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  • BikerBen

    Another helpful Q&A! Thanks!

  • Nick

    Hey Dan, love the site. The link you quote, acne.org/checklist doesn’t work though

  • Voce

    The Q&A segments are always helpful.
    I’m always craving pastry after these videos…

  • Mellow123

    Hey guys,

    I’m becoming a little frustrated with the daily vids now, I’ve been following them very closely and although they are lighthearted and aimed to be fun, the structure needs freshening up. I think the coffee thing dan and kent are continously doing is becoming a little OTT now, particularly with Kent’s awkward pastry eating and girlie jumps at the start, is there no other staff at acne.org that can be in the videos.

    Dan, I admire your enthusiasm but frankly you spend way too much time pushing the regimen and it leads one to think who actually benefits from that. Everyone has different skin types and hence different people will react differently. What I would definitely like to see is you guys pushing for more scientific evidence rather than just saying things or proving it by trial and error. The best video by far has been the iodine one and that is because of the research that was identified and carried out. Some more vids like this will be much appreciated on other issues such as diet, excercise, hormonal changes etc. Things that are obvious but have yet to be mentioned by the site reps here.

    Also one very important thing I think that has been overlooked is that BP is a treatment for acne, and I do think it works very well, but once the acne is controlled should we not push for it to end rather then continously apply more and more bp, I certainly think that Dan should be on that and pushing for a cure whilst also promoting bp for those that yet to control their acne. All I seem to see is vids and advice upon which products to use, where to purchase them and how new products are being developed (all relating to sales).

    I am really not looking to insult Dan or the others at acne.org, this is a great site, but frankly a lot of the things here I feel are becoming a little seethrough, for me anyway. I’m not looking for the lightheartedness of the vids to change or anything but certainly more vids on more serious and informative issues have to be addressed, a lot of people are suffering here, so the sitereps have a huge responsibility. You can email me if you wish as I have more things I would like to say.

  • angela

    I love Kent and all his pastry eating and tea sipping.
    But why do you always raise your eyebrows when you eat Kent? hahaha!

  • John


    This is not a website intended to continually look for a cure for acne. I think Dan is right to focus on his regimen and only occasionally talk about some other research. You need to understand he is not a doctor or a scientist, nor does he claim to be one. So I think its great his videos stick to what he knows from experience works. If you’re looking for information on alternative treatments there are a lot really interesting forums on this website you can use or you can find many dermatology journals online.

  • Kyon

    Dan is just a guy who found something that worked for his acne and wants to share it with the world. He is not a doctor but is also looking into the more serious issues pertaining to acne. Dan does a lot of work that is not documented on video. Just because the videos are light-hearted, and focus on the regimen, does not mean he is not serious acne. Besides, I need to be able to laugh about the acne struggle sometimes.

    But, it would be nice to get some of the other staff members involved in the videos. Then again, maybe they aren’t willing to be filmed?

    The slo-mo of Kent eating always makes me crack up for some reason.

  • Julia

    In response to Mellow123:

    Some people don’t brush their teeth as much as we are told we are supposed to, and they don’t get cavities. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should stop brushing our teeth once we get all our cavities under control.

    The same way, some people don’t have to follow any sort of regimen and their skin always stays clear, but that doesn’t mean I should stop doing what it takes to clear up my skin (using BP) as soon as it takes care of the current spots. Of course I wish I could be like those lucky people, but there’s something about the structure of my skin or the bacteria that endogenously live there that makes me prone to acne, and if I don’t follow Dan’s regimen, I’ll keep getting acne.

  • SilentWalker

    I second Mellow123’s opinion. I think we should be thinking ahead and start putting more into research. It’s nice that Dan always clarifies and reminds us to stick to the regimen by the letter, but I think it’s time we advance.

    Enough with the pastry and tea vids. They are great, and I love them, as I do this site, but I think Dan should start posting AL LEAST ONE video per week keeping us up to date on the latest in the acne world; a serious, bursting-with-information research video.

    Of course I mean no offense, and we should stick with the regimen, and I know you are not a doctor/scientist/whatever, but we can do this. It’s time we start looking forward to come off the regimen without fear that we break out; or without fear of some horrible side-effects from drugs like Accutane.

