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  • Eyeslikemine

    Hey I enjoyed your video today!
    I have also tried doing absolutley nothing and the water only method. My face was a complete disaster!!!
    I agree with you that the do nothing method will work for acne prone people because usually those that have had success on the do nothing regimen ONLY have acne due to over scrubbing and over medicating their face. Scrubbing and killing your skin can make you breakout even more thus, the do nothing regimen works for them because it lets their face heal.
    Unfortunatly those who suffer from true acne have to treat their face and doing nothing just makes it worse. We both know because we both have tried lol.
    It may depress you that im no longer on the dan kern regimen (sorry dan!!!) my face just couldnt take it and so i had to only do it once a day and it didnt do the job. sorry sorry sorry again. But i did find a regimen that i am experimenting with now that has helped its just salysilic acid and vitamin b5. Eh, works for me.

    Thanks again for a great video!!


  • Carrington

    If you’re going to try the DO NOTHING method.. how do you clean the face if you need to apply sunscreen? There’s no way I can go outside with my fair skin and not apply SPF… and we all know how greasy it can be…. I don’t think I’d be comfortable going to bed with a slimy greasy face that hasn’t been washed since the morning…
    I don’t think I have genetic acne and it’s not all that bad… but who doesn’t want perfect skin, so thats why Im on this regimen, and it works… but if i could wake up and not worry about a thing, and apply nothing and just pretend like I didn’t have skin at all (haha) I would love it!! I just don’t understand how your skin could stay clear if you don’t remove the dirt and grime from daily activites, if only driving with your window open, that occurs regardless…
    Just wondering….

  • Jessica

    It’s funny, because both my parents, and my sister, had acne growing up. In fact, they had it pretty bad. And yet, the do nothing regimen is working for me. Human skin can heal itself if you let it. And yes, you will have in initial breakout. You can’t just try it for a day or two and say it doesn’t work. It takes longer. Acne isn’t caused by dirt or bacteria or even excess oil.

    • Lauren

      This is so true. People freak out because their skin is breaking out on the Caveman (do nothing regimen). IT IS SUPPOSED TO. Those zits that are popping up? They were already underneath the surface of your skin but the chemicals that we slather on hold them back. The first month and a half is like a purging process. You wouldn’t try an acne medication and after a week of trying it just up and quit. You can’t do that with this method either. You have to give your skin the proper time, at least try it for three months. The initial breakout is a part of the healing process. I do understand that yes- this can’t work for everyone. But don’t knock it until you REALLY try it.

  • frank

    haha that first part what funny.

  • Realme2008

    I gotta say that I 110% agree with you Dan. It really depends on the genes, and whether or not you are genetically predisposed to acne. My mother has never had acne, so all she has to do is wash her face. My father on the other hand had very bad acne at a young age, so I got his skin genes. Although, mine would be classified as rather mild now. Finding out about the regimen has been one of my greatest blessings, and I definitely don’t regret trying it. Once again, Thank you!!!!! 🙂


    Nice video Dan 😀

    Jessica, so what causes acne?

  • Jakub

    It totally makes sense for some people because their skin is thick and evolves to adapt to the natural environment. I personally couldnt go a day without washing my face, it makes me greasy and feel dirty. Plus I think not washing your face is unsanitary and a clear face that is dirty would gross me out more than a face with acne that is clean.

  • Caitlyn

    Aha you make me laugh Dan, thanks for making your videos both entertaining and informative-I definitely agree with you here as, like yourself and many others, I have tried the do nothing approach many many times (and for some reason never learn) but always come back to my trusty BP regimen.

  • Realme2008

    Exactly who would want to go around with a dirty face Jakub? That is unsanitary.

  • Edmond




    Please EDMOND?!

  • BK

    I want to visit my derm before I consider doing the “Do nothing regimen”. No one in my family has acne and I just started breaking out last September (at 24). I think that the closest I’d go to “doing nothing” would be to use a light cleanser such as Dan’s or Purpose or Cetephyl to wash my face. Then of course, some SPF.

  • Daniel (intern)

    Weird Dan, you just don’t look or act like a person who smokes (if they can act in any particular way). I can’t imagine it! lol

  • Daniel (intern)

    oops, clicked comments for wrong video. : P

  • Lucas


    You’re doing such a fantastic job. I’m so happy there are people like you in the world.

    I look forward to Acne.org becoming an incredible global success story.

    Your supporter,


  • priestess

    Well I agree that a do-nothing regimin isn’t the best for acne prone skin, especially oily skin. I can’t recommend the use of benzoyl peroxide for anyone, even the 2.5% versions. My derm says she doesn’t know one derm who recommends it other than maybe for spot treatment, she says it is too harsh for all-over application.

  • Yumin

    i was wondering what if your parents did have acne, but it was very light?

    i kinda have sever acne right now. so should i try the do nothing regimen?

