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  • Anonymous

    i’m white, struggled with redness
    finally subsided
    now struggling with flakes
    hope they’ll eventually go away
    currently use jojoba oil and AHA and they’re not really fixing the problem

  • TheRealme2008 Not Imposter Realme

    I really do love the artwork in the background so beautiful. You guys are too cute.

  • Bryan

    meh I think the bottom line is anyone from any skin type can get acneand they are all treated the same (regimen for mild/moderate) and accutane for severe, just that black/asian are more prone to dark spots and keloid scars.

    The thing with the site is it provides this details, and a message board for people to post before and afters, share stories, what has worked (since all skin types are differents,),opinions, ratings, etc and where to buy the stuff, and some important information you dont get even from Proactiv or demartologist. Dan is actually orientating the people about acne and I think its great. Keep up the good work you two.

  • Greg

    umm, don’t want to be mean, but is Dan gay?

  • billy

    antarctica is the butthole of the world

  • TheRealme2008

    I wish people would stop bringing up sexual orientation. Why does it matter? How does it change anything? It doesn’t pertain to anything we are supposed to be discussing, and it’s none of our business.

  • Frank

    I agree with TheRealme2008. Stop being rude.

  • billy

    no disrespect, antartica looks like a wee anus on the bottom of that globe. see for yourself.

  • kayla.jnwv

    hi dan,
    i have black or biracial skin and i have dark spots. Can i get rid of them or are they scars?

  • Anonymous

    What about interracial people?

  • seema


  • mrreader

    There is nothing wrong with wondering if he’s gay. Why is that such a horrible question to ask? The world revolves around knowledge. Relevant knowledge, irrelevant knowledge, who are you to judge? Asking isn’t judging but you are judging by saying its wrong to ask. If you don’t know or don’t care then don’t worry about it and leave the question alone. If Dan wants to answer he can. If he doesn’t want to he doesn’t have to. This site is awesome btw! And fyi I happen to be gay. 🙂

  • Sean

    I don’t think it’s wrong to ask this, but I don’t know if you’ll be offended if it’s not true, but Dan, are you gay? Just wondering, you’ve never said anything about having a wife/girlfriend so I thought maybe you didn’t have one. So then I thought maybe you were gay. Just asking seriously not to be offensive. Just want to know!

  • Anonymous

    What about Middle Eastern skin ? What we don’t exist