    Let’s do this together, get the research forum “bursting with life”, and get serious. We’ve been doing the same thing over and over for the last several years, and it’s becoming tiring and stressful for some people, and the regimen only works for a portion of the people on Acne.org.

    Many people are allergic to BP, or it just doesn’t work. Let’s try to make a move.

  • Julia

    SilentWalker and Mellow123, there is no “cure” for acne, like there is no “cure” for diabetes or periodontal disease. You can only *control* these diseases, but you cannot wipe them out entirely. As long as you stay compliant with your treatment, the disease will be controlled. As soon as you stop, it will come back. As much as anyone would like to get off the regimen (or stop taking their insulin, or whatever the scenario) and maintain their clear skin (or blood sugar levels) without treatment, it’s not going to happen.

    One of the factors that leads to acne is bacteria. The only way to prevent acne from forming is to alter the environment on your skin so that it is inhospitable to the bacteria that lead to acne. When you stop altering the environment, the bacteria can once again thrive. There is no way to get rid of the bacteria entirely because it is virtually everywhere on your skin and in the environment around you and on the skin of other people you encounter.

    So if the bacteria is everywhere, then why doesn’t everyone have acne? It also has to do with the structure of your particular skin. You cannot change the color of your hair permanently with hair dye because your genes dictate a certain expression of color, and when your hair grows out, that same color will come right back. The same thing goes for your skin. Your genes are responsible for your skin type, and just by treating your acne with BP until the acne goes away, this does not permanently change your skin. As soon as you stop, your skin will go back to the same old way it was before you started using BP.

    I’m sorry but it’s not Dan’s fault that our pores are too narrow and deep and collapse in on themselves or that P. acnes likes to hang out on our skin. Whatever is causing us to get acne, Dan has found an excellent way to keep acne at bay. Yeah, we have to keep at it if we want the results to last, but we also take showers and brush our hair and brush our teeth on a daily basis, and we don’t complain about that, so why complain about this? Can you imagine someone complaining that they keep having to brush their hair or it will get tangled again? Or hoping for a time when we can stop brushing our hair and it will remain untangled forever? It’s not going to happen.

  • Realme2008

    I personally like Dan’s light hearted videos, and that he doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s here offering advice and tips to people who need help with their skin. Dan has never said that he is a dermatologist or a doctor. He tries to stay focused on the regimen and to get the word out as much as he can, and that’s what he should be doing because it works wonderfully if applied and done correctly. I definitely need to stay on the regimen for my skin to stay clear and healthy, because if I don’t I’m breakout city.

  • Mellow123

    I’m glad that some people here share the same opinion, thanks to ‘Silentwalker’ and ‘Realmeimposter’. With the rest of you guys, I have no problem with Dan’s light hearted vids or Kent chewing on a muffin three times the size of his head, there’s nothing wrong with that. But how about mixing it up, do something different for a change and by that I don’t just mean change the setting or scene. This may be Dan’s site but isn’t the community who should now dictate what we want rather than the ruler telling us what to do.

    What Dan has achieved is amazing, the regimen is great, I’ve no disputing that (even though I’m still battling through it) but are you guys telling me that this is the only way to combat this disease and that there is no other possibilty, c’mon start opening your minds up. The regimen is a temporary solution, what I’m suggesting to Dan is to at least consider looking at other aspects of acne since he has the financial means, resources, time and some level of expertise in this field. He doesn’t need to even downplay the regimen but just look into other areas.

    I understand how a lot of you feel about acne and don’t get me wrong I’m on the same boat, but some of the examples with regards to hair tangling and so forth is a little riduculous. Most disease have a cure, we just haven’t advanced enough to understand how to cure it, or maybe the medical society know but theres too much money at stake in order to release that information. Till then it’s up to us to figure something out, and for now the answer for some may lie within the regimen.

  • Julia

    I disagree with the idea that most disease have a cure. Our immune systems can combat a lot of viral and bacterial infections (although we often need the help of antibiotics), but true diseases like diabetes, asthma, hyper or hypothyroidism, Alzheimer disease, osteoporosis, periodontal disease, eczema, and arthritis, etc, are things that people have to live with for the rest of their lives, and they necessitate continual treatment. There is no total cure that will eliminate the disease so they can go back to life without medications, treatments, or at least lifestyle changes.

