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  • Voce

    Larenim mineral makeup. Foundation & blush – lightweight powders. Doesn’t clog the pores, doesn’t break me out. Feels light on the skin. The founder of Larenim had acne, & the product was borne from her search for something that wouldn’t aggravate her skin.

  • Realme2008

    Oh, yeah I use Almay makeup all the time Dan! I’m in love with the stuff!!! Nice acne.org product too in the background 🙂

  • Smiley :)

    I use Bare Minerals, it is non-greasy, light, great coverage, takes care of redness, doesnt irritate my skin and feels light on my face. I would def. recommend it!

  • bubbles577

    I use Bare Minerals and I find that it works just as well as almay. It doesn’t clog your pores, and it gives you the full coverage look without being heavy or goopy. It’s a sheer powder and is very easy to apply. It is also safe to fall asleep if you don’t get a chance to wash your face. It is very worth the purchase; one container lasts a good 6-8 months.

  • monkey1

    Bare Minerals does not work for me. It’s foundation powder has a sheen to it and it makes my skin look shiny and oily. Also, it contains bismuth oxychloride, which can irriate the skin. I use Prescriptives make up. I have the flawless powder which has SPF and is non-comedogenic. However, the Prescriptives concealer I use is only non-acnegenic, not non-comedogenic. Any news on the Prescriptives brand, Dan?

  • senshiminako

    i love mineral makeup currently i use everyday minerals. But the biggest thing to remember with makeup is to clean your brushes, sponges, applicators w/e you use to apply the makeup daily. A clean brush means clear skin! No matter how great the formulation if your tools are dirty then your asking for breakouts.

  • Je Suis Mee

    I used to use MAC studio fix before the regimen–but am pretty convinced that MAC is just awful for acne prone skin, then tried bare minerals after getting clear on the regimen, only to get random zits after using–then found out that it contained bismuth oxychloride which was breaking me out. I am now using Everyday Minerals and I am in LOVE!! no breakouts!! YAY!! def a company you should look into! Thanks for being so awesome Dan!!!

  • Katie

    I agree that MAC is awful for your skin, I’ve had nothing but problems with their foundations. I currently use Physicians Formula Gentle Cover concealer stick and Jane Ireldale mineral pressed powder. That combination provides awesome coverage and from what I can tell both are pretty good for your skin. And I like that I can do a couple layers over darker spots and it still looks quite natural.

  • Marti

    I’ve been using Loreal Tru Minerals on and off for almost 3 years now, no matter what I switch to, I always come back to it. I’ve used the almay clean skin brand, and that it is actually what turned me on to acne.org – it felt like my face was on fire there were so many pimples.
    I find Loreal has good coverage – light if you want and heavier if you apply more – and as long as you’re not heavy handed, it doesnt look like a mask. Also I’ve found using mineral makeups dont make the BP ball up – because you’re not dragging your fingers across your face.
    Hope this helps someone!

  • Lexie

    I’ve tried them all! Merle Norman Powder base foundation has been the best for me. Long-wearing, has zinc oxide so it helps keep you clear, and provides opaque coverage for flaws, birthmarks and scars. Medium to maximum coverage. Moist finish. It’s about $15 and it last a long time.

  • admin

    An additional thing I love about Almay Smart Shade is that it has spf 15, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. And it doesn’t irritate my skin like some foundations do. For instance, Bare Minerals itched badly and resulted in breakouts for me. And some other foundations actually burn when they go on.
    I’ve never had any issues with Almay.

  • lexi

    I use Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup. I went to a department store and told the woman about my skin and she gave me that kind. it works well, and isnt orange. I’ve tried Bare Minerals, and it made me look so orange, but I love this Clinique because it covers really well and is the perfect color. I got it right when i started Dan’s Regimen and I’ve had great results so yeah im happy!

  • Bobbi

    I have my daughter using bare essentials (bare minerals). it doesn’t seem to irritate her skin but would really love your expert in put
    Thank you

  • Sharpy

    I cannot use liquid makeup while on the DKRegimen–it balls up.
    That’s when I started using mineral makeup–haven’t had ANY problems with breakouts.

    Right now I’m using Meow Cosmetics mineral makeup.
    Ingredients: Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Iron Oxides

    For drugstore makeup, I’ve used L’oreal’s Bare Natural Mineral Makeup and have had no problems w/ breakouts.

  • Haley

    The only make up that has ever worked well with my skin (and actually, to be honest, made breakouts better) is Jane Iredale mineral make up. It’s absolutely amazing. It covers breakouts very well and it doesn’t look unnatural and it’s easy to wash off. I also have pretty sensitive skin and this make up feels good and light on my skin as where other make ups I have tried irritated my skin. It is very important to clean brushes and other applicators regularly with any make up though.

  • Alex

    Are those future/test products in the background??? Haha.

  • jade

    Everyday minerals is the only make up that has never broke me out. It’s cheap and it looks absolutely perfect if applied correctly.

  • Emma

    I use Bare Minerals also and I LOVE it! It’s light and sheer so it doesn’t clog your pores and you can use it as a concealer also. You only need a tiny amount to cover up any red marks you may have and one container will last you months and months. I am so happy with it.

  • Andrea

    What is the best way to apply Almay smart shade? With the fingertips or a clean foundation brush?

  • JJ

    Dr. Perricone has a makeup called Pore Refining Concealer that is great.

  • Sandy

    I have used Almay Smart Shade for several months. It is a very light and non irritating make-up. I use Maybelline mineral powder as additional coverage for those needed areas when necessary. Use a clean brush for the minerals and lighty apply. Both are inexpensive and do just as good a job as more expensive products. I use my fingertips for the Almay because a sponge is waistful. Using a brush is a technique that I believe is difficult to become adept at. Always make sure you wash hands before applying.

  • Andrea

    I just went to Target to check out this Almay smart shade makeup. Almay has a new product out called Pure Blends. I liked this one because it didn’t have any parabens or talc in it. Anyone used this product?

  • Wynne

    I like Everyday Minerals but those sensitive to mica won’t be able to tolerate it. Physician’s Formula is also nice to me. 🙂

  • Christy

    Almay had a mineral makeup that I absolutely loved (despite the horrible brush-tube packaging) but unfortunately they discontinued it. I’m hoping they’ll come out with another version for the Pure Blends line. Until then, I’m trying out Everyday Minerals which is the best I have found so far (thanks to the message boards).

