I’m having great success with jojoba oil as are most of the people who rate it here on Acne.org, so I thought it warranted another mention. I will probably talk about it regularly on the blog. That’s how great I think it is. I mention in the video how you can use it in your moisturizer, but there are lots of other uses for jojoba oil. You can also check out more videos of me playing around with it here.


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  • Gyroscope352

    I’m glad you stress jojoba oil so much. In my opinion, it is as important to the Regimen as the other three steps – NOTHING helps keep skin moisturized better than jojoba oil.

  • Realme2008

    Yeah, I love jojoba oil it’s so great! I use it twice a day during the regimen, and it’s help so much with the dryness that B.P. can give you. It also really helps balance my oil production. One of the best thing about using it though is that it never clogs my pores. I love the stuff!!

  • Dave

    Right on. Jojoba oil is sweet!

  • Laura

    I did buy some Jojoba oil but when I tried it it made me look really oily but I think I was using too much. Just watched your videos so will try again with it.

  • JJ

    your face looks extremely shiny.

  • itsduc


  • Laura C.

    I love your jojoba oil, and I use it in the morning after a night of AHA+ to exfoliate. You mentioned that you know some women who can clear up their acne using only the oil. Can you post their regimen? Are they using it as a moisturizer, a face wash? Thanks!

  • Tia

    Using this made my face greasy the first time I tried, but perhaps I should try again with a lower amount of drops.

  • Dee

    LOVE the jojoba oil. I’ve only been on the regimen 2 weeks, but I have already started putting on the jojoba oil before I put on the BP. This keeps my skin feeling soft and non-flaky.
    I’m heading off on a trip today, and will be taking my jojoba oil with me. I’m thinking that a travel size of jojoba oil would be a good thing. I have my fingers crossed that the little plastic bottle I transferred my jojoba oil to does NOT leak.

    Cheers, Dee

  • Sandy

    You are so right about the Jojoba oil. I love it too. I also use it atfer i shower as a body oil. I live in Northern MN where the weather is COLD and DRY! I am so happy with the whole system. My husband and I have been on it since Oct and noticed a HUGE difference in our skin. I am also getting my 11 year old daughter started as she is starting to just get a few pimples and blackheads on her perfect skin! Anyway, thanks for your website, and videos which pretty much sold me on the stuff!
    Take care

  • Amy

    Why are you suggesting that people use benzoyl peroxide when it destroys healthy tissue and causes sever ice pick, crater, or depression mark scarring? I agree with you on the jojoba oil….

  • Tasha

    I just received my Jojoba oil and I’ve been using it for 2 days, my face is super red and it stings so bad im on fire. My skin already got use to the clenser, benzoyl peroxide, and the mosturizer and now that i added 3 little dots of jojoba oil on my mosturizer and mix it up and added to my skin it burns bad!!!! is this normal? My face is peeling like crazy and need something asap. Help