moisturizer samples from the lab Hey you guys. I’ve been in the lab helping formulate a new and improved non-SPF moisturizer. While our current moisturizer is my favorite, it’s not perfect, so I’ve been trying sample after sample. I’ve tested 39 new samples in all and we’re getting some awesome stuff. I’m bursting at the seams to get the new, improved moisturizer into distribution. What has changed? We’ve moved from glycerin to methyl glyceth-20, which is a glycerin derivative with less tack and less sting. Also, we’ve added some cutting edge Japanese moisturizing ingredients that have me basically falling in love. I’m hoping to finalize a new formula soon and start testing it for stability. Best case scenario would probably be 6 months or so from now to get it out.


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  • Dave

    Hey Dan, this sounds awesome. I love your current moisturizer but I’m sure it is a product that could be improved. I’d just like to make sure that the change would not make us break out. Can you tell me more about the Japanese moisturizing ingredient?

    This is exciting.

  • shooshoo

    I like the sting…


  • Jordy

    Just please keep it as fragrance free as possible, thanks.

  • Alan

    Hi Dan, great news. I find your current moisterizer not miosterizing enough. The aha is spectacular let’s hope the new miosterizer is as good!

  • help3

    I love the moisturizer hoe it is now..

    Hopefully the next one wil be good for my skin, or else i’m screwed πŸ˜›

  • Realme2008

    It’s sounding pretty awesome to me!

  • Pamela

    I can’t wait!

  • admin

    I still would love it if you could do a Eucerin Skin Renewal copy with a teeny bit of lactic acid and spf 15. That product was perfection.

  • Sharpy

    I agree with Brandy–the ESR was amazing! My makeup went on so well–no balling up. I didn’t have any flakes. And my pores looked great. Lac Hydrin 5 was way too strong for me and the DKR AHA was also too strong. ESR was perfect!!!

  • ^_^


  • carmen

    I have been using Neutragena oil free moisture (sensitive skin ). This has no fragrance or sunscreen and goes on without stinging or feeling greasy. I have noticed fewer breakouts. I am also trying clotrimazole (lotrimin) for a skin fungal infection. After trying numerous stuff like diffirin, epiduo, benzoyle peroxide, and oral meds like doxycycline and minocycline without seeing any results, I am giving this a shot. My boyfriend had little pimples on his legs that responded well to this treatment. I am on day one, and have noticed that the small pimples on my face are drying up. I don’t have cystic acne. I have small itchy bumps that sometimes have heads. These appear around my jaw line and neck area. I am over 40 and had acne as a teenager but nothing like this. I have just been put on yasmin birth control (2 weeks) however I did not see any improvement (they say it can take up to 3 months). will let you know in a week how the clotrimazole works.

  • Jessica

    What about adding Jojoba oil in the moisturizer so it doesn’t need to be added later? I have a moisturizer I got a long time ago that had some and I love it, but I’d prefer having something made for the regimen.

  • carmen

    Well I have been using the clotrimazole (generic target brand) and it has really cleared up my skin! All those little bumps are dried up and either flaked off or are almost ready to. After trying EVERYTHING out there – including Dan’s benzoyl peroxide regimin, this has really worked! And it was only $4! I am also in my 3rd week of taking the generic Yaz birth control (Ocella) so maybe that is helping too? Either way after having these breakouts continually for the last year I am welcoming looking at my skin again!

  • D

    Dan consider making the new formulation less liquid “spready” like and more viscous or creamy. I also wish the moisturizer didn’t have that scent to it. The scent reminds me of my mom’s make up. LOL

  • paranoid1

    Have you ever tried developing a day moisturizer with SPF? That would be much appreciated. I’m sorta limited on the things I can put on my face and Purpose worked well for me until I became allergic to it. Sux I know. But being an acne sufferer yourself, don’t you think it would make sense to develop a day moisturizer with SPF? Specifically one geared towards winter dryness? Think about it. This would make a whole lotta people happy!

  • Anonymous

    That sounds great. It’s so hard to find a moisturizer without sunscreen. Sunscreens like titanium dioxide keep my face dry, but clog my pores horribly. I work indoors full-time so I don’t usually need to wear sunscreen.