  • Monica

    I use Bobbi Brown makeup. I find that these products don’t clog my pores and cover up zits very well.

  • Anonymous

    Lily Lolo mineral makeup for those based in the uk is awesome and seems to work just fine alongside the regimen – have to make sure face is 100% dry from moisturiser before applying though! xx

  • Anonymous

    Clinique Perfectly Real Make Up is the best.

  • s

    I agree the almay smart shade is really gentle – and they’re a great company because they do not test on animals the way so many other cosmetics companies do.
    have just started using everyday minerals though after reading so much about it on the boards, and it feels so light and lovely! hopefully it will work well for me
    thanks for the video and fab site Dan!

  • Tarha

    I like the Physician’s Formula Makeup. I use their mineral make-up to provide light/med coverage for everyday wear (like at work). They also have a decent liquid foundation that I’ll use for special occasions. I like it because it’s specifically made for sensative skin. They don’t put a bunch of junk in it. And, you can find at just about any drugstore. My only problem with it is that it rubs off, but so does every other type of makeup I use. I’m thinking it’s because my skin is VERY VERY oily. My skin gets so oily sometime that I would probably be able to fry chicken on it!

  • emma

    i have tried just about every makeup possible and the best by far and clears up my skin but it cost a arm and a leg is La priaire caviar foundation

  • Anonymous

    I use Bare Minerals and I have severe acne. I love it! It never makes me breakout and I can control rather I have sheer coverage or a more full coverage. It’s perfect.

  • Mia

    I went to Sephora the other day and I explained how, I am Acne prone so they suggested CoverFX, it’s awsome!! It hasn’t made me brake out and it also assists on calming and healing your skin at the same time. It also has SPF 30. I suggest you go try it out, you can always go back and return the make up even after you have tried it for a month! I have tried MAC and Bare minerals and they both made me brake out.
    I have very senstitive skin where I would even get cysts and papules!! UGHH!
    Thank you SOOOOOOOO MUCH Dan for putting up this site, you were the answer I was looking for!
    By the way your regimen has worked WONDERS for me.

  • Beth

    I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer with the Regimen (Olay SPF15 during day). It’s labeled as a Retinol Treatment/SPF 20 Moisturizer/Sheer tint. I like that it is sheerer than foundation but just enough to cover some discoloration and the color is very natural. My skin has cleared up a lot on the regimen but I’m still having a few blemishes from time to time. I would be interested in knowing if retinol is not good to use? And does the SPF 20 interact with the SPF 15 in the Olay? Thank you for great products.

  • English_Rose

    UK acne sufferer, age 32, always in search of the perfect make-up!

    My top 5 foundations are:
    Estee Lauder Double Wear
    Clinique Even Better
    Vichy NormaTeint
    Vichy Dermablend
    Smashbox Halo

    my favourite concealers:
    Vichy Dermablend Skin Concealer
    Amazing Cosmetcs

  • ClearSkiniscoming

    I use Prescriptives mineral makeup, great covverage and I have not broken out from it. I can see the regimen working well already and it’sn only been 2 weeks! I am so happy, who would have thought!

  • Mizz

    I haven’t been wearing makeup cuz of my acne but since I am clear after going on the regimen, I am thinking of starting to wear some again. BUT the big question (to me) is, what’s the best way of removing make up at the end of the day? Dan, you emphasize the importance of NOT overwashing but how can make up be removed without doing so? What’s the best way to remove make up without irritating your skin? Can Dan’s cleanser remove let’s say Almay foundation completely?

  • Liz

    Almay smart shade??? My only concern is that I don’t think its oil free, so I purchased Almay Clear Complexion ( I haven’t tried it yet so we’ll see). I have tried Bare Minerals twice in my life and it broke me out both times. As for powders and blushes, Physicians Formula is my favorite.

  • Carinne


    Check out Umbrian Clay Freshface Foundation SPF 20 . It is amazing! It is kind of pricey but it is worth every penny. It does not make you brake out, looks natural and does not clump or have that fake tint appearance that most foundations have.

    I started using this after my face cleared up from your regiment. It actually has made my skin healthier with its moisturizing ingredients!

    What it is formulated WITHOUT:
    – Parabens
    – Sulfates
    – Synthetic Fragrances
    – Synthetic Dyes
    – Phthalates

  • Kasia

    I am so suprised that only one person has mentioned Cover FX. And as till today i have no seen it mentioned on this site, and i visit frequently! I ABSOLUTELEY LOVE this stuff. i dont know what i would wear if this didnt egsist. I have incredible acne prone skin, ive had acne since grade 4 and am now in my 4th year university. This past year i have finaly found products that work for my horribly oily skin. This makeup was something that saved my skin in teh winter, when it is generally the WORST. Cover FX was designed by a dermatologist who needed something for 1st degree burn patients. Anyways here’s the deal, they have I think 60 shades, if not more. The women at the counter at shopers drug mart will tell you to buy the cream foundation because it covers well, BUT DON’T BE TEMPTED! I have fallen victim and this is way to thick for our skin. Despite the fact that u only have to put on the THINEST layer for it to look good, this is still not good for all those suffering from oily skin. Their web site recommends the water based foundation for acne skin. The coverage is amazing and it actually IMPROVED my winter skin. Their silicone based makeup remover is soooooooo gentle and I believe it had also improved my skin. You must obviously clean ur face afterwards with a face cleaner but it removes makeup so gently. I have even used this makeup remover to take off water proof makeup from vichy, which by the way is drying to my skin and only makes me break out. I also love the Cover FX minerals. This is the only company where I have been able to find my exact makeup shade, in all their different types of cosmetic products. I HIGHLY recommend it. I also recommend useing jojoba oil for acneic oily skin. It works wonders bc its not an oil its an ester wax. Read up on the review section. I HIGHLY recommend both, and ive struggled with genetic oily HORRIFIC acne my whole life, and Im acne free.

  • Michelle S.

