Hey Everybody.
Yesterday was officially the first day of summer. In honor of summer’s arrival we are re-airing our Sun Week series. We’ll be covering everything from how the sun affects acne, Vitamin D, choosing an SPF that won’t break you out, chemical exfoliants, and hats. Hope you all enjoy Summer 2009!


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  • frank

    what already had sun week. lets have acne scar week!

  • shooshoo

    Hey Dan, sun week is great (especially now). I am looking for a WATERPROOF spf that won’t break me out? I tried one with avobenzene, and I think it clogged my pores. I love olay SPF for my face, and similar lotions with SPF for my body and that seems to work out fine, but I need something for the beach and pool? any suggestions?

  • Realme2008

    Waterproof SPF? I didn’t know they had that. I would really like to know about waterproof SPF.

  • Anonymous

    With all respect, that is a load of crap, the sun doesn’t make you break out at all. The sun is good for you as it lets your skin produce vitamin-D… If there’s anything that is bad for your skin it’s that evil chemical Benyzol Peroxide…. Dan, have you honestly ever had acne in your life…?

  • John

    Wow Anonymous, that is one surreal display of ignorance mate. While it is debatable whether the sun breaks you out or not it is basic high school knowledge that UV light dimerizes pyrimidines in DNA. Long story short, that is not good news for you buddy. And guess what? Sunlight includes all frequencies in the EM spectrum including, I’m afraid, UV light.

    That said, I’m sorry to hear BP didn’t work for you.

  • Anonymous

    Because the name “John” clearly says a lot about who you are.

  • Anonymous

    Well if i spend just a couple of hours outside a day during summer I will get completely clear. I have moderate acne, and my skin won’t just look better because of being red, since I don’t get red at all, it will actually make my skin perfect. Even skin tone, beautiful tan and skin tone, remove red marks (takes a week in the sun with several hours of sunbathing each day), even remove the underlying acne formations that are not visible but can be felt when touching the skin, and remove black heads (which I’ve been unable to remove with any product I’ve ever used). Conclusion: Perfect skin. Last summer this happened, and when the sun didn’t show as much as it used to I would slowly get Acne back after a week. At the time I didn’t use the regimen or any other effective products for that matter, so yes the acne returned. But for 2-3 weeks I had PERFECT SKIN, and I’m willing to try the same thing again this year and try to keep it up with the regimen and maybe also by going to a solarium 1-2 times a week when the sunny months are over. If it doesn’t work, well at least I had perfect skin during summer. It is really worth it, even if it’s just for a couple of weeks.

    Furthermore my skin is always generally looking better during summer, and returns to its worst state at winter. I don’t know if this is solely because of the sun, but I know it has a big factor.

  • John

    I believe what you say, you’re not the first person I’ve heard say their skin looks much better after sitting under the sun for hours. But like you said yourself the benefits are temporary (I believe Dan said this as well). In the long run, sunlight is just harmful. Hope you will convince yourself of this before it’s too late.

    And no, “John” is not a pseudonym, it’s just a very, very common name

  • Zach

    Cheap, Dan. CHEAP. Actually read what we would like to see and use that.

  • Chase

    Wow. If you people don’t like the videos, or the things that Dan advises…..then don’t watch them!! Go to some other website instead of complaining all the time. I for one greatly appreciate the videos and what Dan has been doing.

  • Anonymous

    John – How is the sun harmful? Besides skin cancer.

  • Jason

    Why are you posting as anonymous?

  • John

    That’s it. Skin cancer and aging. I’d think that’s bad enough. Plus you can get the vitamin D from your diet (fish and eggs). So there’s really no reason to expose yourself to excess sunlight. Unless you think that the (temporary) positive effects on acne are more important than not getting cancer.

  • Chris

    Thats interesting what you say about too much sun and a breakout. Ive had a rather nasty breakout this week, probably the worst ive had in years. Ive just finished medication that completely cleared up my acne and this could be the cause of the breakout. BUT about 1 and a haf weeks ago I went to watch the tennis at Wimbledon and like an idiot forgot my sunscreen. I ended up getting rather sunburnt on my face (yes the sun was strong enough in England to get burnt haha) and now im breaking out. I hope this is the cause! Its not hard stop yourself from getting burnt. Id rather that than another bout of medication!

  • Michael

    Hi guys,
    I mean it is really obvious that sun isn´t any good for your skin, as mentioned above it boosts the aging process and you can get skin cancer AND there are these nasty acne breakouts. I tried to avoid be in the sun all the time, cuz I know what is waiting for me (acnewise).

  • Tj

    I live in the tropics. Im male, 31 years old and still have acne. for the past few years i’ve had some of the most severe cystic acne..really bad. Then I noticed a connection, I started having the most severe cases when I was reviewing for a really really major exam and I studied for over a month.. I didn’t go out much and had NO DIRECT sun exposure, plus it was during the cooler months so I didn’t sweat much.. Then I stopped having them when I was working around town and had to travel in the heat. Sweating a lot! Its been raining for the past few days and the weather is slightly cooler. NOW im getting them back…. Sun exposure? my theory is at least for cystic acne, the heat opens up the pores and lets the oil come out at least freely rather than close up the pores and block the whole pipeline resulting in cystic acne. Its just a theory.. But i’ve noticed this occurence over and over and over…at least for me, its not a coincidence. then I found a number of sites documenting this skin phenomena… i guess im not alone. I noticed this coincidence on my own…

  • Meli

    Dan , you are awesome. Love your videos. Do you have pictures of when you used to have acne??