Links to Trac II Plus handles:
Here, here, or here. (Note: the Bump Fighter handle just happens to fit Trac II Plus cartridges. I didn’t like the Bump Fighter cartridges, though.)


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  • Realme2008

    That’s our Dan always trying to give us the best options and products out! πŸ™‚

  • Dave

    This is good to know in case Sensor Excel is harder to find.

  • D

    Dan have you heard of the “Rolling Razor” it is a unique design that’s is different from all the traditional straight handle razors. The idea was to reduce pressure on the face to eliminate razor bumps and irritation.

    I wonder what you would say about it for acne face.

  • jo the girl

    great info dan, i love you dan!

  • john

    wats up guys

    ill mentioned this before but never got no intterest in it but would just like to throw this idea to dan about making A SHAVING FOAM/GEL . am sure loys of guys would buy it as the foam.gel would b maded with acne in mind. i have tryed all kinds of foams/gels and they all still seem to break me out around the beard area


  • 401

    Dan’s cleanser doubles up as a shaving gel – it makes a good lather for shaving

  • Dave

    Hi there,

    I stumbled across this website while Googling the Gillette tract 2. This know this post is a bit dated, but here it goes. I suffer from acne rosacea, and also happen to be passionate about shaving. For years I went the whole Gillette multi-blade route, but about 4 years ago I had a eureka moment when I discovered traditional wet shaving. I’m talking about proper shaving creams (none of this can gloop), badger brushes, and the wonderful safety razor (double edge, DE), that our fathers and grandfathers used. I am getting shaves that are so comfortable, that I look forward to them every morning! I hope this is a help to someone out there; it changed a part of my life. Take care.

  • Carolette

    I do not know how I found this site πŸ™‚ …(just surfing the net). But I shea butter is a good alternative to acne scaring. I have used it for years althought it is hard to find. You can learn more at link edited out. I hope this helps!

  • Hassan

    I am still trying to find an alternative to reducing razor bumps. I am a black male and I am suffering from crazy razor bumps…And yes, I tried the Trac razor. Does anyone know any product that can help?

  • Carolette

    Hassan – Try razor products that have shea butter in them ! It may help