Hey you guys. I’m a little concerned that people are asking how well Accutane works for less severe forms of acne. Accutane is only approved for severe acne, and I think for good reason. It is a very powerful drug and in my opinion should be reserved for severe cases which do not respond to topical treatment. If it were me, I would try the Regimen first and follow it precisely and get cleared up that way. The exception would be if I had an extreme form of heavily scarring acne on my face, neck, and body. Perhaps in that case I would directly consider Accutane. I want to see you guys all happy and healthy for years to come. Please consider your options carefully.


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  • Jordan

    What would be really good ont he Accutane page would be to put how long lasting the side-effects can be if this information is know. For example, for most people do the dry lips return to normal soon after their full cycle?

  • Colin aka Slim

    Hello Dan, I know it has nothing to do with accutane. But in my months of being on this site you say and write “the proof is pudding” alot. lol.

    Keep up the blogs, ya heard!

  • Jakub

    Hmm my dermatologist actually gave me a perscription for Accutane and I have mild acne. I never actually went through with it but as crazy as it sounds I found your website the day before I went to get my blood checked and decided to give your regimen a try first (thank god I did). I have had acne for about 10 years, it used to be more moderate at times severe. I guess the reason he suggested it for me is because I have had it for so long.

    Also.. I know someone who has been on accutane a long time and he has moderate to severe acne. it hasnt done a single thing for him except give him harsh side effects.

    My best friend used to use Accutane as well and dropped it after about 2 months because of the side effects. He used to have nasty acne that literally took over his face.. and now he has perfect skin with a pimple once in a while.

    I guess its a hit or miss.. and pray that you wont miss.. But what I am trying to say to everyone who is reading this is.. as soon as you start feeling the side effects and they really are uncomfortable.. I say drop it. It is not worth polluting your healthy body.

  • Josi

    How funny…I got “cleared” today at my derm appt.for a second course. And iPledge? Hello, things have changed since my first time on it…(20 years ago…yikes). But I do have nodular cysts…..and they are deep. and they scar. and they REALLY hurt. (can you hear me convincing myself?).

  • Realme2008

    Lol, “I like the proof is in the pudding” saying, Colin 🙂

  • Vannn

    I was on Accutane over a year ago. My face cleared up but my acne has since returned although not as bad as before. The infamous chap lips still plague me to this day but again its not as bad as while I was on Accutane. Unless your acne is horribly bad I’d lay off of it. Having to go to the doctor once a month for the prescriptions and getting blood tests every month wasn’t worth it. The side effects realllllly sucked and don’t outweigh the benefits.

  • CheekyTrickyChic

    Well, Accutane might be the last resort in case you have severe acnes (which has been mentioned by everyone), which is caused by the extreme hyperactivity of your oil gland. If you guys suffer from all the nasty thing caused by a literally greasy face, you’ll know how much we’re grateful for Roche for its invention of Accutane 🙂

  • mae

    ok. i’m supposed to be starting accutane tomorrow i just did all the blood work and stuff
    yesterday and got cleared for it today. i have acne that pretty much covers my whole
    face i do not have body acne though. and my acne does not cause scarring. i just am sick of
    always having to worry about wearing make up and stuff because my face is always red and blotchy.
    i’ve tried about four other medicines and a bunch of cream and none of it has worked.

    i was jw if you think that accutane is worth the risk in my case of acne?

  • hello

    Hello Dan:
    this website is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing a GREAT job making all the acne suferers self esteem rise!!! I feel great after reading the reviews section and you are awesome for making this website! You are truly a great individual! I hope it pays off!!!!!!!!!1

  • marie1012

    hello dan:
    I would like to ask if iaccutane is advisable for ages like mine I am 16 years old right now.and uhmm.my dermatologists says it would be better if I would take accutane is it really good for me.?cause I read the side effects of using Accutane it kind of scared me a little especially the part where in my vision at night would be different and my joints would be stiff.Since I am also into dancing.so my question is:would I go through Accutane or not?

  • Mallorie

    Hello, i’m a new member here on acne.org.. I was wondering Dan, While you were on accutane, what type of moituriser did you use or face wash? For now I have a facewash made for people on Accutane called Clean Acu from Avène.. Made in Paris.. but the moisturiser is another story money wise…. So if you could inform me on what kind of cream will compliment the treatement I would appreciate it. I could use all the support I can get..

    As for the side effects.. My whole family has suffered of acne and alot of them were on Accutane.. Most of my family healed and most of the women started having acne again once they were pregnant.. They are even considering taking it again after the kids. They don’t have long term side effects that they know of..

    As for Marie1012, yeah the vision does get impaired a bit at night. and the stiffness in the joints is present but I can still play soccer, and do my sports as I could always.. My cousin proceeded having four kids after her treatement and labour is more painfull than joint pains she says.. She just didn’t want to be a mom with acne problemes.. As do I.

    Hows that for a first post?

