No, I’m not advocating eating cupcakes πŸ™‚ I eat them in this video for dramatic effect. I actually tend to eat well most of the time for my overall health and well being. Since we don’t know if diet and acne are related, we may as well eat a balanced, healthy diet just in case. My advice would simply be to not get obsessed with chasing one diet or another. It’s not likely to work in the long term. For more, check out the diet and acne page here at


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  • Colin aka Slim

    Good stuff Dan! I would be really interested in whether dairy products can cause acne.

  • jo the girl

    just yesterday my husband and i were talking about the same subject. i tried the diet thing as well eliminating grains,dairy,sugar it work for a few weeks, then after some time i began breakingout again your totaly right!

  • Edmond


    The Japanese, before they were introduced to a westernized diet, had no signs of acne (and obesity). Once they were introduced to a western diet, they started breaking out and gaining weight.

    There are tons of more epidemiological evidence relating diet to disease, acne, obesity etc.

    Everyone should read “The China Study” if they get a chance to. It’s a life changing book….

  • john

    Hey dan havent posted for a while but still been watching the videos they are fantastic, really entertaining i love them keep it up!

  • Realme2008

    Wow, I wonder how much just one of those cupcakes cost? lol You were really enjoying those cupcakes, weren’t ya Dan? lol πŸ™‚ What kinda upsets me is that when I used to have breakouts my family used to always tell me it was because of all the sugar I ate. I’m wasn’t breaking out, because I ate a slice of pizza or chocolate. I personally can’t drink milk, because I noticed that I do break out from it about a week later. A lot of people actually break out from milk and dairy for some reason though. I just take a calcium supplement.

  • Fab girl

    I was drinking about 1/2 a gallon of skim milk a week and I was breaking out. I didn’t think the milk caused it but now I’m thinking maybe it did because I have stopped drinking skim milk for a couple of weeks now and my acne has gotten better. I don’t know? I’m sooooooooooooo confused.

  • Tricia

    You’re such a sage! I went on this vegan/ low sugar/ no caffeine/ little grain diet for 2 months, using tea tree oil, lavendar oil, jojoba, and a tea tree oil cleanser, and my acne worsened by far. I came out of my denial that this was working, and started Proactive, which helped, but didn’t clear satisfactorily, then began the Regimen about 6 weeks ago, which is working well, minus the redness and flakiness. Thanks Dan!

  • Voce

    I had heard that dairy was implicated in breakouts, but thought they were talking about the hormones in it; ie, non-organic dairy. You mentioned skim milk. That totally got my attention. Am looking forward to hearing what you found out about it.

  • Anonymous

    that’s so weird this is your post today and I joined today and my name is cupcaker1. maybe it’s a sign that i’ll be acne free? yes, yes it is.

  • Laura

    Man how many cupcakes did you eat in this video, they do look good good good though, I wanna a cupcake!! Great video Dan, I follow a healthy balanced diet and acne or not I don’t want to stop eating certain foods I love eating! I’m off to get a cupcake now πŸ˜‰

  • frank

    dan your videos are great!!

  • leila

    nice video dan:)!!!!!!!


    Those birds were louddddd.

    Great Video πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I think that the entire Diet and Acne issue is an indicator of how little real knowledge most people have about acne. For example, although there are a great number of people at my high school who are affected by acne, very few of them seem to know much about acne at all. Some plaster their face in toothpaste every night, some religiously scrub away at their faces, and some blame it all on spicy food and chocolate. I can’t blame them, of course; I knew just as little about acne as them before I took the time to do some research. Although acne treatment has progressed very far, a shocking number of people still suffer needlessly from it. This is one of the reasons your site is so valuable, Dan. You aim to provide genuine knowledge and help to those who need it, not just get people to buy overpriced junk out of sheer desperation, like many other acne care companies. Education is the key to the battle against acne.

  • frank

    anonymous is right we cant thank you enough for what your doing.

  • J

    That said, he still has not explained why it is so important to let you face dry after you wash. Does anyone know? The regimen is working for me; I just have that one little question, why do we have to wait for the face to air dry??????

  • Dan

    Hey J. It’s just how it works best. I’m not sure exactly why. I can guess that it is because the BP absorbs better that way, but that’s just a guess. We’d have to do some scientific experiments to be certain why. Just trust the Regimen and do it exactly as outlined until you’re completely clear. Then you can change one variable at a time if you’d like, and see if you stay clear. So, once you’re clear try not waiting and see if that works for you. If it does, you’re good to go. If you break out, you’ll know you need to wait the prescribed amount of time after washing.

  • Aren (c'est la vigne)

    Jeeze, Dan. Thanks for making me want cupcakes. I may have to go out and buy cake mix and frosting now.

  • Juliana

    In response to J: I think that by allowing the BP to dry/absorb first, less of it is taken off when you apply moisturizer (since the BP coheres with the moisturizer), so it’s more a matter of maximizing the amount of BP on your face all day/night.

