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  • Oleg

    I could not stop laughing at the random noises… in fact I’m still loling.

  • Realme not imposter ok this is an imposter 2008 best year ever RIP 2008 i miss you

    sounds like swine flu to me!

  • Stian

    Hi Dan.
    So, now I’m guessing more and more that my acne is coming from the shaving.
    I used to have a lot of acne, but after accutane, it all dissapeared. For a year. I mean, 100% clear. Not even scars or anything!
    But now it’s returning, and it’s a lot too. Very irritating. :S Anyways, I guess this might be the shaving.

    So you link to this product. Have you also tested the blades that comes with the package? Is it the same as the Track II blades?
    I need to buy it as fast as possible, as I want my zits to clear up before I travel to australia for a year of study. 🙂

    Bought and tried your regimen, but as I’v been on accutane before my skin cant handle BP at all.

  • Sierra117

    Those noises and your text pop-ups were hilarious, I was dying the whole time.

  • thechief1979

    anyone know where we can get the trac II in the UK? preferably cheap!

  • Chris

    I took your advice from the regimen website and bought the bump-fighter razor. I used the cartridges that come with it and HOLY COW do those stink…haha I’m glad I stumbled upon this video and saw that you DON’T recommend the bump-fighter cartridges! I’ll have to find Trac II cartridges – I haven’t really looked yet. We have mostly CVS and RIte Aid around central PA, but I’ll go online for them if I have to.

    Thanks for all of your tips!