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  • Kathy

    Private video??? What happened? I’m ready to hear all about Adult acne………
    Oh well, have a good weekend Dan!!

  • Megan

    I just turned 26 last week, but I don’t really understand the point of having a private adult message board.
    If there’s an adults only message board, isn’t it only fair be a teens only message board as well?

    I suppose I can kind of understand restricting posting privileges to people over 25, but I don’t see a reason for reading privileges to be exclusive to a certain age group. I guess the people requesting this special forums have their reasons, but personally I don’t get it.

  • daavid

    u should make adult message board OVER 20 ,,,

  • Carrington

    I think that’s sort of a waste of your time… I mean, don’t you already have an ADULT ACNE section… and what would this be in comparison to that??
    I don’t see the point of NOT allowing certain ages to view certain posts… if there’s something that shouldn’t be viewed by people under 25 or whatever… then it probably shouldn’t be on this site. And is there really a difference between a 24 year old versus a 25 year old? Or 20 versus 19? What would be the guidelines for differentiating between those ages?
    Thats how I feel… I don’t know what other people think. I just find that a little silly… creating an another, private, message board for something already designated in the general message boards.
    Just seems like more work for you…
    BUT if people want that and think it would be any different than the one you already have, then go for it…

  • Realme2008

    Yeah, I think those statistics or whatever are wrong. It has to be much higher than that. Everyone at least gets one or two pimples once in a while as an adult. That doesn’t seem accurate to me. lol

  • Chelsea

    No, that would be totally unfair!

  • Jeremy

    To all people replying as if they are offended by Dan’s notion to possibly create a certain age group and up message board, I don’t believe it’s about “fairness”. I think what he was going for was just so that adults with acne are able to easily relate to someone else and share their experiences in dealing with adult acne as similarities would be easy to pick out with a specific message board just for them.

  • Laura

    Great Video. I think you should have an adult message board. Go for it Dan!!

  • JJ

    I think you should keep it the way it is now.

  • Voce

    The forums have gotten huge. However, I’ve found the adult acne section & posted there. A separate forum would simplify & save time, (which I’m all about these days, lol) so I might be more likely to visit more often. So I’d vote yes.

  • c'est la vigne

    Wow, that’s EXACTLY what I look like when I’m being responsible. : D

  • Chris

    Private is the wrong approach, the knowledge needs to (and will be) shared, I think it might encourage cross-posting/copy & pasting, incursions and other unnecessary and undesirable silliness, as well a general stifling of constructivity.

    So take a step back and assess the real goal: a place for age-related relating (hehe).

    And now consider how this might be implemented.

    My suggestion is that you add age indicators below user names. This achieves the same effect of “oh, yes, I see this person is > 21 (or whatever), they’re in my situation in this regard” while still allowing sharing and discussion of the topic with other age groups.

    The indicator should be completely optional (otherwise anyone not wanting to reveal their age will just make something up :), this makes it like the equivalent of putting your age in your signature because you think this may be useful to other users, except done easier (which isn’t to be underestimated).

    Consider that aside from being optional it need not be their age but just a generic “over X” (e.g. 18, 21) indicator. Anyone wishing to point out, “hey, but I’m only N days away from turning X” could alternatively specify their actual age (but this wouldn’t be the default).

    Of course we foremost want to establish a fellowship of ideas, and I think there’s much wisdom in not requiring and displaying every user’s age, location, race, height, weight, eye color, family pets, and brand of toothbrush on every forum (and there’s much to be said about clean interfaces) although there may be valuable correlations to acne here. Separate forums for the more popular ones are good.

    You could *only* create/display this optional age indicator in the “Adult acne” forum, period, introducing those forum users to it, asking if they might like to share that information. I think most would, especially as just a generic “over X” indicator. (I _might_ prefer this solution… it’s close.)

    Or it could be an optional indicator on all of the forums, but you could emphasis its potential usefulness on the Adult acne forum specifically.

    Other indicators could apply to other forums in a similar way. πŸ™‚

    I offer these as suggestions, always look outside what’s given. πŸ™‚

    (And hi again, Dan!)