    This cupcakeness is more effective than commercials, which I don’t watch anyway. Good thing I’m going to the store later… Hah I wonder how many people will eat a cupcake within the next few days after viewing this.

  • Matt

    I’m half and half on this subject. I went camping last year with a few mates, and all we had was rappy food and drink (beer, coke, sweets, chocolate, cake etc). All i know is, after the 5 days of camping my face was absolutely covered in spots…coincidene?

  • Uriel Salomon

    Hello people,
    Although I did not personally tried it, the Dan’s regimen looks magnificent and interesting. On the other hand, this regimen fights the *symptoms of acne* not the *causes of acne*. You will first need to understand the basic creation of pimple: First an overflow of sebum (the oil that covers our body) pressures the skin from underneath, bacteria *naturally present there* then prosper, the body then attacks with anti infection white cell, it swells, the skin from the outside looks reddish (blood vessels are being pressed), and *finally* the pimple comes out. Most of the exterior treatments (including Dan’s) attack the pimple, mistakenly.
    What causes that overflow of sebum in the first place? Researches indicate three factors:
    1) Dairy products. Dairy has hormones that stimulates your body to create more oil.
    2) Stress glands. Google “stress acne” for more details why.
    3) Sex glands (either female or male). Google “stress sex gland” for more details why.

    I avoided dairy as soon as I heard this, and I cleared up in no time (6 years later, my skin is clear). I did not try, though, to interfere with the activity of my sex glands, and I don’t recommend doing so also. I did not try lessen the total stress in my life, while this sounds a good idea.

    Google: “acne milk” for more details.

    Have a clean life,
    Uriel Salomon.

  • Anonymous

    Both dairy and meat are pumped full of artificial hormones which most definitely affect our own endocrine system, so choose organic if you are going to eat them!

  • Anonymous

    I think that there may be hormone-mimics in certain food that when absorbed can fluctuate and cause an imbalance to hormone levels and thus lead to breakouts? So if that is true then maybe we just need to avoid foods rich in certain types of hormone-mimics……not sure though!

  • Paranoid Android

    Just to share my opinion on this, at least with myself and those around me who I have advised – all have cleared up with a change in diet. I don’t think it’s really anything to do with calories as you have mentioned, as I have been doing my approach for a just under 2 years now. That’s not to say that the approach that you perscribe is not a good one, I think it really is down to the individual to be honest – and we ourselves must do a bit of trial and error to find what works best for our own situation.

    I definitely agree with what someone else mentioned in an earlier post, people in Asia have only been getting acne and excessive weight gain through the recent Westernisation of their diet. Indigenius people around the world and those excluded from the excesses of modern living do not get acne. period. It’s as simple at that. As for an example closer to home, I’m sure most of us have been in a situation where we have indulged in a rich dessert, and the next morning have a inflammed memento.

    I do agree with you that there are sadly many in the world that wish to profit from the troubles of others, and push their pill/diet/solution as a solution for acne – at a price. These obviously should be handled with care, but saying that there are plenty of professionals, including even doctors who publish their diet and lifestyle centric approach Free of charge to all. These should not be discounted in my opinion.

    My advice to any interested in a diet based approach? First off (as dan mentioned) skip dairy, it’s by far one of the worst offenders in Western eating, if you suffer from very inflammed skin in particular, erasing dairy has a huge effect.

    If you want any more advice, please ask, I would be only to happy to help ya out. My Forum name on here is ‘Bacon n’ Paranoia’ πŸ˜‰

  • mmmmms

    I am of the belief that it completely differs from person to person. I have always had acne, but when i went vegan, my acne got gradually worse until it was severe. I am now working on adding minimal dairy back into my diet. Also, I believe it is mainly the QUALITY of the food that matters, not the type. A willingness to try out different diets and realistically adapting to find what works for YOU is the answer.

  • Oshare Kei

    Yay ! ^o^ I think my acne is triggered by stress !! Now I can keep my Sees candy !!! ~

  • BeadyB

    My acne got bad when I STOPPED drinking milk. To each their own I guess. Someone once told me it takes 20 days for what you eat to have an impact on your skin……It would be interesting if you could research the amout of time it takes for the so called “dairy” or “sugar” product ingested to illicit a response in your skin. Next day perhaps? Or next week?

    Keep up the good work Dan,

    Now I want cupcakes…

  • Anonymous

    hey very interesting what you said here… I have a hormonal imbalance that causes my acne and is also related to insulin…I went on a fast for three days I ate nothing(not for acne but religious reasons) and found my skin started looking better. Probably my insulin and therefore testosterone adjusted and my acne has cleared as a result. I was hoping maybe there was an evil food I could avoid to keep the results but I’m glad to hear I can still eat sugar guilt-free…thanks!