Hey you guys–just wanted to keep you informed–we’ve started shipping the 8oz. BP in tubes today. So if you order from today on, you’ll get a tube. 16oz. BP is still in a bottle with a pump πŸ™‚


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  • Joel

    Thanks Dan!

  • Trevor

    Hey Dan,

    Will the 16 oz remain in bottles with pump, or are you converting those to tubes as well. I prefer the larger size in pumps, just curious on future plans.


  • Trevor

    Hey Dan,

    Just watched the previous video, and my question was answered. Should’ve back tracked first, next time I will remember that.


  • Dave

    Actuallly, I don’t know if the question was clearly answered in the video. He said he will be using the 16 oz. pumps but didn’t necessarily make it sound like it was the long term? Are pumps here to stay, or will there be an eventual overall of all BP?

    I like the system you have now. 8 oz-tubes 16 oz.-bottles.

  • david

    I think that you guys should make the travel sized products in tubes as well. The current ones are in these weird little bottles that are kind of hard to squeeze. Just a suggestion. Dan you are awesome!

  • Realme2008

    Thanks, Dan!

  • Cyn

    Oh good!! This is what I’ve been waiting for! I hated the pumps and actually had to start purchasing my BP elsewhere because the tubes just work best for me – now that this issue has been fixed, I can buy from Dan again. Wish I’d known this the other day when I placed a BP order from a different company. Oh well. πŸ™‚

  • Kevin

    I don’t see whats so great about BP in tubes but I guess I’ll give it a try. Im going to keep an 8oz bottle with the pump from a recent purchase just incase I don’t like the tube.

    That way I can squirt it all into the bottle with the pump.

    I don’t get it though, with the tube you wont get an exact amount each time.

  • Greg

    Kevin, the original regimen used tubes, so older members of the regimen were used to tubes, and many have been unhappy with the recent change to pumps. So I think his idea was to bring back the tubes in 8oz, whilst still keeping the bottle option available in 16oz. This way everyones happy.

    I think its a great idea, and what a lot of people have been waiting for. I’m a pump fan myself though πŸ™‚

  • Katrina

    Dan – I also am wondering if you are going to convert the 16 oz. to tobbles? Or whichever they are called? πŸ™‚ I can’t remember what you said they were way back in one of your video blogs – but you had mentioned that they were a mix between a bottle and a tube? Are you still thinking of doing this?

    Kevin (and Greg), I also think that a lot of people like the tubes (I’ve never used the tubes, I wasn’t on here when they were around) but I think with BP in the tubes – it’s easier to get the FULL product out of the tube? Versus a pump bottle? I know that a lot of people have brought up “how to get the bottom product out of the pump” on the messageboards – and I have actually had issues with getting all the BP out of the pump bottles – where I had to cut apart the bottle and scoop the BP out. The pump dispenser just doesn’t get all the way to the bottom (and to the sides) to get it all out. The downside of scooping it out? You either have to put it in a tube (which would be okay but hard) or what I did – was put it in a container where I would dip it out. What sucks about that – is contamination of the product with your fingers. I noticed that my leftover BP was getting runny from my oils.

    So – I could see why some people would like to see the tubes back πŸ™‚ Just curious though!

    ~ katmae24

  • Tiger

    In response to Kevin, the tubes are actually better for getting the exact amount because you measure how much product you use by the amount you squeeze along the length of your finger. That’s the way the regimen used to go: one fingerlength per application. I actually use less myself, and it works fine. Also I agree with Katrina — tubes are better for getting all of the product out of the container so you don’t waste any. It is easier to cut a tube than a bottle, and I don’t have to prop a tube upside-down to get product stuck on the bottom.

    Thanks, Dan, for bringing back the tubes.