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  • Realme2008

    I downloaded google chrome just, because you suggested it. It works super fast! Really, thanks for suggesting it. Are you going to share some of those cutting edge ideas with us about the AHA spot treatment in your next video? I do believe that accutane, suicide, and depression share a strong connection. My friend was usually a very happy person (Despite having severe acne), and she started taking accutane she wasn’t the same person. She was very down on herself all the time, and didn’t want to go anywhere. She became very depressed and to herself, but once she stopped taking accutane (It had done too much damage to her body) she started acting like her normal self. I strongly believe there is a link between severe depression and accutane.I wonder if you are already a depressed person or have a dark mentality will it make you spiral out of control?

  • Colin

    I told my mom if you get me only one thing for Christmas, let it be that shirt. (her eyes aren’t that good) She says what is that on the shirt…..a big zit! ahah lol. so what concentration would this AHA spot treatment be?

  • Elsewhere

    I’ve noticed that when you google acne, we pop up as the first actual hit. That speaks greatly, since I think google ranks things by hits, not money or advertisements.

    And we would really love to get some more definative stuff on tane and depression – it’s a big issue on the boards and it would be nice if we could get something to point members towards. It seems that a good number of tane users on the board experience depression and anxiety during their course as a direct cause of being on Accutane, so I’ve taken to telling people that I believe there is a connection.

    Next question: Could you reassure the members of Acneorg.com that you have a safety plan in place in case something should happen to you? (I know it’s morbid question, but I was thinking about that….)

  • Ferny

    Hello. Can you tell us a little bit about Vilantae. I have done some research and everything seems true about it. I heard it is second to Accutane. What do you know about Vilantae?

  • Anonymous

    You know, Elsewhere has a good point. If for some reason you were to die (lets hope you don’t), I would still want your amazing BP and AHA+. And hey, what if you started taking Accutane again and committed suicide? We would be without you products, but we *would* prove it’s linked to suicide. Speaking of which, my brother went on Accutane, and he didn’t actually the side effects beforehand, and he got extremely depressed, which proves to me that it wasn’t a psycosomatic reaction to the Accutane.

    Also, I’d be really interested in some statistics of how many people visit this site and/or buy your products.

  • jab2002

    Hey Dan,

    I had a question for you that I hope you could answer in your video blog. I read on the page that lists what you are using and you are taking fish oil. There are a lot of pages on acne.org about using fish oil but there are so many brands out there. What brand are you using, and how many milligrams/grams a day. I know that you said you take up to six a day but I’m not sure the dosage. I wanted to ask you since I know that you have crystal clear skin so if anyone would know it would probably be you.

  • Tia

    I’m new to the site…very new actually…I think its great by the way…I was on accutane for 9 months. The dermatologist took me off of it because my reaction was so severe, physically and mentally. I don’t have a history of low self esteem, depression (or any other mental illness for that matter), or a family history of mental instability. The accutane cleared up my skin, absolutely. It also made me feel so bad on some days I didn’t want to get out of bed. I stayed home from class. I never left my room. It got so bad that my mom insisted that I be taken off the medication (I was only 17). Even then the derm said that it was nothing to worry about. On top of the very deep bout of depression my eyebrows fell out, my hair thinned, my nose and lips bled if I so much as touched them, my potassium levels skyrocketed. Was it worth it? No. Studies certainly try to pin suicides on a pre-disposed condition. “They had tendencies even before the medication…” BLAH BLAH BLAH. If accutane can drive a mentally stable person to not leaving their room for days and days, imagine what it would do to someone with the slightest insecurity or instability.

  • erik

    first, glad you’re going thru with the spot treatment.

    i always wondered about accutane- the reports (and cost) always scared me off but i always wondered why you would get depressed if it was clearing your skin. i could see being depressed from acne itself but if your skin was getting better?? weird.

  • Timothy

    Yay, Im happy to hear that the spot treatment is going to be made.

    I can’t wait. Thanks for the update Daniel.

  • Thomas

    Hi there from Germany,

    I took Accutane for YEARS and I recommend not using it unless you have severe acne. The massive side effects did not weigh up the good effects. So Daniel, if you want (need) some information from a Accutane-Veteran, feel free contacting me. I don’t get it anyway why you want to get on accutane if your treatment works so well.

    I am currently doing the megadose vitamin B5 treatment, with great success so far.


  • Erica

    Currently on my 6th week of Accutane. I think the whole depression I feel comes from the fact that my face broke out 10 times worse than what I started out with on Accutane. THAT is embarrassing and making me just want to shut myself in my house and not go anywhere. Then on top of the break-outs you have flaky dried-out skin. My skin is a total mess–and painful. That in itself causes depression. Hope this stuff works soon.