    Hey, Dan! I’m so glad you’re looking into makeup lately. I have severe scarring and hyperpigmentation from years of cystic and nodular acne and the only foundation that has good enough coverage (while not breaking me out) is Revlon Colorstay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin. My skin is super-oily and this lasts all day. It is the only thing that brings backs even a fraction of the confidence I had pre-acne. Thanks for all you do!

  • Angeline

    Hey Dan, this video was great and I’m happy you’re giving us info about makeup too cause it is very helpful. However I wanted to share some of the makeup I had been using and has worked very well with me.Okay, so to start off I always make sure that the makeup I buy is non-comedogenic, oil-free, and fragrance-free. So, i thought about mineral makeup which obviously just by the name of it sounds healthy (though some are actually really bad)so I tried Mary-Kay’s mineral foundation and fell in love with it only to find out about 3 days later that it was causing me huge outbreaks. So i switched to Maybelline Mineral power liquid foundation including their concealer. I must say these products are just the best ever. They don’t clog my pores or cause new outbreaks on my skin. I also used Loreal’s true match pressed powder and it hasn’t caused any outbreaks on me either. Plus, it leaves my skin looking matte which is really nice. =D

  • Autumn

    I used mineral makeup for a while but it just made me look cakey and gross. I finally found something called The Present Clear Makeup by Philosophy. Its a primer that does not clog your pores at all. Its made for sensitive problem skin and it acts like a shield against makeup, dirt and enviornmental things. Its really great. Ever since i started using it about 1 month ago i have not had a single breakout. Infact my skin look amazing. I’m still on the DKregimen and I follow it pretty religiously but I use the present clear makeup instead of a moisturizer in the morning and not only does it help keep my skin clear but it helps my makeup to stay put and look fresh all day. I’m also using Makeup forever foundation. Its a really light formula that gives really nice coverage and doesn’t break me out. I clean my brushes with sephora’s antibacterial brush cleaner everyday!

  • Stacey

    I’ve been using DHC Q10 Cream foundation (dhccare.com) for a couple of years now. It doesn’t irritate my skin or cause breakouts, and it’s one of the only things I’ve tried that actually covers all the hyperpigmentation and other scars. My sister watched me put on makeup one day and was marveling at the before and after transformation. Most people don’t even know that I have moderate acne because I’m able to cover it up with this product. If your skin is new to BP and still flaking badly, any cream foundation will stick to the flakes and make them even more noticeable. I recommend waiting for your skin to acclimate to BP before trying. Another product that I love, love, love is ColorScience Sunforgettable mineral powder with SPF 30. My dermatologist turned me on to this. Beautiful airbrushed coverage that matches my skin perfectly, and SPF without adding even more cream to my face.

  • Saree

    I have very sensitive skin, moderate to severe, that is easily irritated! Oily/dry combination skin. Can’t do mineral powder makeup, nor MAC. Dermablend Smooth Indulgence Foundation has worked the best for me over the past few years. Dermablend used to have foundation especially for acne, which included Salicylic Acid, however it seems to have been discontinued. It was basically waterproof! Oh well… While costly, I find that Christian Dior foundations and concealers work well and look natural while providing good coverage and not weighing heavily down on the skin. Pore size appears significantly smaller, and does not break me out.

  • Katelin

    I am so glad Haley mentioned Jane Iredale mineral cosmetics! I have worked with the particular brand for about 3 yrs now. It was developed by an MD/makeup artist who’s patients where complaining about their skin after microdermabrasions, peels, and laser treatments. Ingredients are all natural including willow bark and aloe vera. If you do any research on Jane Iredale, you will find that it is called a “skin care make up” This is because it literally will help heal your skin. I have many clients with acne, hyper pigmentation, and rosacea who swear by it. Now, this alone will not clear up acne! But it will soothe your skin and even it out and of course, prevent breakouts 🙂 I will never use anything else on my face! Dan, please look into this makeup for the ladies! It;s such a wonderful product!

  • tina h

    I.D. Bare minerals, the original mineral make up, it’s just fantastic! I’ve been using it for a few years, and my skin has improved.

    I have had (adult) acne for almost 25 years, and allways used concealers and foundations, trying to cover up my bad skin.

    Now, i use I.D. as a concealer where needed, and just a light touch on the rest of my face, using different brushes.
    It feels and looks so natural, the powder melts on your skin without the sticky feeling you often get from creams.
    It’s easy to mix two or more shades for the perfect skin tone, and the powder lasts for a very long time.

    Just remember to clean the brushes!

  • Dani

    Bare Minerals made me break out and actually, even though I like Everyday Minerals, I had a similar breakout/reaction with it. I love mineral makeup, I just think I can’t use it.
    I’m in search of a new make up … Clinique’s “city stick’ has worked well for spot treatment. It covers well and is very light & blendable. I just need full coverage now :/

  • Jenny

    jane iredale pressed powder works for me! i use warm sienna (yellow tone) since i have acne scars (red) and still light acne.

    so i use… aveeno calm foam cleanser, i recently added olay refreshing toner, bp, olay complete lotion for sensitive skin, and then pressed powder (for more coverage, add disappear concealer or loose powder mix with water or lotion), and burts bees herb blemish stick for spot treatment.

    i’ve used bare mineral before… it’s really shiny and natural looking, but it was hard for me to match the color, and it made my pores very noticeable.

  • kim

    I have been using Prescriptives Virtual Skin spf10 for many years. I have tried most of the others, including Almay, but alway come back to Prescriptives. Virtual Skin goes on very sheer and natural. It’s oil free also. I just ordered the regimen today and I am so excited to get it and try it! Will post again once I see results.

  • Crystal

    I like to use L’oreal Mousse Light in color for my red spots, even when they are scabby. After that, I put on blush all over, which evens out my skin tone. It only hides the little bumps, if you have a huge scab you have to fess up to it most of the time. In the past I had a light green colored powder which was meant to counter act the red color. You can give it a try. I;d rather have clear skin with no make up then bad skin with makeup. But there’s nothing worse than no make up and bad skin!