    Accutaine is the closest thing I know of that approximates a cure for acne because it attempts to permanently alter our skin. Unfortunately for me and many other people who have tried it, the results were only temporary. Skin has a very high turn-over rate, and nature has a way of reverting back to the way things were before we tried to change it. My point about tangled hair is that in order to achieve the results that we want, we have to keep treating it.

    I don’t think the medical society already knows of a cure and is hiding it from us. And I really doubt that science will come up with a one-time systemic medicine or topical ointment that will permanently cure us of acne so that we can stop treating our skin on a regular basis. I guess we can always hope though. Maybe with laser treatments… Peace?

  • D

    If you watch the same comedy over and over again, you tend to start laughing less because you start to expect the same joke to repeat. So, it would be nice to freshen up the formats of the videos time to time, even though Kent and his eccentric way of drinking coffee and eating loafs of bread were interesting to watch. LOL

  • Zach

    I agree with Mellow123. I want more videos of evidence, research, and more serious acne discussion. Perhaps a video talking to us about beneficial vitamins and minerals for acne (zinc, fish oil, etc)? I would love that , personally.

  • Jason

    Although I don’t necessarily agree with a lot of the stuff Mellow is saying, I like when the daily videos first started and they were more basic. They featured Dan talking about a recent issue in the acne community or a new product he was introducing (by the way, what happened to the Tottles idea?). Then the videos started going for a light-hearted comedic tone, which sometimes works and sometimes misses the mark. I am also kind of mixed about the inclusion of Kent in the videos. I am sure Kent is a great guy and everything (and I know Dan is too), so I hate to even say this. But I think he can detract from the goal of the videos, which is Dan telling us about the latest issues and periodically doing Q & A. Kent is frankly a little bit distracting and many of the same jokes are constantly repeated.

    Ideally, I’d like a return to information-based videos. This does not necessarily mean research-based videos. Just informative. Preferably with Dan as the center of attention.

  • eric

    i totally agree with most of you about having kent in the vid. he is a bit of a distraction, its great that Dan and Kent are hitting it off and happy being in each others presence and all but the attention should be more focused on Dan informing us on his research. also have you noticed that many people started questioning Dans sexual orientation when kent started to show up in the vids? which is in fact another distraction because more people became focused if their a couple or not? and we most likely know the answer to that..

  • JuJube

    All this dialogue is great … will be interesting to see if the next video takes it into consideration .

  • Caroline

    are we seriously having a lame discussion on the videos? if you don’t like them, don’t watch them. And, if you want scientific research and findings, go to a different website? Or better yet, develop your own, and then use your brilliant ideas!

  • Edmond

    Epidemiology. Thats the key word for my discussion. Don’t forget it.

    To Julia

    You say there are no cures for diseases. You say there is no way to prevent acne, or diabetes. But its all in our diets, and it upsets me that people overlook this. Yeah, it may be difficult to realize, hell, its a VERY inconvenient truth. But its a fact that our diets contribute to many of the illnesses that befall Americans and other prosperous nations.

    Yes I will say acne is an illness….I’m 20, and have been suffering since I was 13. Only last year did I start doing research, ignoring what my dermatologist told me and prescribed for me (because like most others I’ve used everything from differin to tazorac with no results) and found out this regimen. Yes it keeps acne at bay, but like you said it doesnt remove it forever.

    Then how the hell is it cured? I did more research and found out it really is diet. There are tons of books on it, but of course we all have different body types. You may have grown up with people that never had a pimple their whole lives yet they ate food that you would believe would cause them to break out.

    I realize how important diet is…when I’m eating healthier, whole foods, particularly only fruits/vegetables, my skin becomes nearly flawless, but when I get off this diet my skin gets terrible again.

    But this isn’t just for my body type, this is for everyone. And the absolute perfect example comes from Japan, because before America intervened with their diet, they were mostly a clear skinned culture. (Also there werent many fat people.) When the American diet was introduced, what happened? First signs of acne popped up, and the japanese started getting fatter and taller…..Coincidence?