  • J

    No way! The point is that ACNE does not discriminate on your age. Segregating us with private videos will be a mistake and I believe that I am not alone with that thought. You made this site for all sufferers and it is unfair if you exclude potential valuable information to some just because of their age…

    Think about when you were younger and you had this problem. Kids and adults need all the info they can get. Knowledge is power, even if it’s only 2.5%. Hope you don’t go with it.



    i agree with Jeremy.

    Nice video Dan πŸ˜€

    i like the responsibilty one πŸ™‚

  • Tina Warren

    I will be 30 yrs old in a couple of months and I think that the adult message board is a great idea. I have suffered from acne (facial and body) since I was 12. Although I like to see pics and ideas from everybody, it is nice to converse with adults. I support this idea fully!

  • Tina

    I agree with Jeremy as well. I think that other adults of a certain age would feel more comfortable confiding with someone of their own age. Just a thought!

  • Jakub

    I don’t see the point of a seperate forum that is private. A public one wouldnt be an idea but there is no point in secluding one group of people from another, we all are in the same boat here.

  • Kathy

    I’m with Jeremy and the the over 25 age group. Being able to relate to other adults with acne around the same age makes sense. I am for it. Thanks Dan!

  • Cyn

    I’m fine with a separate adult acne message board – I never had acne as a teen, but it developed after I entered my 20s. I think adult acne brings it’s own different set of issues (i.e., we’re not going through acne b/c of puberty, and skin can change after one leaves that stage of life) and it would be nice to have a board totally dedicated to it.

  • 401

    The great strength of acne.org is there is so much info being shared all in one place, what would be the advantage of segragating and preventing under 25s from accessing certain posts ?

    When I am on the message board I never really consider the ages of other posters and I really dont care – what matters is that information and support is being there for everyone.

  • Kyon

    I think a separate board would be great, that way we wouldn’t be reading things that just don’t pertain to us adults. I just think it would help to know that all the responses are coming from others who have had many, many, many, years of struggles instead of somebody who has only had acne a year and is worried about Prom. Because we have pretty much tried every thing and have heard all the suggestions that the younger crowd may offer, and they couldn’t offer much advice on subjects such as pregnancy and menopause in regards to acne.

  • Andrew

    While I am only 22, here are the reasons I can see an adult board being sought after, as both a social and supportive meeting place:

    I think it would be good if:
    1) The ‘adult board’ was created, with a reminder that the focus of discussion is for “25 and over” issues
    2) Anyone can read the forum, it is not restricted

    I think the reason a ‘private’ forum was requested, was because 99% of the other forums are handling 99% of the other issues, but an ‘adult issues’ area noes not yet exist

    Keep up the good work Dan.

  • maryland24

    I’m 26 and I think the adult board is a great idea. Like many people have say our issues and our skin is a little bit different from someone younger. That way we can relate a little bit more and share what is working for us.

    Keep up the good work Dan. πŸ˜‰

  • Anna

    I think the problem is that there are quite a few on here who are younger and it shows by their behavior on the boards. I think there are probably quite a few lukrers out there who are past their teens and early 20’s and simply not comfortable posting in the current environment. I don’t think it’s intentionally being caused by anyone. But, it’s a maturity level issue not a skin issue. It just is what it is.

  • Andrea

    I’m almost 28 and I think an over 25 message board would be great. I’ve struggled with acne since I was 14 years old so my perspective of dealing with acne all my life is different of that of a teenager.

  • NoMoreAcne1974

    I strongly believe that the Acne.org regimen is actually the best “healthy skin care” regimen, and not just to fight, get rid of, and control acne. I’m 35 yrs old, but my skin is silky smooth, wrinkle-free, age-spot free, and pimple-free because of the Acne.org regimen. I support the idea of an adult, 25+ message board because some of my acne advice would be more applicable to them than to teenagers.

