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  • Sierra117

    In the near future, can you do a video on alcohol and its effects or non-effects on acne? I’m basically becoming an alcoholic at this point (I’m 22 and have never kissed a girl) and am wondering if this is putting me at risk to get new pimples. BP and AHA, etc. stop me from getting pimples 95% of the time, but I do have a lot of redness that never goes around due to unprotected sun exposure and damage.

  • Realme2008

    Cool Video Dan! Great info about passover. Never knew a lot of Passover or Passover foods, but cool to learn something new like this. 🙂

  • Bubba

    Dan, you are considered a Jew according to Jewish law (even though you were raised Catholic) because of your mother.

  • Smiley :)

    Hi Dan!
    I am Jewish and I really appreciated your video today bec. I was nervous that some of the products may contain grains.. As Bubba pointed out, you are definetly a full fledge Jew so to you and all acne.org Jewish viewers out there HAPPY PASSOVER! check out a fantastic website : aish.org -definetly worth taking a look! Thanks for everything!


    Aw, sad…i’m allergic to cetearyl(if thats the way to spell it) alcohol and cetyl alcohol. whenever i use whatever product contain it, i’ll got HUGE red bumps all over my face in less than 2 hours…

    however, most moisturizers contain it. so i really have to check the ingredient list before i buy anything.

  • matthew

    During Pesach I notice that my skin improves I don’t know of it is because I don’t eat chametz. Or if it Is from eating plenty of fruits and veggies. Just thought Id share.
    Oh Dan you are full Jewish since your mom Is, regardless of how you were raised