  • Julia

    I like using Mineral Wear mineral make up. It’s inexpensive as good make-ups go and you can usually get it at Walgreens or the local drug store. What I like best about it is that it gives the look of full coverage, but it’s VERY light wear. If I end up at a party and can’t (or forget :P) to wash my face, I know that if I wash my face the very next day I should be fine if I fall asleep wearing it. The best part about Mineral Wear is that it’s formulated specifically for sensitive, acne prone skin (Physician’s Formula) and that it can last for several months with daily use. As a bonus, you don’t have to touch it up during the day– one application is usually enough for me, and I have very oily skin. My acne is moderate-severe (although getting ever better with the regimen, thank god) and Mineral Wear covers it the best while irritating my skin the least.

  • rockmi

    Youngblood. one of the best quality minerals available. gorgeous pigments. the coverage can range from light to heavy depending on what you are looking for.

  • shel

    make up for ever makes an AMAZING concealer..its full coverage extreme camouflage cream and it covers ANYTHING. i dont even need foundation sometimes when i use it. and the best part? its oil free, non-comdegenic AND waterproof so it lasts ALLL day with no need for touch ups or anything. also presciptives anywear powder foundation is great too!

  • Tashanna

    I love Bare Escentuals. Powder concealer is non-clogging, oil-free, all natural and looks natural. Also, you apply it with a brush so you’re not touching your face, just clean the brushes regularly with soap and warm water. I like Bare Escentuals in particular because it gives me full coverage without looking like I have make-up on at all. I think my skin LIKES it.

  • Lisa(lab120178

    I have a few favorites. I use Clinique superfit and I love it, along with clinique’s quick corrector, but I have also recently tried Clinique’s new mineral powder foundation with the shaver. It’s not as much coverage as superfit, but I love it. I am also a huge fan of Sheer cover. My husband said it looks the most natural and I say it has amazing coverage. I have light to moderate acne. Mostley self induced, ugh. I have purpleish and redish marks where old acne hasn’t completely healed or scarred. None of the make up above breaks me out. I keep hearing rave reviews about color stay though. I’d like to give it a try. 🙂

  • jenny

    I have tried your regimen and it works soooo well!! It really helped clear up my skin and now it looks so much better. I went without makeup for a while and then was lost as to what to use. A friend of mine told me about Earth Goddess Minerals. They are a vegan line of makeup I’m vegan so that was a plus, I love the makeup! The foundation is awesome and does not make me breakout and it looks so natural and covers. they are online too which i like I don’t have time to go out looking for makeup.

  • Kristina

    Bare Minerals is what really worked for me. It is a line of mineral make-up and is fantastic. I’ve been using it ever since my mother introduced it to me 4 years ago. My skin has greatly improved and my acne is 10 times better than before. I used to have severe acne and it was very embarrassing. I used the Bare Minerals and within a year my acne decreased dramatically. I am very busy and don’t have a lot of time to worry about my make-up. Bare Minerals is so easy to put on and doesn’t take very long. The best part is when I have a long day and go right in to bed, the make-up doesn’t make my skin break out the next morning.
    Bare Minerals gives me a glow that lasts the entire day.
    You can order it online, over the phone, or in make-up stores like Sephora.

  • becky

    ***www.sheer-minerals.com *** Unlike bare minerals and sheer cover this makeup does not contain bismuth oxychloride, talc, or any other pore clogging fillers. Check out their website, they compare their ingredients to those of the most popular brands and you’ll find with more research the most popular brands that claim to be all natural still contain unnatural fillers. Click on the Mineral Info tab and they not only list the ingredients in the makeup, but what they’re for. They also list the harmful ingredients other mineral makeup contains and why it’s harmful to your skin. I recently purchased a kit and I love it!!!

  • Sarah

    Thanks Dan for this video!! I really do like Almay products and I think I will switch back…I had been using Bare Minerals for the last 6 months but recently stopped. I don’t know what made me start using Bare Minerals..I think I got sucked into the infomercial! My skin was really good before I switched, but about 3 months after using Bare Minerals powder I started to get tiny bumps, tons of clogged pores all over my face. After starting the regimen, I saw things improve to almost back to where I started. I also noticed the days that I did wear makeup my skin was very sensitive and itchy and days I didn’t my skin felt great…so, I stopped wearing makeup (despite my dread of going out bare-faced) Lately I’ve switched to physicians formula cover up which seems okay. Hopefully everything will clear up soon!

  • Medusagorgonia

    Maybe you could formulate a Make Up Base especially for Acne.org ?

  • canadian girl

    I use L’Oreal True Match foundation. It is oil free and contains SPF 17!! It is light and easily blendable giving a very natual look!!!!

  • Estelle

    Hey it would be interesting to research the mineral make up and see if there is any truth in the rumours that ‘mica’ and ‘bismuth’ make acne worse. I use Bare Escentuals minerals and it makes my skin no worse than any other make up. I can’t live without foundation though I must admit so any advice and research in to make up is great as far as I am concerned.

  • allison

    hi, i have not started using the regimen yet because i just learned about it a minute ago, but i will because i can tell that you have done your research. i use maybelline pure makeup. it is supposed to be mostly water and oil free as well. i use because it is light weight, oil free, and it looks great on your face. please tell me if this product is a good one. i don’t really want to switch brands, but if it means clear skin i will in a heart beat. please please let me know.

  • Amira

    I use bare minerals in the summer and lancome teint idole.

    I think lancome is great bc it is also sheer and u can keep applying layers if you need full coverage or a small layer like dan said so you aren’t all caked on with makeup. ( its like a tint)

  • angel

    I believe the acne I’ve been dealing with for the past 10 years is due to the make up I use. I’ve switched to Almay and have been using salicylic acid every night and I am seeing lots of improvement. My skin is purging up crap that’s been their for years! I’m finally hopeful that I can get my old skin back. For years I used prespectives and most recently laura mercier and I became a master at covering every blemish so that it looked like I had perfect skin when I was made up. I love the coverage of those brands, but in hindsight, it makes sense that slopping makeup on your skin every day is not going to be good for it. Almay foundation is pretty good, not the best coverage in the world but as my skin improves, the foundation is going on better. Another added bonus is my skin is not as oily and I don’t need to touch it up my make up often. My goal is to not need make up at all one day. My strategy is to continue using salicylic acid, almay make up every day and to alternate BP and AHA at night. I’d love to try mineral make up but I hear too many horror stories how it doesn’t work for some people – that’s a risk I’m not willing to take. A second another commenter’s request that Dan research mineral make up! thanks for all that you do Dan!

