16 Responses to “Humidity & Acne”


    hahaaa funny video 🙂

    I was thinking the same about humidity and acne…… could it also be because the sun dries out your skin and then tricks it into producing more oil? or maybe becasue you sweat more? IDK

    Humidity sucks :'(

    Great video guys……kepp it UPPP^^^^^

  • kyle k

    for some reason It always seems like my skin clears better in the summer when it is humid and breaks out more in the winter when there is no humidity.

  • TheRealme2008 Not Imposter Realme Says

    Nice serious music at the beginning. lol.I love how someone is spraying you while you are trying to keep a serious face. I think ur theory that the sun causes skin to produce more oil sounds really true. It seems like every time I stay out in the sun for a long period of time my skin does produce more oil. Sometimes a lot more, and that would likely clog my pores too.

  • haseeb

    Hi dan, In your recent blog you said that you would be answering questions on a weekly basis, and I hope you answer this one. I am going to start applying aha, but how much of it should I use. A thin layer? or a lot of it?

  • Stian

    Hi Dan,
    I have to agree with “kyle k”.

    The summer is the best part of the year for me, because thats the only time where my skin clears up almost completely. Then, when the winter comes, I get new zits and stuff. I hate the winter for that. really. The summer is the only thing that actualy works for me :S

  • Janis

    I agree with kyle k too.

    I think the humidity prevents your skin from getting too dry…thereby preventing the production of excessive oil.
    Summer (and tropical regions) might be bad for some people because of the HEAT + the SUN + the HUMIDITY + the SWEAT.

    I think humidity by itself is good for acne prevention!

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