Hey you guys. This video took forever to edit and upload. It’s pretty long so be prepared. Kent worked really hard on it πŸ™‚


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  • Karin

    Hey Dan,

    I love the research you did on iodine… very honest. I know, way back when, the government mandated salt to be iodized becasue people would commonly get sick if they did not have enough iodine in there diets. With salt being iodized… iodine deficiency has been eradicate in America for many years now. I am thinking with an iodine supplement (normally 100% of DRV)… we may be getting to much iodine in our diets. Most of us consume way too much salt. What do you think?


    • Anonymous

      What truly should be concidered is iodine is used to topically in surgery for the sling to be cleansed of bacteria….. Hmmmm its ok to use it then….. In small doses daily I conclude overtime it will clear acne….!

  • Kim

    Karin – I agree that our westernized diet probably has too much salt (and probably for many, too much iodine). With all the processed food people eat, plus salty snacks, use of table salt, and also dairy – I would think that most people get more iodine than their bodies need. I read a study that showed that milk from cows contained quite a bit of iodine and also that the iodized salt in the United States has a much higher concentration than the iodized salt used in European countries.

    I also think that the connection between any dietary factor and acne is an extremely complex thing to study. Its very hard to isolate individual dietary factors, while holding all other dietary factors constant. I think that is why it is difficult to come to a definitive conclusion about the relationship between any dietary factors and acne.

  • jo the girl

    I have hyperthyroidism overactive thyroid. can the medication to treat this condition be causing acne? even though I have acne almost totally under control thanks to dans regimem, I read online that this medication when taken is converted to iodine. great topic Dan! now i have more to research.

  • Voce

    Good job, guys!

  • Daniel (intern)

    GREAT video, dan! This makes me proud that I’m part of acne.org. There is some mention of the iodine/acne connection in the book that I gave you a long time ago (clear skin diet). I’m not sure if they mention this issue in great detail, but I think they bear mention of the fact that iodine causes a specific form of acne, not the acne vulgaris. again, good stuff!

  • Kim

    I think one other thing to keep in mind when you are determining how meaningful the research findings are is to consider what type of study they are reporting on. Much of the available information on the iodine-acne connection is based on case reports and case studies, clinical observations, and information extrapolated from the established connection between certain high iodide medications for thyroid conditions and acneform erruptions. Just because much of it comes from nonrandomized studies doesn’t mean the conclusions are wrong. Randomized research studies on a large sample size would be great, but these are difficult to do when studying something as complex as the connection between a single dietary factor and acne. I think that the level of research (and type of research) you are looking for just isn’t out there. Randomized clinical trials specifically on diet and acne are rare in general. Even the research on dairy and acne is largely correlational in nature – and based mostly on retrospective reports. However, that doesn’t keep the medical community from starting to agree that dairy may actually be a factor in the development of acne.

  • Loco

    Hey Dan, I like to thank you for all the hard work you and your partner are putting to helping everyone in this community. Not only taking time from your day and life but using your own resources to find answers which will further this community all together. Keep up the amazing work!!!! Your the Best!!!

  • dude

    love your video man, keep the good work going

  • Pink Polka

    Dan, I have a question:
    What do you reccomend for oily skin besides blottng? Is there anything that can reduce it’s oiliness?

  • Andre

    My congratulations πŸ™‚

    It may have taken a lot of time to edit, but it’s well worth it. I think it’s one of the best videos you’ve made. πŸ˜€ Keep it going like this!


    Thanks for all the information

    Nice Video πŸ˜€

  • Aart

    Iodine is also a topic in “The Clear Skin Diet” by Alan C. Logan and Valori Treloar. They also talk about Iodine causing an acneiform eruption when eaten in excessive amounts, but this is not acne vulgaris.

    One phrase made me laugh hard and made me realise that all this research is full of nonsense:
    “So we have a situation where those with acne are told that diet doesn’t matter, but hey, watch out for fish and seafood because iodine causes acne (p. 40)”.