  • Bordiod

    I use Bare Minderals. It doesnt give th ebest of coverage for full blown zits but works pretty well for covering scars. It takes lest tat 5 minutes for me to do all my makeup, including eye makeup so thats a plus. It also doesnt make me break out as bad as liquid make up

  • Kay

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned ORIGINS… i use the pressed powder and love it. gives me plenty of coverage.

  • Anonymous

    I use Proactiv Sheer Tint Moisturizer. It is a tinted moisturizer that provides base coverage and an overall even tone. After all of the products that I have tried this one fits my skin best. I have extremely sensitive acre prone skin.

  • caity

    I have the most amazing brand of makeup.. Ever! I have used it for years and it has never let me down, so hopefully it will work for other people if they decide to try it based on this comment. It is Bear Minerals-mineral wear. It is a vitamin enriched POWDER thats goes on like a second layer of skin. When applied with the included brush and then patting over your face with a tissue when you are done, you cant tell that you even have make up on! Though i am not sure that it is “regimen approved”, it works great!

  • caity

    Wow, right after I posted this, I found a bunch of other people saying how bad bear minerals is on the message board…… WELL I LIKE IT! It doesn’t clog my pores if I cleanse my face every night and it did not effect my acne because I already had it before I started using the make up.
    –p.s. I have not started the regimen yet because I
    haven’t ordered my acne.org products yet

  • Danielle

    I started using Almay about 2 years ago, and I’ve had acne all my life, and could never find anything that would cover up and not make things worse! Almay helped sooo much! I still have acne(haven’t stared regimen yet) but my face doesn’t look irritated anymore, its no longer red in problem areas, its MUCH more even toned now. And it is light, no joke! I love this brand of make-up, and am relieved that I don’t haveto stop using it!!

  • Laura

    It’s all about mineral make-up. Honestly, I’ve been using maybelline mineral foundation and blush for the last two years and it’s never caused any problems. I use the liquid foundation and apply it with a triangle-shaped sponge. I use the three sides of the sponge two times each so that bacteria doesn’t accumulate and I never touch the sides of the sponge that I would touch my face with. The foundation gives me a fresh, dewy, healthy look and it offers amazing coverage. Next I apply the blush which is a loose powder. The blush goes on really easily and it sits really well on top of the foundation. After that, I use covergirl powder to set it all. You know, the one in the green case? This keeps my face looking fresh all day. So basically, you really don’t need to spend alot of money on make-up products for them to work. I honeslty don’t see myself changing products. Another tip is to wash your make-up brushes regularly. Like once a month. I use johnson’s baby wash. It is gentle enough and it really breaks down the make-up that gets stuck in the brushes. If not, you’re just touching your face with nasty brushes.

  • Susan

    I have oily, acne prone, sensitive skin with scarring. I have to be especially careful what I put on my face, so I’ve been using Loreal’s powder mineral foundation on top of their liquid True Match foundation. I would call it an everyday staple; a good quality drug store product. It provides medium buildable coverage which leaves a slight glow to my skin.. kinda like a powdered pearl effect. It also lets your face breathe and the colour matches well. The mineral foundation comes with a built in brush, but this brush is quite harsh and scratches my skin. I use a buff brush to apply the product instead. I recently bought the CoverFX creme foundation to use as a concealer although I found that it broke me out a little. VERY good coverage but use only on occasion. When I go out on the weekend where I know that pictures will be taken, I use Dior’s Skin Flash. Its a aerosol spray can that leaves a perfectly airbrushed finish on your skin. I absolutely love this foundation! Its especially good on a summer day when you don’t want to feel like you have a dewy mask on your face. The spray foundation dries on your face to after say, 30 seconds, and feels like it isn’t even there.

  • Rachie

    I believe that maybelline pure makeup works well for skin, but its very difficult for me to find my shade, physicians formula again was good for skin but did not carry my shade, true match by loreal is amazing with shades annd makes it soo easy to find wich is yours!! It if anything has made my face less red and inflamed and decreased oil, it is very natural looking, and we all know that the last thing we want is another thing for people to stare at. I fully recommend this product, just be careful because the powder is a bit darker than the foundation, you might want to go a shade lighter. you wont be dissapointed

  • Jessica

    As far as mineral makeup goes, which everyone is raving about nowadays; I prefer the loose powder mineral foundation from The Body Shop. With this loose powder, it’s almost sheer, so by adding in layers, you can control how much coverage you need or want. It never looks cakey on me, and even on my worst breakout days, it still gives my skin a smooth appearance. I’m interested to know how you feel about this particular brand of mineral/powder makeup. I much prefer it over any liquid foundations.

  • Becky

    KmS Minerals Makeup. Is that any good? I’ve been doing research on it, but I’m still shaky about it.

  • Emma

    I wear a whole lotta makeup; always have done, always will.

    My acne history is a long winded one, but lets’s simply say I’ve had two, 7 month rounds of high dose RoAccuatane treatment in two years. I’m now continually using Retin-A gel (0.01%) and a BP 5 gel.

    Throughout my various acne stages I have always used the same makeup – Estee Lauder foundation, concealer, loose powder, blusher, bronzer…. you name it, I tend to wear it.

    Have never found makeup to be a cause or irritant for my acne – I would just advise anyone wanting to keep up their face painting routine (!) to look for cosmetics that state they are non comedogenic.

    I’ve found that cheaper foundations aren’t great but Estee Lauder ones are beautiful and cater for all skin types.

    Hope this helps!

  • Katie

    My question is how to remove the makeup? Dan’s cleanser doesn’t take off my mascara or even my foundation. I’ve been using the Clean & Clear makeup remover, then starting the regimen. Does anyone know if this is okay?

