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  • Joel

    LOL @ Dan at the end eating that huge piece of baked something or other

  • admin

    OMG! What in the world are you guys eating?!? rofl……that thing is huge!

  • SilentWalker

    OMG! What is it with Kent always eating gigantic, mutated-looking pastry and baked goods! πŸ˜›
    Hey, how ’bout an enormous cup of coffee next time!

  • july

    I’ve noticed when being generous with AHA it really irritates my skin making it very red and blotchy around my mouth. What this about?

  • Kyon

    SilentWalker, the videos just aren’t complete without the slo-mo of Kent eating some kind of baked good and drinking tea.

  • Emma

    I’ve recently had problems with AHA too- even though I’ve been fine using it for months. I too have started to go red, extremely dry & therefore sore in various areas around my face and especially around my mouth like July states above. Are we just using too much for our skin type do you think or are we allergic to it? Any advice would be great because I’m worried about using it again! Thanks!

  • jo the girl


  • Bryan

    Dan, AHA is super irritating for most people it made my face so red when I tried it once that it looks wose than acne, and doesn’t irritation cause more acne? I really think you over-rate this stuff. Is great for spot treatment and maybe a good solution for backacne, but you say apply generous to your face? For me it was like applying acid on my face. And use it as moisturizer? It makes it more flaky and super red. The contrary to a moisturizer.

    I don’t advice anyone using AHA generous on your face. Only as spot treatment.

  • Bryan

    Dan I really don’t know how your skin can take all of this without irritating. I mean so much BP and then AHA too? No moisturizer in the world should have been good enough for that, atleast not for me. I moisturized too, but they were just too harsh. After taking accutane that is. But you took accutane too. The truth is applying so much for everyone would burn their faces you have some tough skin.

  • Voce

    Yes, what the heck is that bigfoot pastry thing Kent has?! I kept expecting him to bust out laughing or something. What did Dan say? I have no idea, ’cause I was looking @ Kent’s bakery selection! πŸ˜‰

  • Kyon

    A couple of people have asked if I got sunburned. I have been using the AHA+ at night. Figure I will cut back on the amount or switch to every other night, whatever works for me. Though, other than some redness, my skin is starting to look nicer with the AHA+.

  • Nancy

    I have found that using BP does give me “highlights” in my hair. My hair is a dark brown and I often get the BP in my hairline. I’ve been using it for about a year and a half, and I’ve noticed that I have lighter streaks growing out from that area. They aren’t that noticeable to other people. My hairdresser said that they look totally normal, since they frame my face and are where lots of people get natural highlights, anyway. And they’re more a blond colour than orange or something fake-looking!
    That being said, I get BP in my eyebrows all the time and they are not bleached or lighter at all.
    Good question and great video!

  • Laura

    Great Video but I too was distracted by the huge pastry Kent was eating……….was is that thing!! x

  • Zoetrope

    For the people working 3rd shift:

    I worked 3rd shift at UPS for 2 years and when on the DKR I didn’t notice it affecting me from getting/staying clear. I would wake up around 4/5pm and come home from work around 4/5am and do my “night” part of the regimen. It could just be my skin but for me 3rd shift did NOT affect my acne.

  • Alicia

    What the hell was he eating? Dan, you were giving some good advice, but that big-foot thing your friend was eating was just CRAZY-looking and distracting!

  • Realme2008

    Wowza, that’s one huge pastry! Yeah, I’ve never had any problems with the B.P. bleaching my hair at all, and I have very dark hair. Clothes it bleaches like no other though.

  • John

    Hey Dan! I haven’t commented in a while so thought i would. I have a question. What is AHA and what does it do for the skin. And how come you recommend AHA for spot treatment but not BP ? Please answer my question i get such a buzz when my name and question is mentioned on a video ! I love watching your videos they are great keep them up. p.s what the hell is kent eating lmao !

  • SK8er

    i think da guy nxt 2 Dan wears lens..lol..he keeps blinkin..

  • Sara

    Hi Dan,
    While I generally 100% agree with your advice, I have to say that using lots of AHA is not advisable if using lots of BP as well. It is highly irritating for most people even in small concentrations, and like you said, it will increase sensitivity to the sun. Using AHA as a spot treatment is effective, but all over is probably too drying for most and would cause discomfort.
    Otherwise, great vid. Love the guy next to you eating that bigfoot bread thing!

  • Bryan

    ^ Yeah lol the word even says it “Alpha Hydroxy ACIIIIDDDDDDD”

  • Bob

    I am desperate for a decent SPF I can use that won’t cause acne…..please develop one ASAP so I can buy it along with the regimen products!

  • Miho

    I just GOT to get me one of those loafs of pastry/bread – your vid gave me an absolute CRAVING! πŸ˜€

  • stephen

    BP has been bleaching my hair and eyebrows for years. I finally bought a pack of rigid headband things to keep the hair back when I apply the bp on my forehead. It worked like a charm. So yes, BP bleaches hair. It turns it kind of organgeish blondish, a color so unnatural that people have to ask if you died it.

    when in doubt, wear a headband!

  • Bert

    Good information, thanks. You 2 are soooo cute btw, are you a couple perchance?

  • kna2014

    Ha Ha! that guy eating was sooo funny! who is he? GREAT vid by the way. πŸ™‚

  • Samantha


  • Samantha

    Thanks Dan for answering my yquestion about graveyard shift! I have haven’t had any problems with my skin tho since that post! I am all clear on DKR!!! Love you for fixing my face!

  • anna

    hey looks like kent really loves his pastries!! hah that enormous bread thing was sure eye catching!lol

  • Jess

    Aaaah… San Francisco… one of my favorite cities! You guys are so adorable. Keep the videos coming.

  • Feebie

    Your boyfriend is sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!