People have been asking what to do if they receive their products frozen in the mail. I put the products in my freezer here at home to test it out. They all seem fine.

Edit: For those of you who have asked, this is the “sal acid” I mention in the video.


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  • Colin aka Slim

    I love how you slammed the stuff in the freezer lol.

  • tea


  • Matt

    Does anyone else think Dan seems… angry… in this video? Maybe annoyed; something to that effect though. Better watch it, those frozen products can be used as a weapon =)

  • admin

    I just want to interject and remind everyone that while transient freezing is okay (such as during shipping), you wouldn’t want to store these products long-term in the freezer.

  • Kyle

    Dan, can you do another experiment using an electron scanning microscope? I am worried about the crystalline structure of the products being disturbed.

  • Realme2008

    Another great video, Dan! Although I wish I had a counter full of products like you. πŸ™‚

  • Danielle

    Kyle, you silly

  • Lo

    “Now, I took my pet cat out of the freezer to thaw a couple days ago. OK, let’s see if her coat is still fluffy. Yep, it feels like it should. Good. Let’s see if her fur is still brown and white. Yep, color looks good. Right on. OK, I think we’ve got it! Just as good frozen and thawed!”

    I’m just being silly, but apart from seeing if products separate or something, what was this about? Boooooring…

  • Gabs

    Whats the Sal Acid stuff? Is it salicylic acid? How come ive never seen this in the regimen videos?! Im confused! Are you hiding wonder products from us?!

  • D

    Kyle, the electron microscope at my college’s forensic lab costs 1.2 million dollars and only upper graduate students with a supervision of an instructor can use it. Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan has this type of scope in his basement. LOL πŸ™‚
    We need to start a charity fund for Dan’s state of the art research and testing lab.

  • leila

    this was an awsome video. It is great to know that the products i ordered will be the same.

  • leila

    oh about the charity DEFINITELEY!!!!!!!!!:)

  • aasaalhum

    wow, that’s the most useless test i’ve ever seen! it’s practically equivalent to taking out 10 year old pills and comparing them to brand new pills and saying “yup, they look the same…they smell the same…they MUST work the same!” come on, this is ridiculous.

  • ~M

    Thanks for this video! Mine just arrived frozen SOLID… so I googled a few keywords and voila! I have my answer… my products are safe and off I go to start my regiment πŸ™‚

  • crystal_willow

    agree with aasaalhum, after all dans critiques of badly conducted experiments this seems pretty poor. I thought he was going to use the products in his regimen and show snaps of his skin… dissapointed with this video.

  • soccerchick19

    wow! i didn’t think that would work!! but great now i can buy lots of bottles of BP and just freeze them when not using and thaw them out when im ready to! good to know!

    • admin

      Hi soccerchick19,
      Transient freezing such as what might happen during shipping in the wintertime isn’t harmful and the products can be thawed and used. However, the products should not be stored for lengths of time at extreme temperatures. I wouldn’t buy a bunch and freeze them.