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  • Gyroscope352

    Good call on not changing the ink on the labels. I agree with you, it would really be using unnecessary resources/money where it is not important. Good idea with changing the directions though, having that constant reminder of “how to REALLY do the Regimen” will help a lot of people out, I’m sure!

  • Dave

    Dan you rock. By the way, I think your SA works better than you’re giving it credit for. The regimen has totally cleared me up, but I’ve been using SA on a problem spot on my chin where there are little bumps under the surface of my skin. AHA did not work for this, but SA does….and it only took a few days! After I’ve been using this for a few more weeks I’ll submit a more thorough review to you via your SA survey, but I just wanted to give you a quick progress report and tell you “so far so good.”

  • Dave

    Also, great decision on the labels. I have never even experienced the “run off” of the dye, and it isn’t worth upping the cost for something like that. And judging by how many questions some people have on the message boards about the regimen, it would probably be helpful for you to add those instructions. Great job again, Dan.

  • Realme2008

    Good job on the labels. Hey, not that I really care though, but wondering if you were going to make the acne.org peel able. I thought I heard some talk about this. Doesn’t really matter to me, but just curious.

  • Elsewhere

    My only question about the labels is what is the signifigance of the little blue box? I can’t figure that one out!

  • Dave

    I assume that Dan uses it as the acne.org logo, so that’s what he wants on the label so it becomes recognized as his product.

  • erik

    i still much prefer the old blue on blue design with the tubes. i hope you bring the tubes back.
    i do think the directions on the product isn’t a bad idea, tho.