  • SilentWalker

    (This might be a bit of a long comment…sorry guys πŸ™ )

    Hey guys πŸ™‚ . I LOVED that video; very professional and by far one of the best I’ve seen on the org! Keep up the good work guys, especially Kent πŸ˜€

    BTW, what video editing software do you guys use?

    So, Dan I totally agree with you on the fact that many of these article are published by doctors/scientists with biased views on certain factors that aggravate acne, especially acne. I also agree with you where you said that many of the research is conflicting, and therefore you have to look at everything as a whole.

    But do you honestly think that you guys can find something linking acne and iodine that these scientists missed? I mean absolutely no offense guys, I LOVE this site and really appreciate the work you do here (I’m sure everyone else does); but Dan, these scientists have been doing years of research and tests before they found any link between acne and iodine.

    Do you honestly think you can find anything to….over-rule, if I may….to over-rule their research? I don’t know if you already do, but I think you guys should have a crew that’s ALWAYS researching these things if you wish to find any new links/flaws in the scientists research. Just a suggestion.

    Again, I mean absolutely no offense by the above, Dan; it was just an honest opinion. As always I love your work here; keep it up πŸ˜€ .

  • SilentWalker

    And please correct me if I was wrong in the above comment; or if I got any of my facts wrong (although there weren’t many) πŸ™‚

  • tech99

    awesome video dan, i really liked it. as much as i love the silly videos, its nice to see a change. shows how truly interested and passionate you are about researching acne. it feels good to know you are so dedicated to curing acne. im sure many people appreciate it ,i sure do. good luck dan.

  • TheRealme2008 Not Imposter Realme

    Hey, Dan wow this video was so amazing and informative! You gave me so much knowledge on things I really had no clue about. Thank you for working so hard constantly and taking time out of ur busy schedule to research and educate us.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly think they can very likely find things in research that scientists missed, SilentWalker. It’s not like the scientists found anything amazing like the cure for acne. From the research on iodine that Dan showed us, it seems like (at least in that field) they just kind of were going through it because it was their jobs and getting it done with.

    Questioning things and not accepting is how great things happen.

  • Nick

    I’m really impressed by this video blog – you must have worked so hard on it doing all the research, etc. It was informative and you kept it concise and clear without sounding patronizing which many do when they’re trying to explain it to laypeople. Your conclusions were well argued and your wording careful so as to remain objective. Fantastic job!

  • David

    Yeah, this is unfortunately how science works. I’m an engineer and 90% of all publications are garbage

  • mondude

    I read in “The Acne Prescription”, that the study which concluded that diet doesn’t affect acne was based on a few teenagers, who already had acne, being given a candy bar a day and because their acne didn’t get worse it was reported that diet had no affect on their condition. Don’t know how true it is, but it makes me wonder how much of this research that is sometimes accepted as gospel can be trusted. I’m trying to take mainstream “science” with a grain of salt, but sometimes it’s just too damn tempting to believe it! Like, does anyone know what a ‘prebiotic’ is? It just sounds so darn good for you!

  • Robin

    Hi Dan,

    Great observations. Especially the part you picked up about bromide. Actually, I just started an iodine protocol to help many of my health problems and guess what I have found out?

    The elements bromide, chlorine and floride are all part of a group called “halides” and iodine is one of them, too. Our body loves iodine and every cell needs it. But bromide and the other halides that are similar in structure to iodine can get into the cell receptor sites that are supposed to be for iodine and sort of clog them up and the body starts having problems.

    When you take a large dose of iodine the extra iodine goes around the body and starts kicking out the bromide that has gotten into the receptor sites and you get a detox reaction. Guess what one of the detox symptoms is? The “acne” that you are talking about!!! That is just the body throwing off the excess bromide and other crap. I got this symptom along with others like achy, mild headache, stinky underarms!

