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  • Sharpy

    I’m glad you quit smoking, Dan!

  • AHA


  • Jordan

    Here’s a question for you, Dan: Is it possible for your skin to adapt to the Regimen and stop producing sebum altogether? If so, would the effects be reversible? I’m on the Regimen now (it works!), but I’m afraid that I might never be able to get off it…

  • Realme2008

    No need for the vile language jeez.

  • Realme2008

    Wow, 3 million people a year?! That’s crazy Dan, and very saddening.

  • Jakub

    its a subliminal Camel ad

  • Edmond




  • Tron

    Dan, how about caffeine? Does caffeine cause or aggravate acne?

  • Brit Lad

    Yeh i would also like to know if Caffeine causes Acne ? I dont coffee that much anymore incase it causes spots.

    Glad you quit smoking too !.

  • tara

    I third the caffeine & acne relationship discussion.

  • Donna

    Methinks that somebody at ACNE.org IS a smoker. Where’d you get the pack from?! :-O

  • Jakub

    Does alcohol relate to acne? I have read that alot of people do get acne from it and others have said that their skin looks better after a night of drinking. So I was wondering if alcohol consumption has any effect on your skin and why?

  • shooshoo

    Hey Dan, I just wanted to point out that smoking reduces stress, and that’s probably the reason why those two studies that you cited showed that those who smoked experienced less incidence of acne, since we know that stress can definately trigger acne. I doubt it was the cigarettes themselves that helped to reduce acne in those studies, but fact that the nicotine in cigarettes have some sort of calming effect, thus reducing stress and ultimately helping to reduce acne. I hope that you’ll mention this and maybe suggest ways to reducing stress. thanks!

  • heapy.

    I dont believe smoking reduces stress. I am a smoker, & yeah when i smoke i get a buzz for like a minute. Then im relaxed.. Only because I crave. I don’t think a non smoker would be more or less stressed than a 20 a day smoker. when i don’t smoke, i may become more stressed only because my body is addicted. yes smoking is a physical addiction.

    Here is a something I heard years ago. “Smoking drys out the skin”.
    Is that true or false? If it does dry the skin, is that how smoking may affect acne?

    thanks for bringing this up dan.

  • vart000za

    i was smoker for like 10 years, i have stopped back in december 2008 and i can definitely say that my skin imrpoved by 50 %!beside that i feel MUCH healthier and i have much more (life) energy =)

  • Chris

    If you already have acne i think smoking makes your current acne worse (inflammatory) not so much if your clear. my opinion!

  • taima'a

    please I need help in smoking and acne problem so i really want to know how would nicotine do this job exactelly, im doing this research and any help would be useful


  • becs 44

    Hi Dan
    I quit smoking 4 months ago and my skin has been the best its ever been I very rarely get any spots at all. I belive smoking does have an effect on acne in a bad way. im so so pleased I quit its the best thing I have ever done.


  • becs 44

    Just to add anyone quiting, your skin will get worse as the toxins come out of your pores,but stick with it and drink plenty of water to help flush them out . you will be amazed.
    thanks and good luck

  • Nick

    I have recently started smoking (about 2 weeks ago) and I normally get 2-3 spots around my top lip at one time. But since taking up smoking I have really noticed a lack of acne.
    It’s possible its to do with something else, but I haven’t noticably changed anything major (e.g washing face etc) that would influence a change in the condition of my skin.

    It confused me as I thought smoking would have caused my skin to go crazy!

    Just my two cents.

  • Allie

    okay to keep the drama of my life to a minimum i had family issues growing up so. i started smoking when i was 15. i am now 24 and recently quit smoking. i have gone 3 months without smoking yay me! lol great accomplishment for me seeing how when i hit around 20 i smoked about a pack a day. buuuut here is my issue. i was not prone to acne at all i had maybe one pimple here and there tops. but as soon as i quit smoking i started breaking out so bad on my chin. now i cant seem to get it to stop. its so bad it hurts. right now i have about 5. and two are always cyst pimples im not sure what to call them. its only been 3 months since i started breaking out like this. i just cant help but think that it was because i quit smoking and now my body is somehow reacting to this. but i will not start smoking again. its not worth it. i cant stand the smell of it anymore and i quit because i was so tired of the addiction. knowing that im tied down to something so bad for me was the worse. i literally would cry from how much i hated smoking but couldnt stop. i wont go back to it even if it meant clearing up these breakouts. i rather live healthy, smell good and breathe great and have some acne than go back to that addiction. just my opinion on the whole smoking issue.

  • Pat

    Hi, I have concluded from the study on myself that smoking does in fact cause acne. How do I know this?

    I have an extreme case of bad skin, also known as Eczema. I have had this since I was a child because this skin disorder is passed on through genetics, unfortunately. But because my skin condition is so sensitive, I received very responsive results from my skin acting up. Since I have started smoking around 3 years ago and having recently quit around half a year ago, my acne acts up when I smoke and has scarred my face. Ever since I quit smoking, my face has actually cleared up from most acne and slowed down, and even my skin overall wasn’t as dry as before.

    So I have concluded from the study based on myself that, smoking does in fact cause breakouts. I don’t know the technical part of it, but I can clearly understand that it was smoking alone that increased my acne breakouts.