I’ve been looking more deeply into the challenges women face when it comes to acne over the last several months. I distilled all my new knowledge and research on the new women and acne pages of acne.org. Let me know what you think and if I missed anything big πŸ™‚


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  • Katrina

    I’ve been backtracking myself through all the great daily videos I’ve missed over this year – and I totally forgot to keep checking THIS blog! Great new page, Dan! I’ve actually sent a couple of links on it to my sister πŸ™‚ Have you ever thought on each acne.org page – to have somewhere where you can “send this page to a friend” or something like that? So you can email it to yourself? Just a thought! I just copied and pasted the permalink (URL) which is no problem – but it’s just a thought! πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!!!

  • Lyssa

    Marry me Dan

  • Megan

    I love it! So much great information.
    Although that shade of pink makes me feel a little bit ill. I’d just like to see the same green color that was used on the ethnic skin pages.

  • Claire

    I have found that it helps to keep my makeup and its “tools” super-clean. For example, for my pressed powder, I periodically wipe down the powder with an alcohol-soaked cotton ball. Then, I leave the compact open for a few minutes so it air-dries. I think this cleans the surface of the powder and kills any germs that are growing in there. I also wash my sponges, brushes, etc. with soap and warm water and then let them air dry. I think makeup is fine, as long as you keep your tools and products clean. I follow Dan’s method of gentleness when applying makeup.

  • Louise (in the UK)

    During pregnancy the levels of progesterone are very high and can really aggrevate acne. Im currently 21 weeks pregnant and my acne has really flared up especially on my chin (an area that is a tell tale sign of hormone problems) I think my hormones must be very high in this pregnancy as I have also had hyperemisis gravidarum (extreme pregnancy sickness) – not much fun. My doctor has said that the acne plan is perfectly safe to carry out during out pregnancy so thats good news, however I am experiencing lots of dryness and flaking no matter how much I moisturise.
    Fingers crossed it clears up soon πŸ™

  • Lyza

    My acne became really bad during pregnancy. i did have little acne before during pms but it was easy to treat with products containing salicyl acid or BP. now its just crasy :(.
    well the first trimester was a nightmare: along with severe sickness came huge painful pimples on my cheeks.I decided to go easy with any type of chemical products and used home remedies. second trimestre went easier and pimples were not as bad. now i’m on my third – i’m getting these small painful pimples on my cheeks and they pretty stubborn, on top of that the spots are turning brown :(…
    i’m kind of afraid to use BP maybe i try to apply it localy.
    did anyone use BP during pregnancy and how strong (5%, 10%) u used?

  • beautifulbabyfaith

    Heey, I am new here but I am facing the worst case of acne ever! I recently gave birth to a baby girl and since I have cystic acne all over both my cheeks and jaw line? Today I went to see the Drem, has anyone else experienced this after pregnancy?

  • Anonymous

    does the regimen affect on pregnancy? can i use it during the pregnancy?
    i am waiting your reply

  • helloall

    Do not use Benzoyl Peroxide during pregnancy. It is not tested and the effect on the baby are unknown, so therefore it should be avoided. As should anything with salicylic acid (or willow bark, natural term). 1995 the FDA changed their position in categorizing the safety of BP from a level 1 to level 3 category “safety unknown.” Research done on laboratory mice and hamsters raised concern that benzoyl peroxide may be a tumor promoter in these animals.

    However, with that being said Dan’s regimen is the only one that I found to work on my acne. I use it now that I am not pregnant, because it really does help. The squalane in the moisturizer is also said to counteract free radicals. For me the clear skin is worth the risk, but I don’t think it is right to put your baby at risk.

    Pregnancy is for a short-time and DAN’s regimen can be resumed once you give birth. I also suffer with acne and mine was atrocious during pregnancy. However, it is not worth the risk to the baby. Different product– I know a girl who had a child with severe health issues because she used Retin A during her pregnancy. Her dermatologist did not tell her it was unsafe so she just trusted her doctor. I know that retin A is known to be unsafe during pregnancy so this is not exactly the same, but the point I’m trying to hit home is that no amount of clear skin is worth health (or potential) issues in your child. I used lemon juice during pregnancy and it helped a little. I used DAN’s regimen now and it’s awesome, but I will be discontinuing it when I once again become pregnant.

    Do you own research on all the products you use during your pregnancy. This is also a good rule of thumb for all aspects of your life. Do research on everything you put into your body, this includes items prescribed or recommend by doctor. Doctors can be great, but there are just people too and sometimes their knowledge on a particular subject is limited so it is best to research. Weigh the risks vs. the benefits. Being a truly good and responsible parent requires diligence and this begins when we become pregnant.