    The various symptoms including the acne went away after a few weeks (I got the pimples sort of on my neck or my scalp or back or random places, including a few on my face.) The way to reduce the symptoms is to take a special sea salt and mix it in water and drink it and the chloride in the sea salt binds with the bromide and then it leaves the body when you pee. People think the iodine is “causing acne” but it really was the body just getting rid of bromide and other things it does not need.

    Sorry for the long post, but it’s a cool subject!

  • Cygord

    I love it when you in your videos aren’t just laughing around all the time but actually try to be serious, which make me pay more attention to the interesting things you’re saying, but this video was just too serious! xD Hope the other one is a little bit less serious πŸ˜›

    Anyway, nice length of the video and I really enjoyed watching it. Nice work all.

  • Susan H.

    Thanks to both you guys for doing so much research and making this video!

  • monica

    Hi Dan. Very interesting topic. My daughter started her acne breakouts when she was 13. She started to have a problem with thyroid goiter as well. We been trying lots of wash product nothing helped. She is 19 now and I really started to worry about the pain she is going thru. After the blood test we find out that her iodine level is very low and the health practitioner put her on 2 drops of iodine a day! She doesn’t drink a milk, eat a butter, eggs and other product containing iodine, oh maybe iodine salt with a fresh tomatoes. Her acne is painful especially before the period than her acne has absolutely nothing to do with too much iodine and I will be very happy to share the reaction to her acne after 2 months of taking iodine.
    Take care and thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or about 80% of the time, Dan seems scared to say the word “acne”?

  • charmaine


    This is my first time on your site, as I don’t generally get acne, blessed I know. Actually I tend to lean that it is diet and digestive help that causes acne. But don’t flame me, as I am not well versed in this site or topic.

    I stumbled across this article/video because of a recent health experiment.

    ABSTRACT: I applied and Iodine tincture on my stomach, the size of a silver dollar, twice in 24 hours. One week later I have acne on my neck???

    FINDINGS: Since graduating and no longer having health care, (because I am poor and graduating during this recession is not enabling me to find that awesome job with sweet heath care… I’ll leave my politics out about Universal Health Care… erhum *right to* erhum…) yet, being a firm believer in holistic care and being in contact with my old naturopathic doctor, I have made changes in my health for the better. One being that I’m not sick, that’s a bonus, and I know what vitamins and foods help me thrive in areas I had issues with. However, I can’t seem to fix my metabolism issue. I thought it was SAD, so I had Melatonin and my old naturopathic doctor gave me some Lithium ampules. I had been reading about P.C.O.S. but I am skeptical about it because it seems to lump everything into one category. Then I was reading about Thyroid issues, as my Great Grandma had goiter. (I shoulda coulda woulda gotten my Thyroid tested just before I lost my health care. But I didn’t.) It seems they tend to share some of the symptoms that one might have that P.C.O.S. has. I learned that Lithium can inhibit the function of the Thyroid. So I did a binge research on the Thyroid.
    One thing I was headbutting in my Thyroid research was it’s hard to even find out in lab tests what the issue is. (Do not buy tests to do at home, as the temperature fluctuation that occur during shipping mess with the results! Research this if you are skeptical…) Something about the T4 can mask what T3 does with in your thyroid, but just taking T4 isn’t effective. One site suggested a few things that people had tried at home to see if their thyroid was under active, or hypothyroidism, which is what I *think* I have been dealing with. The test that I tried was to put iodine tincture on my skin, the size of a silver dollar. Depending on the rate that my body absorbed it was to correlate how my thyroid functioned. If it was quickly absorbed, then I have an under active thyroid. If it’s still present with in 24 hours, then the thyroid could be hyper or normal, I didn’t read into it as I don’t have the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. What followed was my body adsorbed the iodine in 5 hours. So 24 hours after the first application, I applied it again. I think it absorbed with-in 8 hours. Instead of continuing the dosage until it was still present at 24 hours, I assumed my thyroid was hypo-active and started doing research on supplements. I am still waiting to find a vegan thyroid supplement… so the acne that developed suddenly has to be from the iodine, as that is the only thing that I changed in my diet.

