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  • TMW38

    LOL, if thats all I had today I’d be thrilled. I’ll be sure to try out some AHA spot treatment though. Thanks, Dan.

  • Realme2008

    Yeah, I Love the AHA for spot treating. It takes care of small zits so well

  • Donna

    Dan, I LOVE the AHA, but mine doesn’t seem to be as viscous as yours: it’s really runny. Does its consistency change depending on your climate?

  • john

    ive never seen anyone so extatic of having a zit lmao! u should go on GMTV IN THE uk as acne.org only seems to be known in america GMTV is the most watched show in england, so thats justr a little tip for you, i hope that you can reply back to me or read this comment on your video if possible. i love watching your videos everyday there very funny and entertaining .

  • JC

    i love how the shelf behind you if filled with acne.org products! i hope one day i’ll have that many bottles too. ha!

  • D

    Dan can you make a video about the progress on the spot treatment formula that was rumored to be in works? I’d like to know what you have in mind for it to be the best spot treatment magic there is. lol Will it take care of white heads and black heads?

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering why you only consider AHA as a spot treatment but BP a full time treatment?

    I was thinking of dropping the bp in my daily regimen and using AHA instead. Seems to me that if this stops a pimple in its tracks, then twice daily use in problem areas would also prevent them from ever forming..

  • Potro

    why don’t you use the REGIMEN on your forehead????

  • Realme2008

    I think it’s, because he doesn’t usually break out there. If you don’t normally break out on a certain area of your face, then there is no real need to apply b.p.

  • Blair

    Why not your forehead??

  • Renee

    These videos are SO GREAT! It’s nice to see you. πŸ™‚

    -Renee (Faulkner!)

  • jv

    is it okay to use AHA every night as moisturizer?

  • Michelle

    Hey there Dan!

    I have been lurking your site for a while now and finally joined today. Hooray! I think what you are doing is great work. I have an issue though. I did not see a ‘zit’? Now, as an acne sufferer, I know that pimples can sometimes be an inflammed bump before they turn ‘nasty’, but, I really couldn’t see much of anything on your face. I am sorry I don’t mean to distrust you. I think as a person who has tried everything for acne, you become some of the most skeptical individuals.

    I will have to look at your archives. I would love to see what your skin was like before you introduced it to the regimen.


    Michelle πŸ™‚

  • Sludge

    I was thinking the same thing as the anonymous poster above. If AHA is so effective as a spot treatment, why wouldn’t it work as an overall treatment (instead of BP)? Has anyone tried an AHA-only regimen?

  • erik

    dan- have you considered adding an astringent to your product line?

  • Danielle

    i love all the products on the shelves behind you

  • Kelsey L.

    Hey Dan, just curious as to why you don’t do the regimen on your forehead? I do it all over my face and I was wondering if there was some reason that I shouldn’t.

    Can’t wait for the new spot treatment to become available!

  • Nonya

    Why not your forehead Dan?? something sounds a little sketchy their dont you think people? Makes me question if he even uses the regiman

  • Realme2008

    You don’t need to apply the regimen (b.p.) to places you don’t break out. I don’t apply b.p. to my forehead either, because I don’t typically break out there. I apply it to my cheek area. It’s not a hard thing to understand. lol

  • Sean

    I have to say I use AHA lactic acid regimen wise iinstead of Benzoyl Peroxide with great results, no irritation and no bleaching and it moisturizes to boot :-)!
    I use this….
    Notice that lactate is the topmost ingredient besides water (aqua).
    It’s meant for hands and nails but fine on my face. Avoid sun obviously.
    This study pretty much shows the effectiveness of lactates…

  • Marcia

    That was HARDLY a zit. Come on, show us problems!