I was feeling a little spaztic the day I filmed these videos–too much coffee I think–but they should suffice to show you how I use AHA. I feel like my elevated energy level may have made the spot treatment video seem a little sales-y, so please forgive me for that. But I really am just so in love with the AHA that our formulators made for us. For me, it works better than any AHA I’ve tried. However, the Acne.org AHA+ or the Alpha Hydrox Enhanced Lotion work for me in the ways I show in the video. If I couldn’t get my hands on the AHA+, the Alpha Hydrox would be my back up.

The salicylic acid that many of you asked for is now available. I will not be putting this product on the main page of danielkern.com. It will only be available through this link.

I’m keeping the salicylic acid somewhat of a secret because I made a very limited amount of it. I want you guys to give me feedback before deciding whether to make this a staple product. If you do decide to order it I’m asking for you to commit to taking a one page survey on it so we can all decide what we like about it and what needs changing and whether to make it in larger batches for the general public.

More about it:

It is a light feeling, moisturizing cream which has 2% salicylic acid. This is the legal limit. 1 1/2% of that 2% is good ‘ol regular sal acid, and 1/2% is time released. After speaking with several master formulators we decided on 1/2% time released so that we get an initial boost of sal acid and some extra lingering and being released slowly. Salicylic acid, as we know, helps peel inside the pore, keeping pores from clogging and initiating acne. I also put a ton of other stuff in this product. I included lichochalcone, a Chinese licorice root extract which is potently calming and soothing to acne-prone skin. This is the same stuff that’s in our AHA+. I also put sebum reducers to help control oil. Lastly, I put natural antimicrobials in there. My theory with this product is to attack acne from every possible angle, using all of the very latest performance ingredients on the market.

The cream absorbs quickly into the skin. It is a kind of tan/yellow color due to the licochalcone. It has a characteristic odor due to the combination of natural ingredients. This scent be a little strong when applying it, but it goes away completely in a matter of a minute or two.

My bottom line on it:

You guys know I am always completely honest. Well, here goes some more honesty…salicylic acid is not benzoyl peroxide, no matter what other performance ingredients you put in there. Benzoyl peroxide is our workhorse. It’s what will clear up acne completely when used within The Acne.org Regimen. However, I do think this salicylic acid is the best ever made if I do say so myself. It’s time released and is jam packed with other stuff that I think will really help. It’s absolutely everything I can possibly throw together to bump up salicylic acid’s effectiveness. I tried it myself for about six weeks. I used it in the morning and benzoyl peroxide at night, which was great because I could wear colored clothing during the day without worrying about bleaching anything. This regimen of sal acid in the morning and benzoyl peroxide at night kept me clear for the first four weeks or so, but then I started breaking out just a bit here and there. I prefer 100% perfect skin, so I went back to the full Acne.org Regimen with benzoyl peroxide twice a day.

Currently I keep some of this salicylic acid around and use it as a nighttime moisturizer when I’m in the mood. Because this salicylic acid is so soothing, I can use it with my benzoyl peroxide no problem.

My bottom, bottom line is really to wait until you guys give me feedback on it so we can all decide together how good this stuff is. At that point I’ll decide whether to keep making it.