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  • erik

    AHA- if i shave anywhere before when i put on AHA (even within a couple hrs, it seems), the AHA stings like a MOTHER****** on my face. yeow!!

  • erik

    oh, and any update or additional info on the upcoming spot treatment? you were pretty vague when you gave us the original news.

  • JJ

    Question: Is it really safe to be using so much Benzoyl Peroxide on our face for many years?

    By the way, +1 for an iPhone app with acne news!

  • Daniel (intern)

    JJ: I’ve seen Dan’s skin in person. And he has really great skin even after many, many years of BP usage. I highly doubt that benzoyl peroxide has any negative effects, except on rats with susceptibility of developing tumors. : P

  • Richard

    dan, everytime i do the regimen, i make sure my skin is moisturized very well before going out, but how come everytime i wake up in the morning, my face seems alot drier? it only seems to happen when i sleep and wake up. this also happens when i take naps in the middle of the day also but never when im awake the whole day?

  • Anonymous


    As for when your sleep at night….

    I think your skin in general (not just face) gets slightly dehydrated when you sleep and dries up a little bit. I’m not an expert, but that’s my understanding.

  • Realme2008

    That sucks that using the A.H.A. during the day, and benzoyl peroxide at night didn’t work. Maybe you will come up with something else great that will work in the future. I know you will.

  • jo the girl


  • lee

    give info on the upcoming spot treatment!! try to get it out asap please. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Frank

    hey dan im apply bp everyday and my head on my hairline is itchin like crazy, is it the bp?

  • D

    Dan how can you judge progress of whether AHA is working or not? What results should one expect to see realistically?

    Does 10% AHA give the same results as AHA chemical peels done by dermatologists?

  • Joy

    Hello. In response to the AHA not stinging from the video … sometimes I notice that if I apply it immediately after my moisturizer or even my BP without letting it fully dry it does not sting. If, however, I let it dry (as you’re supposed to) then I do, in fact, feel a major sting for about 15 minutes. Not sure why but I like to know it’s working so I try to wait for dry skin and the sting. Either way my skin is so much better since using Dan’s regimen! Amazing.

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