  • Steve

    A new adult forum is a great idea. It need not be private (everyone should be able to read it), but it should be suggested that the forum is for ages 25+, or there could even be a new one reserved for “adult onset” acne. I really do think there is a whole different set of issues when acne continues past the early 20’s or when one experiences acne for the first time in their later 20’s. I’m 31, had perfect skin as a teenager, and didn’t have a major problem until my late 20’s. I find it difficult to relate to someone dealing with leftover “teenage” acne at age 22. It’s all acne, I know, but it really is different for us who are definitively beyond the usual acne age.

  • AS

    hello dan it has a lot to do with nutrition, all the processed crap in what people eat and drink, for instance there’s something called Aspartame all very similar to that in diet coke and it give you brain tuma’s they did i experiment on rats and they all got brain tuma’s

    I have just done a course on this so up to date on it, the key to be organic and have a more protein diet and less carbs with a healthy balance of veg,fruit and your vitamins.

    1 in 4 cod liver oil capsules has gone off , and vits A D E K are all fat soluble which means you need to have them with fat for the body to absorb.


  • AS


    next time you go to buy something look at the back , your be like what the ????


    I agree with it not having to be private

    BTW i would not be allowed in if it were private….but i would eventually, and if i needed it i would be happy its there.

    Why are you all so mad with there being a private section? Obviously older skin is different than teenage skin…so why not.

    Oh dan i like the vidoe thingy you put at the top right. Me likes πŸ˜€

  • Emma

    I agree with Jeremy and the positive comments above for an adult message board.

  • English_Rose

    I’m 32 and have been battling acne since I was 10 years old. I would like to see an adult section and agree with the many “for it” posts above. The private/not private thing doesn’t concern me.

  • acnenaturalremedies dot com

    i agree, in conclusion, people do not have to spend too much to get a flawless kin. In addition, people should only aware of their skin types to adjust the best treatments.

  • Pierre

    I have heard that there is an amazing holistic solution for adult acne now, has anyone heard of this?? Is supposed to be good. I googled it, but can not find anything!

  • spottyfriend

    I get a new spot at least every other week but I’m special

  • Julia

    I’m glad you’re addressing adult acne. When I was high school and college, my skin was generally clear, but when I was in my early 20s, and since, I haven’t been able to compeltely heal it. The best that happened was when I got facials, but that’s expensive, and NOT all facials are alike. On day 6 and hoping this system works!
    As for a a separate blog, no opionion, but I would certainly like to see specifc Adult acne discussions.

  • Jess Nicholson

    I am totally okay with having the age separation on some of the forums.
    There are some things that are totally different between adults and minors

  • Sally

    I think segregating who sees what information is a bad idea, but if there is just a section of the forum where adults can talk about their adult problems, I don’t see the problem with it.

  • Chris

    I had real oily skin causing a lot of pimples. I couldn’t find products that really helped me, except for going to the Dermatologist which cost big $$$, but I noticed that every time I went to the beach my skin would not be oily and my acne would clear up for the next week. I researched it on the web and the salt water is really renowned for clearing up acne. Now in the winter I just buy the pure ocean salt fill up my sink and wash my face in it. I get it from this website . Theres no magic cure for pimples but this does a real good job. As for post-pimple marks, you have to get laser skin resurfacing from a Doctor.

  • Chris

    I had real oily skin causing a lot of pimples. I couldnt find products that really helped me, except for going to the Dermatologist which cost big$$$, but I noticed that every time I went to the beach my skin would not be oily and my acne would clear up for the next week. I researched it on the web and the salt water is really renowned for clearing up acne. Now in the winter I just buy the pure ocean salt fill up my sink and wash my face in it. I get it from this *link edited out* . Theres no magic cure for pimples but this does a real good job. As for post-pimple marks, you have to get laser skin resurfacing from a Doctor.

  • Tracie

    I do not see the need for a separate website, but I would prefer to hear blogs that are specific to my issue with adult acne.

  • Sarah

    Yes that sounds great, I’m 26 and need some help!, just started the regimen two weeks ago ang am sure I have drug related/hormonal acne. Would love a board for adults so we can discuss similar concerns. Thanks Dan!,

  • Amber

    Does anyone know or researched a product called the dermapen? I’ve seen before and after pics… Amazing results on acne scars!