Hi you guys. I spent today going over the acne survey that Daniel, our intern, is compiling. Time got away from me so I didn’t get to a video today, but I’ll get one up tomorrow. Daniel has a couple of doctors who are helping him, and the survey is coming along well. I added a ton of things to it. It may end up being several surveys–perhaps one on diet, one on genetics, one on stress, and one on medication history.

Imagine all of the data we can amass with all of us here at Acne.org! I think this is an historic opportunity. We can give something valuable to the dermatologic and scientific community with this. It’s potentially so important that it may need to be peer reviewed and fully vetted–like, as in, taken totally seriously 🙂 I’m really sinking my teeth into it. See you tomorrow!

I did some research on zinc. When taken internally it acts as an anti-inflammatory which can help with acne symptoms. Just be sure not to take it on an empty stomach and not to take more than 100mg a day–50mg is what is normally recommended in what I’m reading.

Hey you guys. I didn’t have time for a video today. I’ve been hard at work researching and writing the ethnic acne pages though, and it’s very interesting stuff. I can’t wait to get those up on the site. There are interesting differences in black, asian, latino, and white skin, and any combination thereof, albeit relatively minor differences.

Thanks for your comments from yesterday’s video btw. You guys really inspire me! 🙂 See you tomorrow!