One of my other summer research projects has been to look into B5 for y’all. I got excited reading the initial hypothesis from Dr. Leung, but the more I read on, the more I realized there is no evidence to back anything up. I can’t be more skeptical at this point.


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  • Katrina Mae

    Great page, Dan! I hope your Daily Video Blogs are coming back from hiatus soon – I miss them!

    Take care!

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m one of those who takes B5 and actually get something from it. It is not magical in any way and removes all acne but it helps. It has lessened the amount of pimples on my shoulders/back and has almost completely removed the little I on my chest. Also my face has seen improvement, though not much. But it helps. Combined with B3 (niacin/nicotinamide – the non-flush version) almost all my back acne is gone (I still get a few small spots here and there) and it helps a little bit on my face too. Not much, but it is noticeable. Combined with Dan’s regimen and AHA on my face, my face is more or less clear. I still get quite a few very small whiteheads but I don’t really care about those since they’re not so noticeable and quite common to most people at my age. I occasionally get an inflamed pimple but the B3 seems to be taking care of that really well. As long as I don’t touch it. But to get on topic again, B5 does work. At least for me, but it doesn’t work wonders like some people say they experience. But it does help, and combined with other stuff like B3, zinc, fish oil, cod liver oil, vitamin e, and Dan’s regimen it really makes a difference. And I can tell that the B5 is a part of it since that’s the supplement I started taking without all the other supplements.

  • Realme2008

    I’ve tried B5, and it did very little for my acne. Actually… don’t think it did anything at all. Anyway, like one of the above posters said I really hope you are back with the daily video blogs soon. We really miss them!

  • Samantha

    Will you ever come out with anti-aging products?

  • Rich

    I think the web reviews out there speak for themselves. B5 works. As soon as I was onto my second month my skin suddenly dried up. Antibiotics and Accutane (a horrible permanent injury causing poison!!!) did not work. I have been free of problems for four years. They do reoccur when I cut back on my three pill daily dosage and I suspect there are slight side affects hence am looking for something else as good. Dermatologists do not acknowledge this at all because it does not require a prescription. I really have no respect for these people!

  • Lisa H

    Hi Dan!
    I think you are doing an awesome job with and I can’t thank you enough.
    I miss your daily videos!

  • Storme

    My daughter started using B5 a little over a week ago. We see a big difference. She has moderate acne on cheeks, forhead, chin. She started off taking 500mg in the morning and 500mg in the afternoon, saw a difference in 3 days, but on day 4 or 5, a couple of new pimples appeared. So on the day the new pimples appeared, she started taking 750mg in the morning and 750mg in the afternoon, 2 days later, no pimples. Mind you, it has only been a week and a few days, but we are happy so far. Now if we could find something to make a few scars on her cheeks go away….anyone know of what will actually take care of scars?

  • Garrett

    I have done quite a bit of research during my acne days about Panothenic Acid, and Co-Enzyme A. I have tested it and it worked for me, and you also get the benefit of the extra vitamins to benefit your regular health.

    I have broken down some basics of skin health, and as well as some more advanced theory, and treatment to try using vitamins and a Co-Enzyme A Building approach to clear skin.

    *link edited out*


  • Halema

    B5 helps!!! I did notice a better result using 500mg capsules vs. tablets. I take 1000mg each with breakfast, lunch and dinner. I also take a 1200mg capsule of Evening Primrose OIl in the morning with breakfast and with dinner. My skin has never looked better and I get cystic acne that is deep, painful and takes months to dry out. I am a firm believer in B5 and first found out about this when talking to an herbalist. I’ve been on 3 sessions of Accutane and although it worked at the time, my cystic acne came back with a vegenance, not to mention it was expensive as all get out. I get both my B5 and EPO online now. I will say that during that time of the month (usually during ovulation), I will up my dosage by 1 or 2 extra capsules per day for the B5 and take an extra EPO at night before bedtime. I do this for about 5 days and again, no acne. I love my B5 and EPO and stand behind them!

  • RYAN

    I have deep cyst acne and 1000mg a day seems to help, not cure, with the size and ferocity of these zits.

  • May

    B5 works, you need to take it with food. It is water soluble and you need to take for the first month in a seriously large amount. Because it is water soluble what your body doesn’t need it will flush out. The research says up to 20 grams a day in three intervals. But the first week go easy with the dosage so your body can get use to it. You can find it in powder form and mix with soda to dissolve. Then after a month go to two pills a day or the amount you feel will work for you. I am not taking 20 grams I only take 1000 mg a day, with 65 mg of zinc, a multi vitamin, flax seed oil and I use jojoba oil on my face after I wash it by applying it to a cotton puff and rubbing it softly across my face. Then letting it sit for a while and then gently tissuing off the residue. My face is now much better and no more cysts. I am staying far away from milk products, cheese, and chocolate which make my cysts come back.

