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  • Bryan

    Best video of the site if you ask me. i lold at kent messing up lol.

  • Anonymous

    thnx for the video man, this makes me check the site every day

  • Timmy

    Great video. You should put this on the “Biggest mistakes” page.

  • Tom

    thanks for summing up the biggest Regimen mistakes.
    I don’t know who is editing these video’s but they are getting better and better! Well done, I love the different angles and effects used everytime, its just a pleasure to watch!!

  • White Fox

    Hi dan!

    Even though I’m not responding to most of your viedeos i want you to know that I watch them all and love em.

    In regards to products I’m REALLY looking forward to the SPF. Also I would like to know if you are considering makin a hair wax?

  • admin

    Best video yet, guys! Excellent work. πŸ™‚

  • LQP

    Personally, Regimen week videos could not have come at a better time – I’m about to start the Regimen next week. Getting great & quick insight into what I need to be doing to make the program work best for me. Thanks!


    I second White Fox’s question….. hair products???? i would buy them ALL (i avoid using them cause they can break-me-out πŸ™ ) Oh and exercise clothing πŸ˜€ Oh and pillow cases πŸ˜€

    Great video guys πŸ™‚

    Kent was too cute (i was wondering the whole time though if he was going to break out because of the ‘too rough’ scenes)

  • Voce

    Kent washing face roughly = Marcel Marceau impersonation (famous mime.)

  • Dave

    This is an EXTREMELY good video for people new to the regimen. It is your best video and should be placed somewhere prominently on the site. There have been so many people on the regimen who talk about qutting on the message boards and talk about the same problems over and over. Hopefully this will help them understand what it is all about.

    One suggestion I have though….I think in the video you guys kind of joke around about the numbers like “tip #3” and such and post the wrong numbers. I think this was done to be funny, and I appreciate the humor, but this is going to be such a valuable resource to new people to the regimen that I think it should be changed. I think the numbers should be sequential and straightforward because this is such a good video for people to reference…it should create NO confusion for new users. I think that would be helpful.

    Thanks guys. This is outstanding.

  • Kelsey L.

    1,2.4,3… Huh?

  • Anonymous

    So what about those of us who have so sensitive skin that even 2 pumps once a day is too much at times?
    I mean, if I use BP twice a day my skin will literally get destroyed, but if I only use it once a day, it will just be a little red and irritated after my morning shower. This will wear off after an hour or so, sometimes longer but it depends on how much moisturizer I’ve been using for the night schedule. Also, the BP never really gets fully absorbed so if I had to wear BP during the day anything touching my face would wipe a lot of it off which would just look weird. Also I have to say that the regimen irritates me other places than where I apply it. For example behind my ears and my throat. I have to use moisturizer at those places too even though I don’t use BP there. I’ve been on your regimen for half a year now, following your steps precisely besides using BP twice a day, and I never got as accustomed to the BP as you claim everyone will. Also I have to use like twice the amount of moisturizer you recommend in order to not get dry red skin.

    Can you please help me?

  • Realme2008

    Kent is cracking me up with his exaggerating and facial expressions!

  • Ryan

    I am in the same position as the anonymous above. I have been on the regimen for almost a year now but whenever I use 2 pumps twice a day, my skin gets pretty dry and irritated; especially around the “laugh line” area. My skin is not nearly as irritated when I use around 1 or 1.5 pumps, but I tend to break out a little more often.
    Any suggestions?

  • joel

    I love this video…

  • Teresa

    i just go the starter pak, for my teeage son and my self we are both a differant stages of
    acne he is almost 16 and I am going to be 44 this summer,his is a bit more severe than mine
    my confusion lies with the shaving, for my son, he can use the cleanser as the shaving cream???
    I really hope this helps him,and I
    wish us luck,,,, it has been 2 days so far so good…..

  • Sana

    I have been using the Regimen for almost a week now and I watched this video before i started using it so as to be careful not to make more acne flare up. However, this morning when I woke up, I had 3 new zits on my face that weren’t there last night. I used the cleanser, treatment, and soap following the directions before i went to bed. Can you please tell me what I can do to make these go away ASAP? Because i don’t want to go to school tomorrow looking like this! please help me!!