    I hope this can add to your research Dan. Perhaps you should try a study of your own? In the mean time, I am going to research more about this iodine experiment that I did. I just wanted to throw this in the mix, irregardless of it being a year later! LOL!

  • mandy

    your video was so interesting to me. I have dealt with acne for years but there was a moment of instinct when i relize i had mild normal teen acne and something had almost like triggered it or morphed it into the struggle today..i am a healthy eater and a runner.So i know its deeper than that i know all about acne and treatments and am about to finally start accutane.The main reason i am responding is because i look back over the years at things that may have contributed to having to resort to accutane rather than my genes.there were about five things on that list and one was iodine.I was injected with iodine during a scan of my intestines and ovaries….it was just weird to run across your video and see people may have thought that once !!!

  • David

    You should do a search to discovered who financed these studies. The person paying the tab often has a great deal of influence on there outcome. Interesting.

  • Angela

    Any medical establishment claiming a connection between iodine and acne is simply Big Pharma in action! We are terribly deficient in iodine as a whole, and it is certainly not the cause of acne or any other health condition. To the contrary, the lack of it is.

  • John

    Here’s some info that I’ve read which might be useful in your research…

    Your thyroid and every other cell has iodine receptors in them. These receptors get filled by the toxic halogens as they are very similar. The toxic halogens are bromide, chloride, fluoride & astitine. Iodine is what your body uses and needs. But when you don’t get enough or when you get too much of the halogens they replace iodine. The halogens do not do what iodine does for your body.

    Fluoride is in many public water systems and there is research that the intended benefits of fluoride in our water systems is actually suspect, but that’s another issue. So, many get a lot of fluoride from their water. Bromide I think is or was used in breads and other stuff. Chloride I believe you get a lot from the chlorine in swimming pools. From what I’ve read, it seems that these halogens interfere with iodine in your body.

    Iodine… many people end up apparently being deficient in. Around the great lakes regions maybe 60 years ago there was high incidence of goiter due to very low levels of iodine in the soil of those areas. That’s when table salt was iodized… people used it and the goiter issues in those areas went away. But, only 50% of households use iodized salt and many people stay completely away from salt due to advice from doctors/health industry. So the iodine in salt is not consumed by most and there’s not much iodine in other foods, other than a few things.

  • Roman

    I don’t know if anyone’s still reading this thread. Robin and John (and Dan in the video) have it totally pegged. Iodine flushing will fix a host of issues from thin hair to acne to chronic fatigue to depression IMO. Iodine fixed my *hyper*thyroidism. Iodine is an oxidizer and iodide is an antioxidant; both forms should be taken. The power of iodine and iodide is seen over time. You can’t really take more than 500 mcg/day IMO.

    Have to strongly disagree with SilentWalker. The medical establishment is in complete chaos. Pharmaceutical companies are dictating what gets studied and which studies get green lighted. The majority of doctors don’t have the time, money, or even medical school training to know how dangerous food additives and pollution are. Doctors have become conditioned to basically become pharmacists for the most part. Malpratice suits also scare doctors into going with the flow. There’s a *huge* case of group think going on right now.

    The amazing thing is all the money that has been paid to doctors, and its just plain ordinary people who are changing medicine and figuring this stuff out. I threw my doctor’s phone number away 10 years ago.

  • Mommy2aka

    Loved the video — found it as I am a hard researcher on my own health issues (as the doctor’s have not figured out what is causing my SEVERE fatigue over the course of 20+ years). I have finally come to an assumption that my thyroid is acting up (though not detected on tests) and have decided to try an iodine regimen. What I read was that iodine can help with bacteria in the body so naturally I thought yay maybe it will help with my acne. Then researching iodine/acne I was like…oh no…. Until I found your video — THANK YOU…. I am definitely going to try out the regimen though at a low dose (no more than 300 mcgs daily) as I have common sense and know that high doses of ANYTHING is a BAD thing.