  • Bill

    I’m currently stacking vitamin B5 (Calcium D-Pantothenate) 1g, L-Carnitine 1g, D3 2500 IU and Coleus Forskohlii Extract 500 mg–with a multivitamin, big 150 b-complex and flax oil–twice a day. Within one week my chest, back and facial acne vanished. Amazing results so far–clear skin for the first time in 27 years. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Christine from Portland

    Mega dosing with pantothenic acid does work, it absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt works. And yes, there is no clinical evidence beyond the Chinese doctor. I experienced complete clearing of my face and body acne for the time I took it (a few years). I stopped, because clearly taking 10 grams of it a day was not restoring balance to my body but medicating the condition, i.e. I was not deficient pantothenic acid after the first few days. And I was concerned about taking so much. And I wouldn’t recommend it to someone, because of my concerns. But it DOES WORK. It is like accutane, but better.

  • Norma

    After 20+ years dealing with acne (cystic) and every acne product I could put my hands on, the only thing that worked for me was B-5. It clear my face and (I know they say pores cannot shrink) it shrinked my pores. I took it for about 6 or 7 months. If I get a pimple which I do once in a while it goes away faster. But I haven’t been taking them for years now.

  • Darren

    I echo what RYAN, Christine from Portland, and Norma said.
    In my 40s and have taken every acne prescription med under the sun, including Accutane, since my teens.
    1000mg of B5 daily is clearing up well established cysts even Accutane wasn’t touching.
    Took 500mg a day for the first week without noticing anything.
    Upped the dosage to 1000mg a day for the second week, and results became noticeable within 2-3 days.

    One would have thought vitamin deficiency would have been diagnosed by some doctor over the last 20 years, but no. Wasn’t even tested for it. I totally stumbled on B5’s potential by internet searching. A trip to GNC and two weeks later I’m seeing similar clearing results to Accutane, without all the nasty effects.

    I don’t think B5’s going to work for everyone. If it works for you, I suspect you’re vitamin deficient. If it doesn’t, you’re not.

  • bigmonj

    B5 does work it took about 3 and a half weeks to clear. I also take omega3, bcomplex, chromium ,good multi vitamin, vitamin a, . I had acne for 12 years. Im an avid bodybuilder and sometimes could control it with diet but difficult. Still had to much oil. b5 stops it. It takes a little bit may get worse at first. until you get clear take 2.5 grams with each meal then drop it down. eat a smart diet. lean protein, good carbs veggies, whole grain or fruits, and then a healthy fat olive oil, nuts or omega 3. I supplement different each day depending on what foods I eat know whats in your food. no white bread, white rice, white potatoes, no sugar, pop, saturated fats. Its hard there are alot of foods not mess with and all fruits and veggies are not low glycemic. but after you get clear you can cheat some take extra b5 on them days as far as eating greasy stuff. I have some much info but to much to write I dont even wash my face with soap anymore, I suffered till I was 30 fom 17. I figured maybe I can help someone I used to search these sights. No side effects accept may dry hair a little to much. Inside out screw face washes.

  • bigmonj

    if any one hass questions post them here I will check periodically

  • One Thankful Mom

    My son is 15 and for a year and a half we have tried everything from antibiotics and very expensive topicals, two different Dermatologist, to every over the counter topical and so many home remedies and nothing has worked. Baking soda worked a couple days, then his face was so red and inflamed it was worse than ever, same with epiduo, Acne-free, Proactive and on and on… doing more research I heard about b5 and L-Carnitine. I went immediately and bought both on Monday and started him on it after school. Today is Friday and his acne is 75% better. His was so severe that he didn’t want to go to school (he is a freshman in HS). This morning he looked great, all of the red swollen places are better, still some places drying up and healing, but he was happy and confident and ready to go to school.

    Even without research to back it up what do have to lose except some pretty bad acne. It is all natural and water soluble. It is not expensive. He takes 1500 mg of b5 three times a day with one L-Carnitine and his daily multivitamins. He has also been on acidophylis 2 times a day for a while. I will probally drop the dosage after another week to just 500 mg twice a day. I would use a reputable vitamin store to get good quality supplements though. I am so hopeful that this will continue to work. I’ll post again in a week.

    One thankful Mom…. 🙂

    I am so thankful I saw the info about b5 on the internet, it has made such a hugh difference in my son.