Alcohol and acne

Unfortunately, there’s no research specifically about alcohol and acne, so I looked into how alcohol affects hormones. It’s a mixed bag. Click on the link above to check it out.


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  • Anonymous

    Hi Alcohol from a chinese medicine perspective causes damp heat and inflammation in the body making it worse/
    The best alcohols are cooling ones like gin, cider, beer. Wine is very heat producing and so is all dark spirits.
    Coffee also has the same action of increasing heat and infammation in the skin like chocolate it should be avoided.

  • Pam

    I suddenly got acne. I never had acne before, im 50 years old and it is embarassing. I started drinking a lot of coffee and I sneeking chocolate truffels once in a while. I believe the coffee, alcohol and the chocolate are the cause of my acne.

    I’ve tried a lot of acne med’s most of them caused more acne. I’m useing Oxy deep cleaning face wash now and my skin seems to be clearing up, I also stopped drinking coffee, alcohol and eatting chocolate. I’m hoping this will go away in a few weeks with these restrictions.

    My boyfriend Tim is the one who said to me “Maybe your alergic to something”. I looked over all the new things I had been eatting and drinking in the last three months and I came up with the coffee and the chocolate. I’d always had a drink of alcohol once in awhile. So we determined it may be the truffels I was buying and the increase in coffee. I never drank coffee everyday like I do since I met Tim, I put alot of sugar and creamer in it. So no more coffee or chocolate for me. I hope it works.

  • Santana

    I will get break outs after drinking alcohol ;(