    Not at all……but people still ignore facts, because to be honest, there are so few doctors and scientists that advocate the importance of a whole foods diet and what it can do for us in terms of preventing serious diseases like DIABETES, multiple forms of cancer, and ACNE!

    Ugh I’m getting off topic. I just really can’t stand what Julia posted and I’m all for Dan finding a cure for acne (although I did say that diet affects everything, people would be too lazy to stick with a healthy diet.)

    But yeah two last things.

    One – Read the China Study for more information about what I posted. Excellent book. It really makes you feel guilty for not switching up your diet.

    Two – Dan for God’s sake PLEASE make a scar/hyperpigmentation treatment. Come on already! I comment EVERY video begging you, PLEASE comment on it.

    I mean seriously, I have no acne thanks to my diet and your regimen, but I have 7 years worth of damn scars….its so depressing. Come on Dan! I know other users must be with me.

  • Julia

    Hi Edmond. I can see that you’re very passionate about the link between diet and acne. And I’m sorry that my opinion angered you. I just want to point out (without wanting to offend you) that in the same way that Dan’s regimen does not permanently cure acne, a whole foods diet does not permanently cure it either. As soon as a person gets off the regimen, and as soon as they revert back to a western diet, their acne returns. My point is that acne requires continual treatment, whether with Dan’s regimen, or with diet as you are promoting. I really don’t think there is a one-time cure that can “fix” us so that we can go back to life as usual, but without acne.

  • Mellow123

    It’s great to see the different responses, I think this should give Dan and the crew something to think about. Even though not everyone agrees with me, I think its important to have this dialogue so that we can create some form of consensus. I have to support what Jason said and this is more or less what I was pushing for. The original videos were much more informative with Dan explaining things in a nice, informal, kight hearted way. The latter videos a lot of the times are very short (with the exception of the ‘how to do the regimen’ and ‘iodine’ vids) and even within this short clip, the information is lacking and very brief with mostly other things filling the void. The reason I watch the videos in the first place is because I am earnestly interested in finding out the latest info in the acne community and much of the time I am left dissapointed having watched a video Dan had repeated before (i.e. shaving, nothing wrong with that but you’ve only mentioned it two-three weeks ago).

    Julia you have backed your theory in a way, but a lot of the diseases depend upon a number of variables, for example osteoporis is a disease that doesnt just appear rndomly, it takes years of it to eventually emerge with the symptoms it shows, again same applies to cancer, heart disease and alzheimers. Also different diseases have different ways of handling it i.e. you wouldn’t treat cancer in the same way you would with heart disease for example. But I do agree with you in terms of acne in the sense that there may not be a remedy that ends it fullstop. And to be honest that is not what I was trying to say or seek. All I am saying is that we must try and seek something to combat the disease from inside out, this may not interest everyone I know but I’m one of those people that do not want to follow this regimen religously for ever. I dislike having BP on my face all the time, hence why I would like to seek an alternative route whilst controlling the condition for now with BP. Also I’m sure plenty of you guys know people who have had acne just the same as you and have recovered from it simply by doing non-orthodox things, question is how did they recover and I gurantee most of them dont really know. Something must have happened in their bodies. Now I know where not ll the same, different people will have acne for different reasons, so surely its up to the individual to seek information in order to beat or control this disease at the very least.

    Like the person mentioned above regarding diet. I’ve been to my dr several times and he’s always said that food has no link, and everytime I’ve gone to him I walk out and start resorting to all the crap I love having, Dan even follows the believe that diet has no affect, why don’t we have a trial video of that and put that to the test, i’m sure many people from here would want to volunteer, because everytime I’ve maintained a good clean diet, acne calms down (doesnt completely go) but then again due to conflicting advice I’ve never stuck it out for very long.

    You guys can carry on commenting on what you think, I’m happy to hear different opinions.

  • Jason

    “yea the whole cofee shop is getting old, film it somewhere else! maybe a bar or a strip club with lots of chicks eveywhere or something”

    Hahaha! YES! That would be so awesome if they made up for it by going to such a blatantly “hetero” environment. Hilarious.

  • Becky

    I totally disagree with Mellow123. I think these videos are amazing!!!! Kent is so funny!

  • Alice09

    Yeah, I love how funny and fabulous these videos are. Thanks guys for making acne interesting and funny!