  • Shannon

    I was having the same problem removing makeup. I use Neutrogena Eye makeup remover for my stubborn eye liner and mascara. It is SUPER gentle. As for my foundation, 2 things have worked for me. Neutrogena make up remover cloths. OR Acne.org’s Jojoba oil….it really is amazing stuff!! I put a few drops on a cotton pad and gently wipe my whole face, then do the regimen as you normally would. =)

  • Heather

    Hey Dan,

    I have alot of scarring and get frequent and annoying brekouts on face, but my cheeks the most. I’ve tried almost evrything imagineable when it comes to claering my stubborn acne. I’ve tried minocycline, tetracycline, benzaclyne, differen, apple diets, natural cures, clean and clear, and just alot more…. But my dermatologist just said that he wanted to put me on Accutane. I wash my face ever night and every morning with Nuetrogena make remover, then I use Olay facial moisturizer. So I was wondering, Is it “okay” to wear foundation while on Accutane? And if so, is there another foundation besides Almay that has FULL coverage and doesnt feel caked or make skin dry?I’ve always been wanting to get my hands on a makeup that covers evrything up- without making my skin look “caked”. I’ve actually been using Covergirl Trumatch, because its the ONLY thing I’ve found to cover all the scarring, inflamation, and red pimples. But the only thing is, is that it DOES feel caked, and my face looks aweful and caked and over-covereed when I’m outside or uder fluersent lighting. Is there a makeup that will appear more natural?
    Thanxxx 🙂

  • rebecca

    the video was just alright bit if you are going to give advise on makeup then you should show what it looks like on the skin and go into more detail. disappointing i thought i would learn more and could of been talked into buying some make up if you explained more about the product.

  • KKskittles

    I have acne that comes and goes, so make up for me is really important. It has to be able to cover up acne spots when it needs to, but also be a good make up when my skin is clear that won’t make it break out again. I used L’OREAL True Match Powder for a while and HATED it. It made my skin really oily (which it usually isn’t) and it caused nasty break outs. I now use Almay clear complexion pressed powder. Not only does it hide acne spots, but it heals them. My zits have been disappearing only after 1 or 2 days of appearing. I love this product

  • ashley

    I just happened to stumble upon your wonderful website. I love your whole philosophy about acne products. I just ordered the starter kit and aha+ and I want to cry I am so happy. I have spent HOURS on the internet researching different acne products and companies, reviews, etc. Yours was always at the top. Thanks for not putting any crap into the treatments- I recently read the labels on my facial cleaners and was shocked at all the fragrances and coloring and other chemicals contained in the “cleansers”.
    I suffer from moderate acne and feel so embarrassed by it and ashamed [as if I can help it]. Seriously, if my acne is particularly bad, I will make up excuses so I won’t have to go out with friends/family or leave the house period. I don’t want people to see all my acne. I feel depressed and my acne is on my mind 90% of the day.

    I really am optimistic that your product is going to help me. I can’t wait until it comes in the mail. Also, with summer right around the corner, what brand/kind of sunscreen do YOU personally recommend? I would LOVE to see you come out with your own version of SS [sunscreen] without any crap in it like all the SS’s in the stores. Maybe it’s in the works, but seriously…I would love to see you add a little SS to the moisturizer. Thanks a lot!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i personally dont use any foundation, cuz im too scared to try, but i was at sephora nd the woman told me that bare minerals actually can be bad for acne, cuz it contains acne-unfriendly ingredients, like many of u have already said. she also told me that the act of swirling the brush into the cap can get the bacteria on ur face into the foundation that u havent used yet, etc. so she basically steered me away frm that section haha. she recommended makeup forever hd foundation, but i havent touched it yet. any thoughts ppl?

  • Seriously?

    I use Makeup Forever HD and I love it!

    I used to use Almay Smart Shade pre-acne to just even up my skin tone and it worked great. When I started getting acne, I went back to Almay but got the Smart Shade Smart Balance one and hated it! It made my skin feel powdery and just caked with the foundation even though I didn’t use much . It made me want to wash it off immediately. And it was just too sheer for what I now needed (better coverage of the red cysts I had).

    So… I went to Sephora and the lady helped me find my perfect shade. It’s light and moist and covers well – if you need more coverage you just apply more and it doesn’t make you feel cakey. It has not broken me out once. Love it!

    Cost: $40

  • blah

    Try to use foundation only when you need it, and as LITTLE as possible. You don’t want to end up like one of those girls that wears so much makeup that it is caked on, because despite common belief by some girls (that are my friends) this is not attractive to anyone! Girls, Guys, or any other group, besides the people trying to sell it. For powder, just put a little on your brush and then blow on it so any extra comes off. start at your ears, and move in circles inwards. If it is liquid, just put a TINY amount (a little goes a long way) on your (clean) finger or brush and then apply to face. Make sure it is blended in with another finger or brush, because it’s easy to get visible lines down your face that you might not notice while looking in the mirror. That’s all. It sounds harder than it is, once you get the hang of it and if you mess up you can always just wash it off and try again.

  • Melissa

    I second the Almay recommendation – especially the balancing kind. I just started using it and my skin loves it. And it does what it says it does – it blends in seamlessly with your skintone. I literally cannot tell where the concealer ends and foundation begins. LOVE it.

  • Julia

    I have used Bare Minerals in the past and once my skin got used to it, I found that the oil in my skin came out, and I needed to change to another make-up. Right now I’m using MAC, but after all these comments, I’m thinking I should probably stop. Wouldn’t mind going back to Bare Minerals, but I’ll probably wait until I’m done with make up I have now. I’m new to the regimine, only on day 6, but my hope is that this will get rid of the oil, and if that’s the case, then I’ll probably go back to Bare Minerals – when I first started using it I liked how light it felt on my skin.