    My only question to you is what were the high dosages listed in the studies?? You never mentioned the dosage amounts and I am VERY VERY curious.


  • Reticuli

    Fascinating stuff. Bromine, Flouride, and Chlorine replacing iodine in the body. The symptoms of a lot of us appears to be low-level Bromism and related problems. It very well might be contributing to it. And yeah, the lit out there does say both hyper and hypo thyroid conditions are often a result of insufficient iodine.

  • Jessica

    As mentioned above, iodine is necessary for thyroid function, but very small quantities are needed. Adults usually only need 150 micrograms a day. It is necessary to make thyroxine, which is a hormone involved in growth and metabolism.

    People who are allergic to iodine-containing molecules may develop an acne-like rash. People with this allergy may also be allergic to shellfish, radiocontrast dye, and certain vaccinations, and should avoid iodine-containing multivitamins and medications. This is an important allergy to report to your physician.

    Topically, Iodine is a natural and potent antiseptic, used for preping surgical sites. Theoretically if it is effective against methicillin resistant staph, it should be effective against Propionibacterium acnes. It would be a poor choice of an acne treatment because it stains skin and fabrics dark brown and purple.

  • Pam

    very informative video. I myself made a discovery about iodine and acne recently. I do not feel that small normal amounts of iodine can cause or irritate regular acne. I had been taking kelp capsules for about 3 months now with no sign of acne or any side effects. I had bad acne as a teenager but was treated with accutane and my skin has been super clear ever since. I am now 35 years old and just found out i have a slow thyroid/hypothyroid and was not too low to be put on prescription medication so my dr recommended an iodine supplement like kelp. I still have a hard time losing weight due to slow metabolism from the hypothyroid disorder so i went online to research maybe other natural options for hypothyroidism. I came across a couple of drs that suggested a much larger dose of iodine/iodide combo. These doctors found with their research that the amount of iodine in salt and kelp capsules just is not enough to stimulate the thyroid. They both said it was safe to take a larger amount and that the human body could not be allergic to iodine since it is already in every cell of our body. So i purchased a supplement called iodine-plus 2. it is the same strength in iodoral but with added selenium and some other added mineral. I started taking the iodine plus 2 a little over 3 weeks ago and for the past week and a half i have been breaking out on my face. This does not feel like regular acne. This is painful, red, irritated acne almost like blisters but without the clear fluid. So I went online and found other sources that say that high amounts of oidine and iodide can cause an acne like rash called acneform! And then another source says it is a temporary side effect from the iodine pushing out toxins through the skin. I dont know if I can hande this horrible side effect. It hurts! Does anyone know how long this will last? Im not sure if i should stick it out or if the benifits will even outweigh this temporary side effect. I had a job interview today and I was very self concious about my skin, I hadn’t felt like that in years. Thank god my makeup covered it up well but I felt so uncomfortable wearing so much make-up. Help does anyone have any advice?

  • Debbie

    Very interestingly I used iodine in the form of Lugol’s solution (3 drops per day) for 14 days. I did have mild side effects which were actually detox symptoms. These included mild headaches after a couple of days, fatigue about 3-4 days into it and then acniform / bromide acne about 7-8 days into it. I was getting the type of acne you were talking about all over my arms, stomach, back, legs etc. I have never experienced acne in these areas and decided to do some research – mainly because I wanted to know how long the bromide/bromine detox would last.

    I found a few sites recommending that to speed up the bromine detox take 1/4 teaspoon of celtic sea salt in warm water then repeat twice with 30-45 minute intervals. (iodine removes the bromine from your fat cells that are release into the bloodsteam – the salt will bind with bromine and be removed via urination). I tried this and the next morning after a sleep I noticed it had a faded a little but a couple of days later it is still there. Another website advised that because the body is detoxing the heavy minerals out of the body (via using iodine) give your kidneys a rest for 48 hours. I found I actually had deeper sleeps when taking iodine. I haven’t had sleeps like that since I was a child. (I’m 30)

