Hi Everybody. I’ll be back in Pennsylvania until the 28th visiting my folks so although I will be able to be online, I won’t be posting any videos for a few days.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. I have a lot to be thankful for this year, especially for all of your participation on Acne.org. You guys make this place pretty amazing. There’s a ton in store for 2009. You just wait to see what’s next!

All my best wishes to you guys and your families this holiday. See you in a few days!



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  • Realme2008

    You have a great little vacation Dan, because you definitely deserve it!!! I think you make this place pretty amazing. 🙂 I really can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in ’09.

  • Colin

    Dan…….I didn’t get any presents from you yet! I am waiting! Not patiently either!

  • Elsewhere

    Have a good time, Dan, and happy holidays to you too!

  • Anonymous

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays Dan! I’m sure that going back to the cold weather is brutal (believe me, I know!).

  • kanak


  • Janice

    Merry Christmas, Dan! I am really grateful for your great website, with loads of great information and most importantly, your regimen really awesome. They really help and they are really in great quality. I am really looking forward for your new SA and SPF moisturizer in the coming year 2009. I know I can trust you and your great products because you have earn the reputation well. I hope I don’t have to wait too long. Hope you have a fruitful year ahead.

  • Dave

    Hey Janice. Just so you know, Dan does have a SA product that you can buy. He has not released it widely yet because he wants to see how people like it. You can go to this link and purchase it:


  • Elsewhere

    I’m getting Dan video withdrawels! Update soon!

  • mr x

    just wondering is it because of this reason that i dont have my order shipped yet? i placed the order before he left. anyways hope you had a great time

  • john

    hi there john here from northern ireland lol

    ill been on your products now for around a year and notice a good impovment in my complexion but the only thing ill came stuck with is shaving as everytime i take a shave more spots seem to appear. the shaving creams/ gels that ill been using are all non-comedogenic. ill try even using just ur cleasner and a good foam but my so call studdle is too thick and senstive to use it . i just want to forward the idea to you that A SHAVING FOAM/GEL PRODUCT will be a good idea for alot of male visiitors . its just a idea for you to ponder on ????

    just another wee issus i would like to know about.i iorder in bulk from you all the time to keep the deliver costs as little as possible but what ill notice at times i been chraged extra costs (custom costs i fink) to get the product to me. But its weird as its just sometimes it happens to me not all the time . i just wondered what this is all about ??

    thanks again and keep up the good work

    and merry christmas and a hpy new yr to all

  • crystal

    have a great holiday and happy new years!! tell the folks i said hii!! lol