  • koko223

    Mineral makeup seems to be better for acne-prone skin than liquid makeup, but finding the right mineral makeup has been so so so hard for me. Jane Iredale has great mineral makeup that is not irritating in the slightest. Bare Minerals caused my skin a lot of problems. I started getting bumps on my face in places where I had never even broken out before. All of the drugstore brands I have tried have been crap. Jane Iredale is definitely one of the best products out there. I’m on a tight budget, so I always go to price for sure – http://www.priceforsure.com – and type jane iredale in the search engine. This site then gives me links to the cheapest places to order each individual jane iredale product from. This makeup is definitely worth the money if you’ve been searching for your “go-to” makeup for a while. It’s a breath of fresh air, really…

  • brandi

    I use Bare Minerals and I love it. It is all natural just minerals. When I started using it about 2 years ago my acne did improve. It is super light weight and gentle. It does not contain oil, waxes or other fillers that can clog pores. I will say as a make up artist everyone would have breakouts when they use makeup with dirty brushes or sponges. Do not use sponges they harvest bacteria. Proper brush care is very improtant. Also the cleanliness of your makeup bag and your fingers make a big deal. So wash your brushes with soap and water weekly. Throw your makeup bag in the washing machine monthly. Wipe the outside of the makeup containers with 91% Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton ball monthly. Also clean your cell phone with alcohol and cotton ball weekly. And wash your hands before you apply your makeup. If you reapply during the day on a dirty face you will need to wash your brushes more frequently. A quick way to rid the brushes of bacteria is to get a spray bottle and fill it with 91% Isoproplyl alcohol and lightly spray them and towel dry.
    (do not put alcohol on your face!). I hope some of this was helpful.

  • kassandra

    Almay may be a great choice to keep breakouts at bay but they are not vegan products. Since the acne.org products are vegan, non-animal tested and environmentally friendly I assume that many customers look for other similar products. Almay DOES NOT animal test which is AWESOME!

  • Anonymous

    Dan what do you recomend to use to remove makeup?

    • admin

      The cleanser gets most makeup off just fine, however if yours doesn’t come off easily with the brief cleansing, try removing it with some jojoba oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad first, then follow up with a quick gentle wash with the cleanser.


  • Anonymous

    Dan what products do you recomend to use to remove makeup while using the regimen?

  • Cassey

    Can you research makeup that is good for African American skin tone? I currently use IMAN and LOVE IT. If I wash my face after using it I won’t get any breakouts.

    I would also like to know what makeup remover you recommend. I can see that on the regimen we are to use very gentle hand to face touches but makeup tends to be stubborn especially eye makeup. I noticed that my under eye circles has deepened due to harsh rubbing.

    …looking forward to your suggestions

  • SarahD

    Bare Minerals/Escentuals is the best make up ever. I’ve been using it for a few years now and I haven’t had a single problem with it yet. It’s non-comedogenic, oil_free, wax- free and more. It goes on really light and you can barely tell that you’re wearing any make up. I have very acne-prone skin and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. It feels and looks great and everyone whom I’ve recommended it to has loved it as well.

  • nikki

    I guess the mia sonic brush is out of the question?I started using it four weeks ago and it makes my skin feel cleaner but I do believe it is a little irritating.I will not go without makeup and just washing lightly will not take it off.I use the proactive tinted moisture spf 15 for daytime with bare minerals bronzer.I use make -up forever for evening.great coverage but I can not really pin point if they make my skin worse because I always have acne know matter what I use.I justed started using lerosett clay mask 2 months ago.It has help to speed up the healing process of my zits but then new ones form.The lerosett website warns against BP and is chemical free.I have always used BP and retin-a ,salicylic etc. in the past but I did feel my face was sensitive to it.i willgive the lerosett one more month and if i am not fully clear I will try this regimen.also going to try the almay makeup.

  • Anne from canada

    I didn’t like almay because of the sheerness and because it made my acne look incredibly flaky, estee lauder ( excuse my spelling) have great light weight foundations that let your skin breathe yet still have great coverage and clinique has great concealers because clinique is anti irritable and dermatologist tested. These are high end product and they will be more expensive, but they will have higher quality

  • Erin

    Gerda Spillmann Makeup is GREAT! Cream mineral makeup with SPF and it can be applied for light or heavy coverge.

  • Nels

    Cover fx 🙂 too bad very few try it out. You’d be surprised.

  • Anonymous

    i am sick of my face now and i ready need help with it, cause when i use samething it will work for few weeks than my acnes start to come back againa

  • Kimiko

    This is great but I have a hard time finding foundations for my sensitive skin that matches my shade. For now, I’m using the Skin79 BB cream and Maybelline instant age rewind. The coverage is absolutely beautiful but I have a hard time taking it off. My skin is the complexion of Zoe Saldana and I don’t think Almay makes foundation shades that are that dark. I’m interested in using Korres but I’m not sure if they are 100% safe. I know that all their ingredients are natural, though.

  • anon

    For all those people having trouble taking off their makeup … I suggest using Vichy 3 in 1 Purette Cleansed. Although it says not to wash it off, I begin with splashing my face with water where I plan to take the makeup off. Then I just rub it in and take excess off with a cotton ball. It is expensive.. $18 range in Canada, but AMAZING at taking makeup off! From what I’ve heard, and experience, it doesn’t break you out, and it makes your skin super soft.

  • CV

    I like Neutrogena Mineral Sheers. Is very light on the skin and covers redness really well. It doesn’t seem to affect my skin at all. I also like Neutrogena Lotion for Combination Skin. Controls oil in the t-zone very effectively and it’s very gentle…no negative effects on acne.

  • fabiana

    awsome!! im so gonna try it

  • RW

    Try using almond oil to remove oil-soluble makeup. It’s a traditional beauty treatment for the face, and some people say that it reduces redness and hyperpigmentation. Of course, if you have nut allergies, you probably should not try it.

  • rfrancoalmestica

    Hey!! I use Almay Blemish Heal. It does not have great coverage but it does give the makeup impression and sheer look. It doesn’t have benzoyl peroxide, it has salicylic acid, I don’t how that can interfere with the regimen, but I’ve used it with the regimen and personally it has not affect my skin at all. Yes I do have to use a new sponge, clean my brushes, be very light and gentle and I don’t use it often, just once every two weeks or something. The only problem is to remove it that you need to manipulate your face a lot to remove it and that could case irritation. I would recommend to use eye makeup, lipstick or gloss and try not to use face makeup, like foundation or powder.

  • jeenia

    Physician’s Formula and Logona are good brands they are organic makeup with nothing that will irritate our skin, Physician’s formula is cheap and can be brought from Wal-Mart or Target 🙂

  • Jimena

    Where can we get almay???

    • admin

      You can find it in Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc.

  • T. Simone

    Almay makes not a single shade for women of color. Not one.

  • Jessica

    Hey does anybody use everyday minerals/everday naturals currently? I am trying to find a new makeup to use and I was looking at them as a possibility but then I seen this forum post about people having bad reactions to it…

  • Jessica

    also, does the everyday minerals have good coverage? like even coverage to even out skin tone?

