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  • Frank

    you guys look good, nice hair cuts.

  • D

    How do I measure a finger length of AHA with the new runny AHA? You should make a video on that cause I never know how much of the new AHA to pour into my palm.

  • Bryan

    Kent had a short haircut today lol. Lol Dan always says “Im barely touching my skin”. You guys are great. Thanks soooo much for doing this you two.

  • Alex

    So question….do you guys always wear Acne.org shirts or do you just put them on for the videos? haha.

  • Joel

    I need a hair cut!!!

  • Anonymous

    are u two dating

  • some guy

    yea they are

  • Josue

    I was wondering if the regimen does it’s job, even if hair is on my forehead?
    That’s where a lot of my acne is at.