  • KG

    Hi! Im on my ninth day of accutane, i dont have rank acne however for the past year it has been non stop and leaving scars and now more than ever leaving what i like to call “bullet wounds”…big red pusie bloody scabs right on my cheeks that no amount of make up could cover! So my doctor suggested accutane (something ive been wanting to try for years!) I was recently on clindoxyl (a topical treatment) but it didnt work. So far on my ninth day of accutane ive just experienced dry lips, chin and cheeks, ive been using vaseline on my face and blistex on my lips, i dont use any facial cleanser just soap and water is this bad? My moisturizer is Aveeno ultra calming SPF 15! Let me know what works for you guys!

  • Laura191

    Hi, okay so my acne isnt really bad but I basically get a new zit everyday and sometimes it gets bad but i always have it and it never goes away and i have tried a lot of things and they didnt work. So do you think it would be okay for me to go on accutane even though my acne isnt really really bad? I just dont want to go through getting a really really gross dry face when my acne isnt that bad.. but i still want to get rid of it.

  • Danny

    I was on accutane for a solid six months. March into late september. My face and chest were holding up great after i was done with my course. But now after about six months off the pill, my face has gone back to where it used too. Im thinking im going to need a second course, because the medicine my derm has given me (face wash and cream) has just made the breakouts progressively worse. Im pretty upset, because ive dealt with sevre acne all my life, and i thought accutane would do the trick. But now that my face is back to where it used to be, i guess its not really a miracle drug that lasts a lifetime, for me at least. Im going to see my derm in two weeks, so ill probably be starting my second course of it around that time.

  • Alley058

    Hi everybody,

    I just wanted to warn you all of the very SEVERE side affects of this drug. My brother-in-law was on it a couple of years to clear some pimples he had on his back. He ended up severely depressed (with suicidal thoughts) and ended up losing his motivation and drive because if it. He quit his job where he had worked for nearly 10 years and stayed at home just to feel sorry for himself. Depression will do that to you. He is now suing the makers of this drug (Roche) because of not disclosing the side affects properly. They didn’t have the blood testing and the iPledge at the time. I don’t know if you remember a story not long after 9/11 about this teenager flying a helicopther into a building in Florida, but the boy who flew the heli was on Accutane and on a suicide mission because the drug he was taking caused him to feel depressed and suicidal

  • Alley058

    Just trying to warn you all of the effects of this drug. If I can prevent one person from taking this drug and preventing that person from developping depressions of all sorts, than my job has been done. Thank you!

  • apple pie

    Hey folks,

    I was on accutane too.

    I read about the side effects and my sister was discouraging me from taking it but i went ahead anyway as I was so sick of my acne.

    After taking it, II suffered from really bad eczema, very very very dry itchy skin. But i decided to stick with it. Within a month my body had gotten used to it. I was worried about getting depressed so I read lots of self-help books, kept a healthy and active lifestyle and forced myself to think positive thoughts everyday. Thankfully the medicine worked. My acne came back after accutane but i dare say that my outbreaks are not as bad as before. so accutane does work, but for long term effects follow up with Dan’s regimen anyway. 🙂

    just my 2 cents worth on this. My suggestion is that if you are going on accutane, make sure that you stay active and don’t obsess about your face. Stay healthy and happy and positive, and of course monitor your body closely. You know yourself best. good luck!

  • jayy

    hey i just wanted to say that i hear negative feedback on accutane all the time but i used it and it worked perfect . did it make my face dry of course while i was on it thats how it gets rid of it . ive been off it for a year and have had maybe 3 tiny pimples i would recomend it. it cleared up my face and body i play football and got acne from my pads and helmet and it cleared it up within the first two weeks . its a cure

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  • Anonymous

    this is my second time being on accutane and i find that the drug is being less effective than the first time I took it…Also, I’m getting breakouts on my forehead and chin..Do you think it’s normal?

  • Kimber lynne

    Hello Everyone,!

    So I have been taking the generic version of Acctance called Clarus 40mgs
    for about 4 days now and going on my 5th day I take it everyday at the same time with food.
    I have not really noticed any side effects yet…maybe a tired but thats it…..I have lots if friends that have taken it and are still taking it and have also not had any ugly side effects…

  • Ashley

    Hello Everyone!

    I have taken acctance twice. To help answer some of the questions on the dry skin and lips I will share my experience. While taking the medication I had very dry cracked lips but that was to be excepted. About 5 months after I stopped taking the medicine my lcracked ips and dry skin went away. I recommened to drink lots of water!

  • Sara

    I’m on my last month of Accutane and I LOVE IT! I’m so glad I went on it! Yes i got the dry lips and skin and sore joints but that’s it! Not everyone gets the bad stuff! It’s made my skin so much better!

  • Richard

    Accutane can have serious side effects, but they are very rare. I had moderate acne from age 12 through 24, it ruined my confidence, left me depressed and a social outcast. After one round of Accutane, it cleared up my skin. Two years later, my skin is still clear, I do get the odd blemish, but they are mild and heal a lot quicker.

  • lisa

    can you use aloe on skin while using the acne.org regiman?