Research was again spotty regarding drugs and acne. I found no published studies or trials specific to drugs and acne, so I took the next logical step and looked at how drugs affect hormone levels. I found information on marijuana, cocaine, and ecstacy (MDMA) but not methamphetamines or other drugs. A synopsis of what I found is on the new drugs and acne page.

If I had to sum it up in two sentences: Drugs may affect hormone levels, which may or may not in turn affect acne, but as of this point in time, more research is needed. Additionally, drugs can have negative effects on stress levels, picking, and regimen adherence which may prove detrimental to acne symptoms.


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  • Frank

    I like the new pages. very interesting.

  • Acnepril

    I totally agree…drugs cause stress and stress leads to more acne breakouts…say no to drugs!!

  • Paul

    I would like to warn anyone that is on Roacctuane NOT to take ANY Drug that may cause rushes like ecstacy, cocaine and speed.
    Watch out this can be lethal.
    Doctors give this stuff out to young people with no questions asked.

  • anony

    actually new studies suggest marijuana can help acne look it up.

  • May

    it’s disgusting when i think about it, ever watch programs about people doing drugs? “intervention”??? lots of times those people have better skin than me!! i can’t believe it, it makes me so angry. it all depends on the individual. most of the boys i know, went to hs with who smoke pot or whatever, have better skin than me..??? arrrrrgggg!!!! 🙁

  • Hov

    Adderall was absolutely awful for my skin…I mean dried it out and caused acne across my T-Zone that I had never experienced before

  • Tony

    I have smoked pot a couple of times I don’t think mary jane did anything to my skin but anyways drugs are stupid.. So w/e don’t do them it’s not worth getting caught.. or arrested… But I’d much rather smoke pot then cigs because those cigs are just nasty at least mary jane smells good 🙂 lol im bad..

  • Aimee

    p is the most commen drug to bring out achne i have seen it on a cuzzion who tock it he had really great skin but when he tock p he got oily skin and white pimples coming u everywere . i have smoked weed before and i never got achne from it to be honest i think it made my skin alot better but that doesnt mean you should do it because drugs affect everyone in diffrent ways.

  • Me

    There’s no connection between weed and acne, I used to smoke every day and had the clearest skin, now I don’t smoke as much and my skin is bad. Maybe weed helped?

  • hbic

    ecstasy does affect your serotonin level which is a hormone, but the only thing serotonin does is release feelings of pleasure, euphoria or happiness and whatnot. high levels of serotonin do not cause acne, and ecstasy does not affect other hormones. cocaine is in the same boat it releases dopamine which has the happiness effect. although cocaine is a stimulant, it releases different chemicals from medicines like adderal and ritalin, so just because adderal may cause acne for some people, doesnt mean all stimulant drugs do.

    -chemical dependency major at scsu

  • hbic

    marijuana changes your testosterone levels and they fluxuate rapidly up and down at a different pace for every person. it depends how your body reacts to the change in testosterone, so for some people it may cause acne, some people it may not. its neither a yes or no.

  • Thinker123


    Sucking hot smoke down your lungs of any kind is harmful. We’re not talking about smoking! This is completely irrelevant. We are speaking about the phyto-cannabinoids found within the trichromes. That is what you’re paying for. The plant its self is pretty much worthless.
    There are dozens of phytocannabioids found within the resin glands besides THC, (CBD, CBN, THCV) and many more. These all have various medicinal properties. Many of those include properties such as anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidant.