Rosacea: It’s not acne vulgaris, but it’s similar. I’d like to make a nice rosacea page to outline what it is, how it’s different, and appropriate approaches to therapy.

Free radicals: Questions I’d like to answer: Free radicals are necessary for bodily maintenance, but how much is too much? When are anti-oxidants best utilized?

Scarring: I have not looked into the latest scar revision techniques for a couple of years. It’s time! I’ll update the scars pages accordingly.

: Despite the severe paucity of research on this topic, it keeps coming up, so I’ll delve as deeply as I can and make a page about it.

: In particular, you guys keep asking me questions regarding masturbation and acne. As is often the case, there is zero research on this exact topic, but looking more widely at hormones may shed some light. I’ll see if I can’t make a hypothesis or two regarding this sensitive topic.


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  • Frank

    hey thanks Dan for researching Scarring. I hope you post some stuff about the different stem cell therapys.

  • Frank

    definitely check out the scar treatment forum on your site, there’s a lot of new stuff about scarring.

  • Realme2008

    Thanks for doing all this research, Dan!

  • JayJay

    Thanks Dan! Looking forward to the scarring and B5 pages

  • Bryan

    Thanks for researching the masturbation part, Ill look at the scarring too.

  • Dermify

    I love all the great information you post..keep it coming

  • johnny

    I’d do a masturbation test!

  • Frank

    hey Dan I was think you should show some photos of the negative affects of some of these scar procedures. a lot of people think there helping themselves and end up burning there faces. Its sad.

  • Anonymous

    Could you research fish oil capsules too? Supposedly they help acne by balancing the skin’s sebum output.

  • Patrick

    Hey Dan, when looking for information on hormones’ effects on acne, all I seem to find are topics related to females and menstrual cycles. When I went to the doctor when I was about 17, I had a severe case of acne (which never really went away, I’m 21 now) and he told me that testosterone had a lot to do with it, as he noticed I had rather high levels of testosterone. I’ve always played sports, and continue to workout daily, which I feel is a big reason why I still have acne, but I was wondering if you’ve done any specific research on male hormones’ effects on acne? Also, my acne is generally in the lower part of my face and under my chin/neck area, and I’ve noticed its a LOT harder to get rid of than when it’s actually on my face, do you have any advice for this? I recently started the regimen (5th day actually) and I’ve actually already seen improvement, thanks for all your help!

  • Sarah

    Could you find out if cod liver oil capsules treats rosacea efectively?

  • Mike

    Hi Dan, I´m also very interested what supplements really help, such as fish oil etc. Could you find out that?