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  • Anonymous

    Great video, Dan. It really helped me get a better picture of how to do the regimen.

  • admin

    Excellent video! I’m sure that will be helpful to many people.

  • jutyji

    i’m really hoping that one day i’ll be able to do the regimen so easily and hassle free but as of right now i have so many flakes and it makes it so difficult

  • Frank

    nice video man.


    Nice Video πŸ™‚

    You don’t wash your hands before applying BP? :-0

    I am amazed at how gentle you are when applying the stuff. I shall start to be more gentle πŸ™‚

  • TheRealme2008

    i also usually go about my things as i wait for my face to dry

  • prettyboy909

    hey good video damn but i thought you said you only put the bp around your chin are and not your forehead because its not a problem area and also i noticed you didnt wash your hands before applying the bp

  • D

    Dan you don’t have a daily regimen for your chest/shoulders/back? What about AHA?

  • haseeb

    great video man, you really have gone full throttle in helping people clear their skin of acne. I dont noe how we could ever really fully thank you for all this. one luv payce

  • Cygord

    My skin has always been improving ever since I started using the BP and stuff but I noticed an even greater improvement once I had watched some of your vids and started to apply the BP etc. the right way! Before I would basically just put everything on at once but nowadays I’m doing it the way you show in this video.

  • anon


    Can you moisturize right after washing (when the skin is still damp – to lock in moisture), and THEN wait 5-15 minutes to apply BP?

  • jubes

    I can’t get over how much jojoba oil you use with your moisturizer. If I add any additional oil, it just sits on top of my skin and doesn’t get absorbed. Are we all absorbing it to different degrees?

  • Megan

    Dan, I noticed you’re using a red pillow. Why doesn’t the BP bleach the fabric?

  • Anonymous

    very cool video dan, good job on being specific and detailed for people who are new to the regimen. i have a random question for you. i remember reading that you said you were into weight lifting a while ago, do you still lift weights/workout ?

  • james

    anonymous has the hots for him

  • Kelsey L.

    Now I finally understand why the regimen never really worked for me. I wasn’t giving myself nearly enough time in the morning! However, I don’t see how I can change this and still get enough sleep. See, I’m a teacher, and if I were to give myself this much time in the morning, in addition to the other things that I need to do, I’d have to get up at an insanely early hour. That’s just not going to happen.

  • bobby

    im with jubes–how do you put that much jojoba on and not have to dab it off later? ive used anywhere from 2-6 drops and i always have a super shiny coat of oil left on my skin unless i take it off. ive left it on for 2+ hours sometimes and it still doesnt fully absorb.. any suggestions?

  • Malikaah

    Can you please show a before and after picture of you! That would be nice.
    And I found myself switching the regimen just a little. I do what you do but at night and in the morningi Put sone benzoyl peroxide only on the spot that needs it. Because My face gets to oily at work and this way I found is still effective

  • Nou

    Hey, seems like you put a lot of BP on your skin. I though BP dries your skin? Is it safe to used that much BP, a lot of people says it can cause Cancer so I’m not really sure about it. Let me know b/c I am very interest to try this my skin is so bad that I hate looking at myself. I have big cystic acne on my cheeks and they are huge and sometimes will pop and bleed. Thank you.