  • mm

    I used derma blend and it had great coverage but through out the day it would make me shiny in my t-zone. Even when I would take a nap during the day, I would wake up and shine would be on my face! ughh..I started the regimen so I now use Almay true lasting color and I will admit that the coverage is light but no more shine!!! I can apply Almay in the morning go to work all day and come home and still have no shine. I also use jojoba oil to remove my foundation & eye makeup then follow the regimen. There should be no harm in that If I’m gentle?

  • Amanda

    ALL of the makeup I use, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, concealer, powder, EVERYTHING is Almay and I love it! My favorite concealer has to be the new Blemish heal foundation, it has a little bit more coverage than the smart shade makeup, and it doesn’t dry out my skin or make it greasy. It is great for people who want that coverage of their skin that is going to help their acne! The blemish heal concealers are also excellent. Another great thing is the price! It is no more expensive than other makeup brands with better results, you can get the foundation for around $10-14 at Target!

  • AP

    Surprised that with minerals in the lime-light not many have recommended Sheer Cover.

    I’m forever seeing this on TV and wanted to know if anyone has had any first hand experience with the
    product and if it really is as amazing as they make it out to be…? Does it really give you a flawless coverage with just a bit of mineral powder??

  • Ali

    Hi Dan, I use Almay’s Truly Lasting Color liquid and powder makeup, also know as Almay’s TLC Makeup. I love it, it doesnt cause me to break out or make break outs any worse. It also lasts all day long, no re-applying, no need to touch my face at all. It washes off nice and easy with mild soap.

  • CD

    I’ve tried Sheer Cover. You will not get a flawless look unless you use their conceal along with the foundation. Personally, it has caused irritation for me.

  • Caronne

    I wear make-up to create a polished look, hide a few blemishes and create an even skin tone.
    I’m not a fan of “acne treatment” foundation, as they tend to be relatively thick and just don’t feel good on your skin.
    That sets the tone, so after clearing my acne I went on the hunt for products and this is what I have found recently;

    1) I have yet to find a primer, stocked in my country that doesn’t break me out. So still looking.

    2) I have tried Clinique Even Better foundation, as I have uneven skin tone (acne blemishes to cover too).
    This product did not break me out and felt very light on my skin for a medium coverage foundation.
    Had a great healthy glow to it, that could be mattified with very little powder.
    However I have yellow under tone to my skin, so finding a colour match was difficult.

    3) Then I found BLACK OPAL cosmetics.
    I use the stick foundation which is a cream to powder foundation.
    It slides on then has a powder matte effect when it settles.
    Did not break me out and matched my skin perfectly .
    I slide my finger over the stick 5 times (nose, forehead, chin and cheeks) then just blend outwards and that’s it.
    Creating FULL coverage, with VERY little make up on it’s amazing!

    4) AND Black Opal has an invisible oil-blocking loose powder. Which I apply to my T-Zone. To fight midday shine.
    Check it out: http://www.blackopalbeauty.com/makeup/face/powders/invisible-oil-blocking-loose-powder
    This powder can be used without make-up over sun block/moisturiser.

    5) Make up application took me some time to figure out, so I have a few tips:
    If you apply acne treatment, it’s important to give that time to settle into your face !!!
    THEN apply moisturiser and foundation.

    What I do:
    After cleansing and applying acne treatment (BP – Benzac 5%).
    I moisturise with Olay Complete UV Moisturizer SPF 15 then apply my Black Opal True Color Stick Foundation SPF8 in Heavenly Honey and set with Black Opal invisible oil-blocking loose powder on my T-Zone.

    I generally avoid the sun but if I know I’m going to the beach for a bit or will be exposed for some time I (ALWAYS WEAR A HAT),
    AND use Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50 then apply my make-up.

    6) Make-up Brushes VS. Fingers
    Whenever you can USE your fingers to apply Liquid/Cream foundation.
    For eye make-up use disposable brushes.
    Brushes: Clean your brush with shampoo as often as you can, lay the brushes on their side to dry.
    I have 2 blush brushes and 2 powder brushes. I use wet-wipes on them daily and then wash them weekly. So I always have one ready.

    Hope this help,
    Cape Town, South Africa

  • Jacqui

    Has anyone ever tried any of the bb creams? I just got the regime yesterday in the mail, and I have been using the bb cream before but I’m not sure if I should keep using it. Also, that is all I put on my face since it has everything in it already. So yeah, any information on that would be appreciated.

    • Gianna

      Hi! I’ve been on the regimen for about a month now. i have cleared up 99% but my problem has always been the dryness. I have also been using Missha Perfect cover BB Cream. I dont use it as often since ive been on the regimen though. BUT what i can tell you is that it doesn’t break me out. doesn’t help much with the flakes though so sometimes i mix some of dan’s moisturizer to create my own “tinted moisturizer.” Before i was on the regimen, the BB cream had lightened my skin, and helped with the anti aging… but when i started with the regimen, it pretty much served as a foundation for me and nothing more (my skin darkened and my laugh lines are more prominent bec. of the bp, and the BB cream can’t seem to counteract these effects) . no breakouts though, thats whats important IMO. 🙂

  • Vanessa

    I have used the regimine for about 5 years and it has been a godsend! Besides minor mestrual related breakouts i am nearly acne free! As an esthetician I have tried tons! Of makeup. The foundations that seem to work the best for me was the make up forever hd foundation and powder, do to the high price I have found the following drugstore alternatives. Revlon color stay for combination/oily skin for times I need full coverage. For everyday use I love Revlon photo ready. It’s oil free and gives an incredible airbrush like finish. People often tell me how beautiful my skin is, which we all know is like a dream come true after suffering with acne! Hope that helps someone!

  • simmonsarizona

    Almay DOES NOT make a shade for anyone darker than say … an Asian skin tone. I’m a very dark-skinned African American woman (think Serena Williams) and this line wouldn’t work for me. It’s sad. I’ve spend thousands (and I do mean thousands) of dollars trying to find a brand that works for me. All liquids and creams clog me sadly. Please keep looking for alternative brands, Dan.