9 Responses to “Answering your questions with Pez!”

  • c'est la vigne

    Great. Now I’m gonna have to find refills for my Batman Pez dispenser. I CRAVE PEZZZZZZZZ.

  • Stanley

    You should address ingrown hairs on your site. The irritation from ingrown hairs often causes acne for me but I have no idea how to prevent or treat them.

  • Filipe

    I break out only on my forehead, but I don’t use any hair products, except shampoo. what else could it be?

  • veda

    Dan, I started the regimen about 3 weeks ago and my face has been flaking ever since last week. My face has cleared up,but my face is really dry and flaky. I use 10% BP instead of 2.5% BP. Could that be the problem?

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