  • Caitline

    I think its pretty much accepted there is some sort of link, as my doc spent ages talking to me about it and my mental health history before he would consider letting me take the drug. Also depression is listed as one of the side effects in the info leaflet . . . . although that could just be a precaution. I got my Mum to ask her friend (who is a psycologist) about and she said she thought there was a link, and people she had seen both taking roaccutane and with depression had depression really badly. . . so take care guys xx

  • Siava

    Thank you for covering research and studies. I don’t think enough folks research enough before starting any kind of regimen whether it’s topical or oral. Even a little research is not enough. A day’s worth of reading doesn’t cut it. As a post-industrial society, we want answers and results now now now. Patience is a virtue though. Read up as much as you can, the good and the bad, and then weigh the risks (because there are risks with everything). Anyway, thanks again for this log.

  • Medusagorgonia

    (Ro)Acctune caused me to get so depressed I had to stop taking it.Even though it was working on my skin I couldn’t take how depressed it was making me feel

  • Mally

    well for those considering accutane… BE CAREFUL!!!!!! Do NOT do it unless absolutely necessary. I did it, & now believe my doctor had no business putting me on it. It didn’t work for me, I’ve never been clearer than when using Dan’s Regimen, thank you DAN!!! And also, when on accutane, DO NOT EVER TOUCH YOUR FACE… I did & have been left with scars. They are raised scars, like keloids, little roundish bumps of skin on my face that I’ve treated with microdermabrasion to make them “lesser” or try to make them go away.(you know the type of scar you get if someone sliced you with a razor, and the skin heals up but is raised?) Only accutane if you have serious acne, I didn’t, mine was mild & has been “cured” using dan’s Regimen. Yes I wanted to quit the regimen the first week or two, you will probably want to quit but push through, your face will eventually get used to it & won’t burn so bad. i also have very dry lips all the time.. ALL THE TIME. have to put on lipblam constantly.

  • Mally

    ps. i am associating the dry lips with the accutane. not because of the regimen. thanks 🙂

  • Carly

    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for the video! I just wanted to say that I am a student in a Physician Assistant Master’s program and I am currently just starting my third month of Accutane. We all have to write a Master’s paper, of course, in order to earn our degrees and be eligible to take our board exams after graduations, and actually this is the topic I chose a while back! I haven’t really been able to get into the research yet as we have been very busy with classes lately, but I really look forward to seeing what I can find with a very clinical, comprehensive, meta-analysis of articles and studies that have been done regarding the possible connection between isotretinoin and suicide/depression. Thanks so much for such a wonderful site; it really helps a lot of people and I’m sure there are tons more out there that would find it useful if they stumbled upon it! 🙂

  • Lauren

    Ive been on accutane twice, once in 2006 for about 5 or 6 months and ive just finished my second lot of treatment!! My face is clear but im really worried that the spots will come back again! I would recommend accutane, it worked well for me the first time and i had no spots for a few years after but then last year i started to get them come back which i think is because I stopped taking the pill (dianette) so my hormones were all over the place..which i think is why the spots came back!! How long does it take for accutane to go out of your system and for the spots to come back…well thats if they do…which hopefully they wont!!!…….fingers crossed they wont.

  • Adri

    I am going to start accutane in about a week! I’m actually really excited. The depression suicide thing did worry me for a while and worried my mom, of course, but the book the the dermatoligist gave me to read (iPledge Program) clearly says “If you or a family memember notices changes in behavior, stop taking accutane immediatley and tell your doctor” I mean it can’t get any more simple than that. I’ve also been looking at a lot of research since my dermatologist told me about accutane a month ago and he’s been really helpful as well. It is refreshing to know that there just needs to be more research done. As long as you keep an eye on it there really shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve tried everything already, i’m sick of this acne. I was prescribed bactrim and sulfa based medications, but was severly allergic to them and ended up in the emergency room -.-!, but i’m allergic to most antibiotics so this didn’t surprise me. I can’t wait to start Accutane.

  • kittenpaw

    Though I was on very low dose -10 mg per day!- I remember being very depressed when I was on Accutane, that was the reason I cut if before due time to end my treatment. But I never curse Accutane, I always praise it for being a miracle on my face, clearing acne and healing red marks higher pigmented post acne skin. I really miss my face when I was on accutane. At that time I was on it, I had such hard time in my personal life with finals and exams, university was so hard also horrible room mates lol. So dunno if any connection with it or just coincidence.

  • Lindsey

    HI Dan,
    The Accutane medication is no laughing matter but i believe in most of these cases that the correlation between this drug and depression does not prove causation. I think that most of the people who use acctuane are probably depressed before they actually start the drug and who wouldn’t be? The embarrassment and stares from other people are enough to make anyone uneasy and self-concious about their appearance. Now, im no expert, but most people commit suicide in spring because they feel that even though the weather is nicer they do not feel any better. I think the same thing happens when people use accutane. When people star using this drug they feel as though things will get better relatively quickly not realizing that acctuane takes a long time to work effectively and therefore become depressed because things are not clearing up as quickly as they would’ve hoped. It’s just a theory, but i would be interested to learn more if you do find any more articles.