  • Marley

    Kent is so funny and clever. I can’t wait to see him in more. I look so forward to logging on and viewing.

  • Outloud09

    Those videos are great. I love the one dude who is so funny. Keep up the good work and keep those videos coming.

  • Chris

    Don’t knock Kent he’s my hero.

  • Jason

    hmmm…why do all of the above comments sound like the exact same person?! Haha.

  • Jason

    I just noticed they were all posted within 6 minutes of each other too….

  • Becky

    Hey Jason!

    I acted alone, but it’s great to have people on here who agree with me. Thanks alice, marley & outloud09. Everybody needs to leave kent alone. He makes these videos awesome. It’s just acne!

  • Amy

    Ha ha, thanks dan & kent. I love these videos. Please keep them coming!

  • Old guy you see in the vid and the far left next to kent

    i always see these two at the coffee shop and its about time i finally came out in any of these videos. at first, i thought what were these two hooligans doing filming here and then i came here when i read their shirts and started viewing weekly to see if i pop out in the video. after all my years of becoming an actor, im finally getting exposure!

  • Somthing to think about

    It makes me very sad that all the negative criticism that Kent is getting seems to be based on his perceived sexual orientation. One commenter said that when Kent is in the videos their gaydar really goes off, as thought that is a bad thing or a reason he should be omitted from the videos. If Kent were black would we say that our Black alarm really goes off every time he is in the videos and therefore should be taken out? The other critiques seem to have a similar tone; they seem to equate his girlieness, as one poster described it, as something bad and that he deserves to be voted off the island for being a sissy and sipping his tea and skipping like a girl. I know no one here is intentionally trying to be hurtful. I’m sure everyone here is just expressing their feelings as honestly as they can just like me. And I could be completely wrong. It’s just that I know that I have a deep dislike of certain people and recently my eyes were opened to the unconscious prejudices that were creating my negative feelings toward certain people. Once I became aware of them they didn’t go away but my awareness of them allowed me to see them for what they were, judgments, predetermined dislike, disgust, and a form of hatred I had locked away deep in my subconscious for people who exhibited characteristics which I had been thought were bad. I also am afraid of people who I have these feelings toward because they are different and disliked in general and I am afraid that I am like them in some ways and I don’t want to be disliked in general or pushed out by society so I have found that when I disapprove of them it distances me from them and makes me feel safe that I will not be judged and disliked the way they are. And sometimes even if I am nothing like the people I find myself pre judging and disapproving, it somehow makes me feel more of a sense of belonging to society or “the tribe” by pointing out and disliking someone who is different because if they are different then by contrast I am the same and the same makes me feel the opposite of alone which feels good. I’m saying all of this because I don’t necessarily think that judging or even hating people who are different is bad, in fact I think it might be genetic, a natural unavoidable human instinct probably left over from when we had to instinctually identify who was like us and who was different in order to stay safe in early evolutionary human history. Or maybe it’s a result of modern society teaching us that certain traits and characteristics are good and certain ones are bad. Either way, weather its a modern construct or a evolutionary one or a combination of both, one thing I am sure of is that it is not done on purpose its not even done consciously. It’s happening without our even knowing that it is happening, like our hearts beating or our stomachs digesting, it’s subconscious. That’s why I don’t like when people yell at someone for being a racist or homophobic and tell them to stop. That’s like telling someone to stop digesting. It’s ridiculous and it’s ironically kind of judgmental. And extremely hypocritical because we all have our judgments and negative pre determined opinions about certain types of people even if we don’t know that we do, we certainly do. In study after psychological study researchers are finding that people have very powerful prejudices against certain types of people locked deep in their subconscious. There are entire books written on the fact that black people are arrested more often and get more speeding tickets and it’s not because they drive faster or commit more crimes. It used to be a widely held belief that women were just not capable of holding certain positions because they were inferior to a man and even though there was no evidence to back up this belief women were shown to not be hired in these positions and get paid less in general. But again no one is doing this on purpose. I don’t think anyone says I want to be a homophobe or a racist when I grow up, I’m sure nobody thinks “I’m goanna pick short people to dislike, hmmm or maybe overweight people.” It just happens, perhaps because of what were thought or how were raised or the society we live in or even our genetic brains. So it’s nothing to be blamed for or even to be ashamed about. The only thing we can do is become aware of it. That’s all. If we can see it for what it is and begin to notice when its happening then we can just know that it’s there and hopefully not act under its influence. I found for me that when I became aware of my subconscious judgments I realized how in control of my life they were. They were dictating my actions and behavior not me. I was just following along with them unconsciously. And sometimes I admit I still do, well maybe more than sometimes…I’m a work in progress. But I do feel more in control of my life now that I can take a step back from my initial dislike or judgment and see it for what it is and then act based on who I want to be not how my subconscious brain thinks by default. Anyway I just wanted to share that with everyone because I think Kent might be the recipient of some subconscious beliefs and feelings about people who are perceived to be homosexual. I think this because I am one of the people judging him. I want to see past my judgments; I want to see them for what they are and not mistake them for genuine dislike for Kent.

