Hey you guys. Sorry, we didn’t get to a video today. We’re working on skin picking pages, and as often happens around here, it’s blowing up into something bigger and bigger. I’m very excited to launch it, hopefully next week. It’s going to include a cognitive behavioral program to help people stop picking at their skin. Skin picking is a big issue that I’ve been wanting to tackle for years. I also want to do a weekly video blog about it. I’ll be joining everyone in the program and I plan on updating everyone weekly on how it’s going for me. I don’t pick at my skin, but I bite my nails, which it turns out is pretty much an identical issue to skin picking. So we can all do it together! Have a fun weekend!


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  • John

    I habitually bite my nails as well, looking forward to seeing this!

  • TheRealme2008 Not Imposter Realme

    Who knew Dan bites his nails? Should be an interesting video.

  • ferarri

    how is nail biting correlated to skin picking?

  • Sharpy

    I’m glad you are doing this. I was really bad w/ picking before I found the Regimen. Like I would pick for at least an hour every day. Now that I’m mostly clear, I’ll pick maybe once or twice a week for a couple of minutes.
    I did transfer the habbit to my lips though–I bite or pick at them…I really need to stop it.

    Oh yeah, I used to bite my nails, the skin around them, the inside of my lips, and pick at my scalp.

  • Gale

    This is an awesome discovery! – I’m also a culprit of nail biting (possibly, since I was 9 or 10yrs), suffer from acne (since I was 13 yrs) and skin picking I’ve just realised that there seems to be a correlation of all these factors! Dan, do you have friends in the derma space who have lots of money to invest in research for all our benefit?


  • Rahul

    sometimes what i do is squeeze half a lemon and mix it with 2 tospaeons of honey until its just a golden liquid’ then using my fingers i spread that all around my face after washing it then let it sit for 10-15 minutes while just laying down as not to move your face a lot then wash it off and pat dry obviously with a towel and it sort of gives you a natural glow and also makes your skin really soft