treatments of this over the next few months, and my dandruff which I have been battlling all my life are now over. It has been almost 2 years now since I have seen a flake. I am no doctor, and the treatment does sting somewhat (I am guessing from the acid in the lemon reacting with the red dry scalp) but whatever it did, it worked. It is a very cheap and inexpensive home remedy that I highly recommend. At the very least, my thoughts were I can continue to spend 8 dollars on shampoos to keep it under control, or I can try something new and spend 50 cents on a lemon a few times and really get rid of the dandruff. Take care all, and I hope this works for you, as it did with me.

  • DeAnna

    Hi Dan,
    I just found your website and ordered the regime, I also suffer from Rosacea can you update me on your SIBO testing and what your findings are?