  • Jason

    Something to think about:

    Sounds like you have been spending way too much time in a subpar college philosophy class.

    Your rant sounds worse than anything anyone else here has said about Kent. You’re the only person here who has said that you “hate” him. We’re fine with him, we just think his involvement is sometimes distracting to the purpose of the blog.

  • OMG!

    Something to think about needs to get a life. Kent is very awesome and if you have a problem because he is gay that’s your problem. Dan and kent have done so much for people with acne. These videos are so much fun and I thank them both for putting so much effort into educating people about this condition. We all should be thanking them not putting them down cause the videos are to this or to that.

    Kent, don’t let these people bring you down. I think you’re great!

  • Realme2008

    I think Kent is great also. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with the videos Dan makes. It is none of anyone’s business. You are obviously very homophobic. If you don’t like the videos, then simply don’t watch them. It’s really that easy.

  • Bryan

    Wow people here are acting very stupid. Distracted because Kent is eating breakfast? Hell, thats your fault. Concentrate on Dan then. Or how about replay the video????? Is it that hard?

    The one who needs the info is you guys and not Dan & Kent they have flawless skin. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. As simple as that.

    Also, Dan clearly states what he used to “cure” his acne was Accutane, and he does the Regimen to not break out from this point, etc. And he states the Regimen is a result for mild/moderate cases. Severe cases might need Accutane. So if you just aren’t getting the results you want you might as well check with a dermatologist and actually pay some $$$. Dan isn’t charging you anything for this site or the information.

    Also, if the Regimen is keeping you clear why the hell even worry? Just cause you’re too lazy to do it? If so, thats your fault. If you’re not clear, then just do the regimen more time and stfu.

    BP has been proven as one of the best ways to actually PREVENT acne and Dan is probably on the spot for the best TOPICAL treatment for acne. Acne does come back, but that isn’t Dan’s fault. Also for you saying we’ve been on this for years, there are people who haven’t been here for years and could use the information.

    Also, I think you’re in no position to tell Dan what to do with his site/videos since you probably benefitted from him anyway. Also, these pages are just extra, the information pages are there, so this are obviously supposed to be more detailed.

    Right now there is no cure for acne, so you might want to do the regimen and shut up until a cure is made/released.

  • Julia

    Thank you Bryan! Exactly!

  • Bryan

    No problem Julia. Dan makes this videos to help us out and some random stranger/fodder guy comes in to the site and tries to tell him what to do/to remove Kent?

    Thats just plainly retarded. The regimen has cleared up thousands of people as seeing in the sucess page (and not even a quarter are listed there as to how many people this site has helped).

    Dan’s purpose, as stated in the banner of the site is to find a cure to acne. It says my mission: is to cure acne. And the guy has researched alot if you read his posts on diet, hormones, stress, and other things that may trigger acne in hopes of understanding it better and trying to find a cure. Unfortunately, like he has said many times, there just isn’t much information on the subject or when it is it mostly says their not sure. Some sites say diet has nothing to do, others say yes.

