It’s so common for women to break out around their mouth before menstruation that there is a name for it: perioral acne. However, this monthly annoyance can be avoided.


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  • Chiquita Bonita!

    Hello Dan, Question!
    My face is extremely oily, Can I use the regimen three times a day to get rid of oil???

  • jesskite

    Good tip, I only do the regimen on my chin/side of mouth b/c that’s where I get zits. I use SA to deal with my uneven skin tone in the rest of my T-zone. It makes my facial routine a little complicated, but I’d definitely recommend this to women with similar skin issues. The only issue I have with it is that as my skin was getting used to the BP it looked really awkward having a bright red chin and no redness anywhere else.

  • Realme2008

    Wow, the picture comes in so clear Dan. Are you using a web cam or a camera or something? Thanks for tips!

  • Laura

    I tend to breakout all the time but it is always much worse just before my period. I have been on the regimen almost a year but still get spots but I watched your videos again and realised that I had gotton a bit slack when doing the regimen, so for the last two weeks I have been doing it to the letter and my face looks quite clear, the worst thing on my face at the moment are the red marks from spots I had a couple of weeks ago when I broke out just before my period. So I will continue to stick to the regimen exactly as I have been for the past two weeks and hope that in the next two weeks I won’t have my usual really bad breakout. We’ll see!

  • Colin aka Slim

    Do a video for the men, Dan!

  • paige

    i always get really bad zits around my mouth then! thanks for the tip!

  • Tarrah

    I have had acne forever it seems…but recently I am getting them around my mouth. I use the regimen, but that doesn’t seem to stop it. The acne I have is usually super deep and will come weather I use the regimen or not. I am wondering if theres anything else out there I can do before I get my period, like a week before?? I really don’t even want to go out in public when I get these around my mouth…it’s so gross and it feels like everyone is just starring at it. Help??

  • Lenie

    that didnt help me at all so all u r saying is that im bracking out cuz my period thats stupid

  • Lucinda

    You need to look at why you break out every month, it’s your hormones, I got a prescription from my skin doctor, Dr. Khan and it has changed the way my hormones work. Over the last 6 months my breakouts have become less and less, of course I am following a skincare routine too. I saw an actress who gave an interveiw about her hormones and breakouts, she had seen him and now she has really great skin.

  • Elizabeth Hasslemen

    I had severe acne as a teenager and now that I’m in my 30’s I have an occasional breakout. I would always read in the beauty magazines that you should apply a moisturizer on your face but I was reluctant because of my acne-prone skin. I’m not sure why I decided to give the Made from Earth Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer a try but I am so glad I did. I have been using it every day for over a year now. It does not make my skin breakout at all (a big plus in my book). It makes my skin very smooth and gives me that “dewy” look. It also helps my foundation look more natural looking because the moisturizer is so hydrating. I also like the fact that it protects my skin from the sun.

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a moisturizer. Despite it’s high price (compared to other brands) it’s definately worth it, especially since it lasts for a long time.

  • Melissa Masters

    I recently had a hormonal acne breakout and purchased the Made from Earth Grapefruit Glycolic Scrub to battle the blemishes. I like this product because it is super antioxidant and clears up acne pimple and helps to reduce any scaring. This product has salicylic acid to fight the pimples and works nice, also easy to apply and not goey or messy at all. Reasonably priced for a glycolic scrub, and the smell is so good in the morning.


    Hi Daniel
    I am so glad that i actually found a web site where a could email you. i looked all over all different web sites just to find you…but o well I FOUND YOU…so ok i am not commenting on this video but i do have other concerns that i wanted to clarify with you. Now i just bought your 3 step product and i am using it for 2 days now, whats happening is that my skin feels really tight like i cant stretch it. Also can i even apply this when i go to work, i normally apply my sunscreen after your steps so just curious if am doing it right. But do you think that i should apply Vaseline advanced recovery moisturizer before i apply your steps or……what do i apply just to keep my skin not dry….?It will be great help if you could answer my concerns….thank you.