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  • Donna

    Dan, you can also use cortisone shots to reduce the appearance of keloid scars formed from acne. My brother had this done.

  • frank

    wow dan good info. thanks man

  • frank

    the stuff animal guy is rare.

  • Sharpy

    Thanks for the info!

    I don’t want to seem unappreciative but the music in these videos is really grating. I prefered the older videos.

  • Voce

    My sister asked her friend’s dad who is a dermatologist what to do about the huge cystic zits that occasionally happen to the “over 40 crowd.” He said to mix BP & OTC hydrocortisone cream together & dab it on 2-3 times during the day. She did, & the next day, the swelling was gone! Btw, my sister is not on the Regimen. Obviously this is not something one would do regularly, but just in a pinch.

  • Realme2008

    Hey, Dan πŸ™‚ how much does each cortisone shot typically cost? Is it costly or inexpensive? It sounds expensive.

  • Edmond

    scar treatment

  • Aren (c'est la vigne)

    That little monster man is cute as all get-out. I totally want one. I’d name it Grimly. : )

    Also, happy (late) St. Patrick’s day, Dan.

  • KyonMin

    I had to get a cortisone shot for a huge cyst on my left cheek, it was the size of a half dollar! The nurse practitioner said it was good that I came in when I did. The shot cost me $50(I don’t have health insurance either), but this was approx. 10yrs ago. Oh, and the cyst went away that night. I do have a tiny indent where the cyst was originally. That is probably due to how big the cyst was and how bad it was.

  • Sharpy

    Voce–my doctor told me not to use cortisone cream on the face (I had a rash)–that it could permanently damage the skin there.

  • White Fox

    You should discuss Piyrorsporum folliculitis in your blog which has been an extremely popular topic in the body acne forum!

  • AccessRx

    I think that a more natural treatment would be great. I use Retin-A.The active ingredient in Retin-A is something called Treninoin, which is an acidic form of Vitamin A. It assists loosening the pores to release dirt and oil build-up from the skin. Retin-A also helps prevent the skin from forming new build-ups by keeping the skin from sticking together. I had suffered from acne my whole life until I tried Retin-A. I love it!

  • Jo

    Great video! I’ve been wondering about cortisone shots, and also about the OTC cream. That stuffed monster was so cute! I’m with Sharpy, too though: sometimes I feel like I’m just biding my time listening to muzak, waiting for the actual informative bits to come! Cute video anyway!

  • angel07

    Dan, your skin looks awesome!

    And thanks for the info.

  • Anonymous

    lovin da videos man..keep postin..
    u doin a gr8 job

  • Alex

    man thanks heaps for this video, and for this website in general actually. i had wondered a few things about cortisone shots, and you pretty much just covered most of it in this video!

    Cheers =)

  • joe

    I got cortisone shot in my cystic acne on my right cheek. It help the cyst go down, but it left a big dent….six months forward I still had dent; however, the cyst came back in the same place….I don’t know if I should get a shot again, or let it be…im confused..