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    That was a nice video πŸ™‚

    I was just about to ask if Kent had ever had acne……thats answered.

    I think both of you have very nice skin πŸ˜€

  • james

    these guys are definitely an item lol

  • Haley

    Stop being so cute, Kent.

  • some guy

    i agree with james lol but i saw it coming

  • Frank


  • jo the girl


  • james

    frank seems a little lost.

    i think it was 100% obvious that dan played for a different team, but i thought kent was just kinda a friend until he started showing up in the videos like he does now.

    and that slowmo ending of him eating the cookie, and now the bread? lol classy

  • july

    handling dryness:

    i’m also struggling with dry skin. i currently use the regimen precisely with the kit from acne.org
    and i use jojoba oil and AHA. and it sure has helped me tackle flakes short term- throughout my day but as far as long term goes- i still wake up with a face full of flakes, and can’t go through my day without being afraid of anything touching my face or getting anything wet on my face because then all these flakes will show, it seems to me like jojoba oil and AHA are good at covering up flakes but not truly tackling the problem. so i have also decided to only start using BP once a day and at night use AHA and see how that goes.. and another thing.. i know i should be using SPF if i use AHA but any SPF i have used even with jojoba oil just will not moisturize and i have to end up washing everything off and do the whole regimen over because i just have all this lotion on my face that won’t absorb and flakes everywhere therefor using no SPF therefor trying to stay out of sun because if i get in sun i get burnt so easily. and i’m afraid to swim because then all my moisture will be washed away leaving me with a face full of flakes. how embarrassing. and i’m afraid to even make many facial movements or expressions because if i stretch my face or mouth to much then my skin cracks and flakes, flakes, flakes. it’s ridiculous. the only reason i stick to the regimen is because of the fact that i am clear and it’s the only that has worked. i have not one pimple. and my skin ‘looks’ nice but in reality it’s not. under closer inspection it’s dry and uneven and does not have a nice tone. overall i’m pretty miserable and upset with the regimen because there are so many side effects and time consumption. it really is ridiculous. i got clear skin, happy. i got rid of redness, happy. IF I COULD ONLY GET RID OF FLAKES, I’D BE PERFECTLY FINE WITH DOING THE REGIMEN.

  • Kyon

    Kent always looks like a bunny nibbling at his baked treats. Such cautious little bites, too cute.

    Hyperpigmentation is so annoying, I am 1/2 Korean and it is sometimes more annoying than the initial breakout.
    I admit I am a bit of a picker too. Though I am a little better at not touching these days.

  • c'est la vigne

    That croissant was absolutely enormous.

    Every time you post videos with food in them, I end up getting really hungry. : D

  • billy

    hyperpigmentation sux

  • Alex

    I’ve noticed that whenever there is a drastic temperature/atmosphere change where I live (Phoenix, AZ), my face will dry out. Then after a few weeks of adjustment it isn’t as dry. Maybe other people with flaky skin can see if it’s the same for them.

  • Johnny

    Thanks for answering my question Dan! I use your Moisturizer with the jojoba oil. When I first put on the Moisturizer, my face feels alright, but as the day goes along, my face starts getting dry and flaky. What I actually do is use the BP in the day time when my skin feels perfectly fine and not dry at all, but when I start to feel or see it getting dry, I’ll skip the BP for the day and just use it at night time. I really do appreciate that you actually care about your customers, and this is the only regimen that has ever worked for me, so for that I thank you.

  • SilentWalker

    Hey guys…..sweet video πŸ˜€

    I’m am also one of those that suffers from post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (which is dark marks, not red ones). They never seem to go away, and I keep getting more.

    Also, like Kent, I can’t not pick at my skin….it’s just an addiction that I do sub-consciously. I read the stop picking page, but I’m just too lazy to keep track of everytime I pick.

    I’m trying to make a huge effort to stop, but the more I try, the more I end up picking at the end of the day πŸ™ .

  • cindy25

    Kent is HOT!

  • Sara Khan

    Nice video…thanks!!

    I also have acute acne problem and using clay mint mask and nighttime treatment by DCL. But I am not that satisfied with the products. I use the mask thrice in a week. Shall I increase the frequency?

  • J

    This is not really a comment on the video, but just a word of advice to those suffering from post-inflammatory pigmentation:

    I used to have loads of red marks on my cheeks, because that’s where I got really really bad acne, and it just wouldn’t fade. I left them alone for 6-7 months(yes, this is not a false number. I actually counted.) and nothing happened. I was also doing the regimen during that time. About two months back, I decided to cut down on my BP usage to 1 pump during the night and that’s it. Amazingly enough, my red marks started fading. It didn’t fade that much, but it’s better than no improvement right? Also, a pimple only popped up once in two weeks, so I guess I’m pretty lucky. xD I then started on the AHA+ and my red marks faded even more. Since then, I managed to reduce my BP usage to once every couple of nights and still remarkably stay clear.

    My theory is that the free radicals produced by the BP inhibits the fading of red marks. Of course, this is just what I think, and since I’m not a dermatologist or an aesthetician, don’t take my word for it.

    I’m switching from the BP to Sal. Acid now and I’m hoping that the red marks clear faster. They’re really unsightly…

  • aasaalhum

    dan and kent are an item?! this never even crossed my mind, but lately i’ve noticed people referring to them as a “couple.” funny i never thought of it πŸ™‚

  • aasaalhum

    kent is more feminine than i am. he eats so delicately!

  • Valerie

    Dan and Kent, you two crack me up! I needed a good laugh this morning, thank you! Also, great advice on the acne.

  • Milan

    I love how kent is eating bread, totally goes against my dietary approach, haha.

  • KS

    First time I viewed the video, not been on the site for years, yet I could tell they’re an item, an I weren’t even aware Dan was gay!


    hey, well…im 23 and i stay in south africa, africa…i have such bad acne on my checks..i have tried everything and nothing seems to work. im so tired of adult acne. i was actuallly surfing the net and i came across this web page..ive registered and ive put honey on my face lol…i really hope that these home remedies will help to reduce my pimples and scars.

  • Nawal

    I was so depressed when I was using Neutrogena’s 2.5% byonzel peroxide because my face would always be a dry, peeling, flaky mess no matter what moisturizer I used!! This product is much better. It is still drying, as any B.P. treatment is going to be, but it just glides on so much smoother and is considerably less drying. I get a little bit of dryness but not the peeling, awful-looking skin I had. On top of all of this, it works wonderfully! I feel like my skin actually looks not only clearer but healthier and more vibrant!