  • Jeremy

    Dan pretty hit the nail on the head here. I’m a perfect example of his conclusions. I began getting acne around the age of 12 and began my journey through an endless amount of acne products in your local stores. I eventually came upon this site and found Dan’s regimen which got me 100% clear over a period of about 4 months and kept me clear until I found the “Do Nothing” regimen. I didn’t wash my face for about 2 weeks and the outcome was a HUGE breakout. If you have the acne “genes” the “Do Nothing” regimen will NOT help your case. On the other hand, if your face began to break out simply because of harsh cleansers and do not really have a family that deals with acne, then chances are you are not acne prone and could benefit from the “Do Nothing” regimen.

    Anyways, thanks again Dan for the important information in this video and I look forward to future ones! :]

  • Pamela

    Priestess, I can think of at least two derms who recommend 2.5% for all over app: The makers of Proactiv. Their Repairing lotion is 2.5 percent and is not a spot treatment. I don’t know if you misunderstood your derm or if she’s just making blanket statements when it’s really just her opinion or what, but Proactiv is just one of the many lines of acne regimens that has an all over lotion that is 2.5%BP. I’m not trying to be offensive, I just really have an issue with people perpetuating untruths, and can’t hold back from correcting them.

  • Rosanna

    Yup, the do nothing regime won’t work for MOST people with the genetic type of acne! Neither of my parents had acne but my uncle and other cousins definitely did, so I know mine is genetic. When I go a day without treatment, I break out more than uisual. I tried the do nothing approach at the advice of my mom who never had acne in her life (for about a week), and it caused cystic breakouts which I usually can prevent when using BP, and AHA, among other things.

  • K.C

    While I haven’t tried this method myself, I know two people that it did work for–my brother and my friend. My friend had REALLY bad cystic acne all over her cheeks and got tired of spending all the money and time w/ no results. Her skin is completely clear now and all she uses is water. She said that every time she tries to use anything on her skin (cleanser, scrub, etc.) her skin breaks out.

    My brother is able to use sunscreen on his face and that’s it. He said that if he cleanses his skin, it breaks out and he’s been acne-free for about 15 years now. I am going to try it and see how it goes. Dan’s regimen irritates my skin, especially the cleanser, it’s too harsh.

  • priestess

    Pamela, yes my derm did tell me that all over benzoyl peroxide application is not recommended. I really don’t think that the derms behind Proactive are the best people to take advice from, both the women have sold out for the big bucks. I have only tried Dan’s cleanser, and I found it too drying for my oily skin. I found it dried out the surface of my skin and trapped the oils in my pores. I’m a big fan of washing with water only, I’ve found that cleansers or soaps either dry out my skin or leave a film that makes my skin inflamed.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah do nothing!!!! This is the way to go, for me at least…. Nobody in my family has acne, they all have beautiful skin…..I figure that I got a bad breakout caused by something external and uncontrollable, and than that fueled my religious and harsh skin care methods… Untill I finally gave up and did….nothing! Yeah haven’t had acne for a few weeks

  • LA

    I was just wondering what if none of your parents doesn’t have acne but you got at 20 and it’s been a year and it looks like it’s been getting worse. Should I test this don’t do nothing because for at least 20 years people were always telling me I have great skin then it went all to my head and I begin to wash 2 times a day warm water, soap then would use lotion then I started to break out now I feel like I tried everything I kind of would just like to give up.

  • david

    I. Am so angery at my skin the more I wash the same problems so I have had a flashback.I remember that when I only washed with water my skin got beter after I time so wish me luck

    • Anonymous

      Did it work?

  • david

    Just one more thing I know its hard but if you worry to much your skin can get bad so maybe that can be a course of acne

  • Tom

    I think Dan has a point that although this may help those not genetically or otherwise predisposed to acne, it probably won’t help those that are. However, he missed out one important group: Those people, usually in their late teens or early twenties, that used to be naturally prone to acne but have now passed that stage, and whose acne is only around from constant overwashing and irritation from topicals. This is the category I believe I fall into – I am only three days into this regimen, but already my oil production is significantly reduced and my skin tone is improving.

    Even if you are younger, or older, or for whatever reason you don’t think you fall into this category, look back and think, have you ever in the last few years just left your skin alone? Has it just been a vicious cycle of product after product without ever achieving lasting results? Do you really think there is no chance at all that the constant application of chemicals is the thing that is causing the damage? Try it, it’s extremely liberating.

  • Mike

    When my dad was a teenager/ young adult, he had horrible acne; the deep cystic kind that left scars all over his face. My mom, on the other hand, had beautiful skin and never worried about acne. I’m not sure whose genes I got because my acne isn’t terrible. I mostly just get it in the t-zone. I never get it on my cheeks (which is where people with more severe acne usually get it). I have tried everything. I’ve used every OTC product you can think of and I’ve seen the dermatologist and he has had me take mild oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics (none if it worked). All the regimens I stick with seem to make my acne calm down a little but then it just flares back up again. I also got off dairy because every time I consumed anything with dairy in it, my throat would get kind of swollen and about 2 days later, my face would break out terrible. I asked a friend about this and they said it was the mixing of my hormones with that of a cow’s that messed up my skin. I haven’t tried doing nothing since I started getting acne. I think I’m going to continue to stay off dairy and try the do nothing regimen for a little while!