    From what I have researched if you want to lessen the detox symptoms ie. all over body acne – don’t take iodine daily in the initial stages. Maybe a drop a day for a 4-5 days and then have a rest for 3 days, do the celtic salt on the iodine days maybe a few days in, drink plenty of water and make sure you get your RDI of zinc intake and Vitamin C and selenium (make sure you don’t overtake these minerals). As much as I hate the acne, I guess there is a positive out of it, the body is detoxing.Sometimes things get worse before they get better.

    since bromine was introduced in our breads/softdrinks etc, breast cancer has trebled since the 1950s. Apparently iodine can reduce the risk greatly. Cervical cancer can be avoided and your spirits are lifted by taking it. Especially in midly depressed people.

    Okay I’m getting off the beaten track but yet I do believe that iodine does cause acne break out in the initial stages. I believe that each individual would need to ascertain with themselves how much iodine to take. We all differ. Also it probably wouldn’t hurt to carry out a detox before introducing iodine supplementation. Colon, Kidney and Liver Detox in that order. Very important. Need to ensure the lower cleansing systems are functioning to their optimum before removing heavy metals from the liver which iodine also does.

    Good luck and great video.

  • Debbie

    Also I forgot to mention, like Pam, I would like to also find out how long the bromine/acniform will last. My clear skin is now riddles with red patches of it and I too would like to know when it will go away.

  • Beth

    My niece has had some interesting experiences with iodine/acne/PCOS. Her freshman year in college she was diagnosed with PCOS. She had insulin resistance, fatigue, depression, weight gain, and a horrible case of acne. Traditional doctors treated symptoms but gave her little hope of change. She was playing a college sport, eating very little, extremely tired and gaining wt. no matter how hard she tried to restrict her diet. In desperation I asked her to see a naturopathic nurse in our area who does individual assessments and allergy elimination treatments using the NAET method. (See NAET.com for more info.) The practitioner found her to be allergic to iodine, meaning that her body was not absorbing it. She treated her for the allergy and then was able to begin supplementing with iodine drops. Her body was so starved for it that she took more than a usual dose at first. The first improvement she noted was almost immediate relief from severe constipation. In the weeks that followed her energy improved and depression lifted. In the months that followed that she was able to lose 30 lbs and her skin cleared dramatically. It’s not perfect, but more in the normal category (and prior to this intervention it was the worst case I had ever seen.)

    The reason I share her story is that a person can have an allergy to iodine that basically means the body is not absorbing it. Her body was starved for it but supplementing before removing the allergy would not have helped and maybe made it worse. This treatment is considered “alternative” but it is non-invasive and it really worked for her. I would certainly recommend looking into NAET practitioners in your area if your problem was anything like hers. I hope this could help someone else…

  • Stephany

    My son uses providone Iodine and wipes it over his acne. He is a teenager. After about 2 days, most of the acne is gone. He is a highly active athlete. After a bit, the acne comes back but then he just dabs the providone iodine on the zit after he washes gently.

    he does this at night. The stuff dries on his skin pretty fast. In the Am, he just rinses it off.

    He stopped doing this for about a year because I was afraid that he was using iodine too often. His face went back on blast.

    Now, he does a salicid acid 30% for about 4 min, then he rinses, wipes with witch hazel, and then dabs iodine on the zits.

    seems to have gotten his face under control pretty fast.

    He’s a health nut about eating and he takes a multivitamin formulated for teen boys.

    No iodine issues.

  • dawn

    From what I researched, and experienced. Iodine doesn’t cause acne, however Bromine (which is usually a trace mineral) found in Kelp does cause acne.
    After I stopped eating Kelp I stopped getting acne.
    (I smoke, eat kinda unhealthy, but keep a good personal hygiene).

  • Mark

    Awesome video, I always notice that I get acne after iodine but it seems to be a different form. I quit eating grains recently, perhaps avoiding bromine from wheat products and soda will be beneficial. There is no way I would avoid getting the RDA amount of iodine– low thryoid hormone levels suck.