Melissa, the woman from MSNBC who interviewed me this morning, would like to talk to a few people who have taken antibiotics to no avail. If that’s you, please feel free to email her at She’s cool and easy to talk to.



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  • 401

    Really interesting info, its amazing how antibiotics are still so widely prescribed as the key medical treatment option for acne dispite being so ineffective for so many acne suffers. If the medical community really adopted Dan’s regime as the first treatment option it would save so much wasted time and money and suffering. Unfortunatley, I can’t see this happening anytime soon.

  • mark

    hey dan, could you do a subject matter of smoking and acne sometime please? im a smoker and would like to know if this affects my skin.

    Thanks! great video, as I am taking antibiotics with the regimen currently too.

  • Sierra117

    Awesome video.

  • Anonymous

    Hellya ! Antibiotic Sux I ate for half a year it goes well @ 1st afterthat acne bacteria get immune and comes back in full swing Antibiotic Sux Take Accutane!!!!! Rock!

  • AcneVal

    Well Said Dan its So True that Antibiotics ain’t working well …Accutane Yeah !!!

  • Laura

    Great video Dan, I was on different antibiotics on and off for six years OMG!!!

  • JJ

    what about Benzoyl Peroxide resistance?

  • Sharpy

    I’ve been on various antibiotics off and on (pre-Regimen) and my acne got better at first but then got worse after a few months.

    I’m so glad I found the DKRegimen!

  • Anonymous

    acne bacteria can b transfered person to person ??????????
    PLEASE NO !!!
    n JJ benzoyl peroxide will work even after 30 -60 years.. don worry 🙂

  • kayla

    i used safe guard for my face and its extremely anti-bacterial. It broke my fae out completly. What happened?

  • Danielle

    i just finished my 16 oz bottle of bp today and i cut open the bottle. I was surprised to see about 3 oz of product still left in the container! I NEED THOSE TUBES! seriously, it would be a good investment.

  • Anonymous

    yeaH i seem to one of them person after usinf BP for a year it transformed into SUPERACNE! lol yeah this sucks hopefully these Miricle pills from Mexico will do the trick gave my cousin from both parents( MOMS BRo Married MY DADS SIs) Cystic and inflamned acne so im going to give it a try but he also lives in rural mexico were organic is all there is barley any sugar products at all only this stuff called agave and tuna and honey they grow all there stuff and everyone there has flawless skin.

  • Meghan

    Hey Dan,

    Great videos so far, awesome research. Can the BP break through these protective nets that the bacteria create for themselves? That would be nice to know.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  • scotty

    hear that guys??
    acne is contagious!!!!!

    what about a retinoid, bp, and and antibiotic all mixed in one super-lotion? like a triple whammy

  • Joan.

    I would have like to be able to turn down the music!

  • Acne Esthetician

    I love your videos Dan – congrats on the interview! SO interesting that resistant bacteria can be spread from person to person…. aaarrgh!

    One thing about antibiotics that I understand in relation to acne is that because the underlying cause of acne is “retention hyperkeratosis”, that is, too many dead skin cells being shed and stuck inside the pore, antibiotics don’t address that. It is because of the pile up of dead skin cells in the pore that allow the bacteria to flourish in the first place. So bacteria is a “symtom” of the underlying cause, NOT the cause of acne.

    Even if you had an antibiotic that killed 100% of the bacteria, it wouldn’t stop the acne from forming.

  • Anonymous

    for me, antibiotics were the most effective treatment I’ve did.