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  • Dave

    Hey Dan. I used to have some mild acne on my scalp in one area (close to the hairline). I started using an anti-dandruff shampoo (Nizoral) and it worked great. It cleared it up pretty quickly. I would recommend that option to people.

  • Smiley :)

    Hi Dan! I always wonder-can bp bleach your eyebrows? When I use it twice a day I am not careful to avoid my eyebrows but maybe I should ….

  • Realme2008

    Oh, man I agree with the above poster. Nizoral is amazing for scalp acne, dandruff, and body acne. I highly recommend it!!!

  • laynesavedtheday

    You know my dad has pretty severe scalp acne so this was pretty informative. He is a doctor though so he just pours some prescription 10% BP wash all over his head to combat it. I guess that wouldn’t work for most people though because he already had white hair.

  • Haddaway

    Nice info. I’m using styling wax for my hair and I’m not sure if it’s giving me acne or not. I don’t have any scalp acne but on my forhead it’s really bad. Do you think it could be caused by hair products?

  • paul

    a think my styling hair gel is making me have breakout?.I use WELLA > Shockwaves have short hair and i just use it to give it more volume. Could any one recommend a product that is a non- comedogenic or oil free and that is > based in the U.k .please help

    >> I was looking at Brylcreem Original Hairdressing Anti Dandruff.What do u > think?

  • Ruth W

    You could also try Neutrogena’s “anti-residue” shampoo. I knew someone whose scalp was so sensitive that even anti-dandruff shampoo irritated his skin, but the Neutrogena shampoo didn’t b/c it has no coloring or fragrance.

  • Cgibbs

    I get acne on my scalp, but my hair usually covers it. My beautician said I was using the wrong products. I was getting a white build-up, on my scalp and huge pimples, that would pop in my hair (nasty)! I’ve been using Aquage and I don’t have the build-up, anymore, but I still am getting the pimples. However, I have found, it is less of a problem, if I shower, right after sweating and blow-dry my hair, instead of letting it air-dry. And, I don’t use any products (gel, hairspray, mousse), so that cant be it. My beautician said my comb, brush, flat-iron, curling-iron, shampoo, conditioner, hair ties, bobbie pins, etc., might have become contaminated with bacteria and she suggested replacing them. I haven’t, though. My boyfriend gets scalp acne, too, so I don’t know if it’s worth replacing all my stuff.

  • Anonymous

    i have scalp acne too, and OMG head and shoulders worked amazing for my scalp acne. i just tried it for the sake of it but i seriously had no more bumps or painful nodules up there. i have to warn ppl though, if its ur first time, or even ever, dont use a large amount cuz it can dry out the scalp! thats wut happened to my scalp. so i switched to using swave every other day when not using h&s

  • buntbean

    I tried something new called clear poreformance. I tried the conditioner because I’m always looking for one that won’t break my back out. They have a shampoo, conditioner, and shaving cream all for acne. Unfortunatley, the conditioner did break me out but many people seem to swear by it. There is also a natural brand called Kairos (also made my back break out). All expensive but they do have a return policy. Clear Poreformance is 60 days. All available online only.

  • Helmet Head

    I use Clear Poreformance as well. I wear a Helmet (hello!!) alot and it causes me to break out around my forehead. This stuff works very well for me. I use both the shampoo and the conditioner. It’s like a 1-2 punch. While nothing is perfect (read: cheap) this product has been quite good. Now you can buy it at Amazon as well.

  • cole

    The first time I had this condition was 2.5 years and it lasted a painful 3 months. I just had an out break in November and it lasted till now. I strongly believe it was caused by a shampoo conditioner.

    My cure after trying many was using a skin cream ointment with Clotrimazol 1%, Neomycin 0.5%, Dexametaona 0.04% and I mixed it with full strength Iodine-iodine is a strong fungicide. It makes a good dark red paste. I popped the pimples and rubbed in the mixture. When I started my lymph gland in the back of my head was swollen and hurt horribly and after five days it is now normal size. No more pimples and it works. DO NOT PUT STRAIGHT IODINE ON THE PIMPLES AS IT WILL BURN HORRIBLY-TRUST ME. The mixture will sting a little but not unbearable. It worked for me. Try it on a small area and see. I saw relief within a few hours.

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