Light therapy is an interesting new form of acne therapy. In my opinion, it’s not quite there yet, but I’ll stay on top of the latest research in this area.


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  • Laura

    Dan you are so funny!!

  • frank

    sounds awesome, i wanted to know more about the light therapy. Btw you should make a page about the history about acne.

  • D

    Dan do you do the research all on your own, or do you have contacts in the medical community to consult with on acne treatments, researches etc?…

  • Voce

    Actually, the extreme closeup shows us how clear your skin is. It looks great!

  • Dan

    Hey D. I do the research myself. UCSF, where the Hippocrates statue is, actually has a world-class medical library that’s open to the public. I go there sometimes, and use other sources too. Lately I have asked a couple of other people to help me with researching some topics and I’m hoping to get a team going soon.

  • Realme2008

    lmao, Dan ur so funny in the beginning and in the end. Cool shades too. Hopefully we will get more conclusive results in the future though, because I don’t think light therapy works too well at all. I’ve never had it, but I’ve read some studies and talked to people who have got it done with less than stellar results. Very disappointing, and overall pretty much a waste of money.

  • frank

    Realme are you talking about blue/red light?

  • Jordan

    I blew $2K for a few sessions of light therapy, and I can tell everyone from experience that it DOES NOT work. Leaves you with what feels like a sunburn for a few days and that’s it. Dan’s regimen works much better (also speaking from experience).

  • frank

    are you guys talking about laser therapy or light therapy? the light therapy ive been reading is called “blue/red light”.

  • Jordan

    I’m talking about blue light therapy. Doesn’t work.

  • Realme2008

    Yes, I was also talking about blue light therapy.

  • Liz

    Good luck on your research, Dan.

  • JJ

    I’ve tried Blu-U plus Levulan…not much success.

  • KK Antony

    Hi Dan, I have been receiving some blue light therapy lately and in effect this stuff really works well, I have mild acne in my face. I didn’t know about this therapies before and was guided by my dermathologist who at the first was trying to prescribe me Accutane, since I told him I want to get rid of acne immediately. But then some of my friend told me to use therapies you’re talking about instead of accutane which can result in serious side effects, and yes I made a good desicion and now I see the results.

    Keep me updated, love your web site, I wish I had found it earlier to avoid some costly mistakes.



  • Sierra117

    LMAO at 1:53

  • Haddaway

    I’ve tried light therapy. It was expensive and did not show any results at all:(

  • Jakub

    I have done light therapy for a few months. It did not help at all and it burned. Any hair you have on your face will hurt alot because they attract the light beams. Also it made my skin feel worse as well as look worse. I do not recommend it to anyone.

  • mimi

    actually there is a laser called isolaz and its really effective after maybe 5 treatments. designed for acne

  • Estelle

    LMAO that was funny, and shy apologise for a close up????? You look great!

  • Emily

    lolz! so cute at the end!