Today I’m doing some research into drugs and acne. Unfortunately, I found no clinical studies on the topic, so I am having to cast my net more widely. I’m going to look into the effects of drugs and alcohol on the endocrine (hormone) system. For instance, it seems that marijuana effects the hormone levels of rats and monkeys, but evidence in humans is less consistent.

This is going to require a trip to the medical library, but once I’ve got the evidence in my hands, I’ll distill it down for us and we’ll try to draw a hypothesis or two from the studies that have been performed.


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  • Ben

    I’ve had cystic acne for 10 years. I recently stopped drinking and smoking pot, and lo and behold, the acne is going away. I’ve been on antibiotics, septra, accutane, etc etc. I’ve been doing asprin masks, ACV masks, the regimen, nothing could stop the cysts, which seemed to come no matter what. Now that i’ve gone straight edge and it’s going away.

    You can tell if it affects you by checking your face after getting ill. If its red, it affects you. If the pores are larger, it affects you.

    Moral: Pot and booze gave me acne. I don’t drink, don’t smoke, what do I do?

  • john h.

    i have acne,blackheads,pimples and zits!

  • Kate

    Yeah there isn’t a lot of research on drugs. People’s experiences are all there is, but this does show a link.

    It is true that alcohol causes spots. I also beleive that caffiene causes occasional cystic spots which are linked to hormones. I am OK with tea, but coffee causes me problems as it raises blood sugar – wheras some tea can lower it. Caffeine causes adrenal exhaustion fatigue and depression anyway, so it is best avoided in any form.

    Amphetamines used to give me spots, though MDMA I didn’t get a reaction from. I stay away from all these things now, and whilst sugars, carbs and big meals are the cause of acne, drugs do play a part for some people. Alchohol especially since it is s simple sugar. Best thing is small low carb meals. Use the benzoyl peroxide justto dry them up, but there isn’t any point in plastering your face with it because it doesn’t prevent them and it makes your skin look bad. Just big blobs of it on the affected areas, and let it dry.