    Even if he did research, Dan isn’t a dermatologist nor a scientist so I doubt he could ever make something like Accutane, but he has given us this regimen to clear and prevent acne and there is more to the site than the regimen. We can share our feelings here in the forum, get info on scars (prices for lasers and shit), see the recomended products and hear other people’s fight with acne so we have a better solution if something isnt working for us. We have information on how acne forms, acne types, how much time the regimen works, biggest mistakes, and etc very very good tips. Other products such as AHA, Jojoba oil, etc. This site IS about trial and error and etc. Is people helping eachother. You think Dan hasn’t researched for a cure? Lmao. Naive. This whole site is a very important part of his life and he DID have acne.

    BP destroys acne bateria literally and sheds off old skin so it even helps with red marks, and it prevents from the pores getting clogged. I understand you wanting to stop this, but so far, you cant.

  • Julia

    The bottom line is that Dan’s regimen keeps you clear, and all the people who complain and gripe about having to do it would cry if they didn’t have access to 2.5% BP. Instead of thanking Dan for creating this website and sharing his discovery about how to successfully clear up and maintain nice skin, some people just want to try to tell him what to do or demand more out of him when he’s already done so much work. As far as I’m concerned, BP is the “cure.”

  • Jen

    Dan, I have a question/s for you? 🙂

    I have these white, small to medium size bumps on my face that have been there since Dec ’08-Jan ’09. One is below my eye (on the bag), between my eye brows, above my upper lip and the largest white spot on my forehead. I can not get RID of them no matter what I put on them. I have tried your regimen, using your products through Feb-May. Sorry didn’t work for me. I’ve tried 10% BP, Salicylic Acid, Proactiv, AHA, went to a dermatologist (she did nothing but gave me an Antibiotic (Doxycycline) Made me feel so sick and weak, I had to give it up! And she prescribed me Clindamycin (Gel), and basically I’ll just letting them be, but I’m TIRED of them and want them to just go away already.
    I’m also noticing from a HUGE outbreak I had earlier this year, some of the old pimples/cysts are still purple and I can still feel the bumps, they’re taking FOREVER to heal. In fact, some of the old white bumps above my lip just have turned into full blown pimples and they won’t heal either. They’re not as big, but they’ve been up there for about 3 in a half weeks now. I’m not a diabetic and I do eat healthy. No caffeine, no dairy for about 4 months, just only started eating (pro biotic) yogurt because of the antibiotic I took. I’ve recently just started birth control (Yasmin) hoping this will help, because my acne mostly flares up BADLY before, during and after my period. Other than waiting for these others to heal and my red spots to go away, I would basically be clear.
    I apologize for the many questions. Please if you any idea of what this could be and how I can get rid of them NOW, let me know!:) Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Hm.

    How sad. Dan never had to help anyone with acne. He could have been a selfish bastard and kept what he discovered all to himself. Yet he does so much for others with acne. Dan has put so much time and effort into this project and some of you want MORE? He is TRYING to do so much more.
    You cannot rely on another person to do the research for you. It isn’t like he has a special pass that he uses to obtain information on acne. Maybe if you watched him doing research you would understand how much work it takes on a subject that can still be quite vague.

    The point is that you shouldn’t act as though you have a reason to complain about this site and if Dan is “doing enough” research.

  • --h

    do you have oily skin? Have you found anything that can help? Bp doesn’t affect it.

  • leonnie

    thanks a looot for making the videos. can’t wait for the new ones after the break. I really hope they won’t be all serious (at least not all of them). and the website is just wonderul. thanks, thanks, thanks, …did I say “thanks”, well I’ll say it again. thanks. Oh, and I think Kent is really fun to watch.

  • Ryan

    Goodness. I don’t have time to read all of this. I just wanted to comment to Mellow: what do you think Science is? It IS TRIAL AND ERROR. Shheeeeesh.

    w/e, i dig the vids.

  • Helenoftroy

    Lol @ Kent. What a cutie.

  • Anonymous

    What’s the big deal of having acne? It’s part of being human. There are a lot of attractive, talented people that have it and they don’t even care. Look at Ray Liotta, or James Woods. They had acne and I’m sure they didn’t spend their lives worrying about it like this. In the end, who really cares because it goes away on its own and its small potatoes compared to a lot of other problems.

  • to the haters

    the vid was helpful and clear. dan is just sharing his success with the regiment so he can help others. stop hating, and be thankful that there are people out there that are willing to share their stories and trying to be helpful. thank you dan and acne.org team! ps- ken’s hilarious.