We’re starting “Sun Week” a little late in the week because YouTube was down on Monday and then we had a special announcement on Tuesday about TLC (The Learning Channel) doing a documentary about Acne.org! Check out yesterday’s video if you want to be a part of the documentary. Happy Sun Week!


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  • mlh295

    Dan, I wanted to respond to the video you made a little while back about the moisturizer stinging. I am happy to say that the moisturizer has just about completely stopped making my face hurt or turn red at all. However, I have found that for some reason, if I don’t let the Benzoyl Peroxide dry completely on my face before putting on the moisturizer, it will sting. But, overall, I am very happy. I am on the third week of the regimen and can confidently say that I am on the way to clear skin!

  • 401

    This is definitely true for my skin, a few years back I spent a week in Africia, when I arrived my skin was covered with breakouts but after a day ot two in really hot weather they just disappeared. The sun seemed to kill off the bacteria and my skin was almost perfect for that week. Then I got back to the UK and after a few days my acne returned with a vegance.

  • Realme2008

    I just try to avoid the sun in general, because I don’t want to age badly. I try to limit my sun exposure, and always use a SPF.

  • Colin aka Slim

    Whaaaaaa! Look at Dan rockin’ the stunner shades………………………………………BALLIN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Megan

    Wow, Dan, your skin looks amazing in this video! I’m jealous. πŸ™‚

  • markis

    yeah it really does

  • Dave

    Dan, do you think being on the regimen will prevent these types of breakouts though? I usually don’t get excessive sun exposure and if I’m going to be out that long I wear SPF. But I’m sure I will have some “fun in the sun” especially living in a cold climate most of the year, so hopefully I don’t experience any breakouts.

  • Paul

    In my experience. The sun HELPS a lot with acne. For years it was the only way I could control my skin. It wasn’t that my skin was going red at all, the painful spots disappeared and my skin would clear up. I was never 100% clear but it was MUCH better than without sun.

    I don’t care what any derm claims, with their scientific reasons as to why it’s bad. I know LOADS Of people who’s acne is helped by the sun.

    IMO it’s one of those subjects that’s more subjective than you think Dan.

  • Frank

    i would always avoid going to the beach because my back was sooo bad. If i tan for 3-7 days 15 min to 30 min each day i’m all clear! nothing else works this well!! come winter it’s bad again though.

  • Laura

    Just realized that I am breaking out because my face got burnt recently. Great! πŸ™ At least now I know why. Thanks!