Yup, it totally broke. I’m sorry you guys. It’s like a decade old so I guess it’s no surprise that it’s putt putt-ing out on us. So I guess we can’t film a video today :-(

We’ll be back tomorrow, I promise…

We’re editing a video for Friday that we filmed before the camera went kaput! It’s really cool! I can’t wait to show it to you…I shouldn’t give it away…OK—I will!

I was on TV again! It’s just a local show but it was really awesome…well, I don’t know if awesome is the right word, maybe random would be a better word to describe it. In other words, prepare not to be too impressed. But it’s fun so I thought I’d show you. OK, tune in tomorrow…

See ya then,

Hey you guys. Kent wasn’t here today so I edited today’s video myself, and it didn’t come out very well. Woops. He’ll be back tonight and edit the video for tomorrow. Sorry!